Symphonic Selections: Prelude in C-sharp Minor

Symphonic Selections

It’s time for another Symphonic Selections post! This time, I decided to feature one of my favourite piano pieces by Sergei Rachmaninoff. It’s his “Prelude in C-sharp minor“, and it’s a gorgeous, haunting piece. I can’t remember exactly where I stumbled upon this work, but I do know that Asada Mao skated to this piece, called “Bells of Moscow”, in the 2010 Winter Olympics, haha! Seriously, though, I’m a sucker for good piano pieces, and this is definitely one.

I read through the comments left on the YouTube video, and someone posted an interesting interpretation of the piece. The beginning starts slow, representing someone waking up in a coffin. When the piece picks up and gets more frantic, the person in the coffin is also panicking because they can’t get out of the coffin. Finally the piece begins to slow again and finishes off on a soft note because the person in the coffin is dying from the lack of oxygen. This interpretation is quite morbid and creepy, but it’s actually quite brilliant. Very Poe-ish, too. I am normally not into this sort of gothic and horror type stories and analogies, but the interpretation just fascinated me because it just fits the piece perfectly.

Do give this a listen. It’s not a happy, bouncy piece, but it’s a piece I still recommend if you want something forbidding and inspiring at the same time. I hope you’ll like it, despite its sombre tone!


  1. haha wow, that is a super creepy interpretation of the song. Interesting song though! I like the soft beginning.

  2. Michelle on

    I love pieces that are out of the ordinary. They have so many feelings and they just-words fail me sometimes, but honestly, you make me wanna listen to Classical music all over again. This piece was something really. I think I quite liked it.

    • I’m pleased that you like it! And yes, many classical pieces are that — out of the ordinary — so listening to them is like an experience. I’ll always love classical music for that :3

  3. Hi! like you, i am also into the classics, especially beethoven’s :) Love the piece you chose btw! I’m kinda a new blogger, so i hope we can be friends lol! :))

    • Love Beethoven! I’m very fond of his Symphony No. 7 :D

      I hope we can be friends, too! I’ve been so busy, but when I get the time, I’ll visit your blog :)

  4. I love this this category on your site! It’s really nice to hear something that isn’t plaguing the airwaves.

    My husband and I love classical music.

    • Yay! I’m glad there are readers out there who like this feature! Even now, I hesitate to continue this because I know not many people like classical and instrumental works, but even if there is one person who likes it, I’ll continue! :3

      And homg, yes to the current music. Just, no thanks. I’ll be old-fashioned and stick to pieces composed by dead people LOL.

  5. You’re not kidding about the song sounding like it’s a haunting piece! Then again, usually I would think any songs with these kinds of keys would sound dark and haunting. That’s the beauty of music and its chords! I somehow think this song is perfect when you’re feeling a bit dark or have some evil plot in mind XD.

    • Yeah, most songs in a minor key are definitely dark and sad and haunting XD And this song is definitely good to set the mood to something creepy and depressing XD. Love the idea of setting it to an evil plot, too!

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