Lucky Thirteen Birthday

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Happy Thirteenth Birthday to! This domain is now a “teenager”. I still remember wanting to get a Korean-sounding domain because of my Korean background, and I pondered through some weird names — like — before I settled for one of my favourite Korean phrases. I honestly cannot believe I’ve had this domain this long, for it has seen me through my senior year of high school, my high school graduation, my college years, my post-college era, and my postgraduate studies and completion. It has been one of my steadfast companion all these years, and it has really grown with me.

Since 2002 . . .

  • I’ve written almost 1100 blog entries.
  • It went through twenty-six layout changes.
  • I’ve received 4800+ comments.
  • It became responsive in 2015, thanks to Raisa.
  • I’ve opened and closed about forty websites.
  • It has always stayed opened.

This is my oldest domain, and I absolutely love it. To celebrate its birthday, I decided to register It is being redirected here for now. Perhaps I’ll come up with a plan for the new domain, but it can be a sister domain to Here’s to another thirteen years for :D


  1. Congratulations on thirteen years! Should we expect an emo scene phase from your blog now? Will it suddenly become mistunderstood? Is Linkin Park now its favorite band? XD

    • I’m still LOLing at this. If anything, my blog will start listening to Nirvana and Green Day, and perhaps even Korn, hahaha! Those are what I began to listen to when I hit my teen years XD

  2. Wow that’s a hallmark birthday! My first blog would be around that age if it was still alive lol, but I retart too often. sounds so cute.

    • It’s okay to restart once in a while :) I may have done the same if I were not attached to my this domain and wasn’t too lazy in starting all over. Plus, the idea of just losing all my entries since 2002 makes me go NOOOOO. So yeah, I stuck around XD;

  3. Uh oh, you know what this means… pretty soon it’s gonna start sassing you, backtalking you, trying to date other domains behind your back… ;)

    Seriously though, congratulations! I hope I can hold on to my own domain for that long :)

    • HAHAHA! I hope ACnet doesn’t start back-talking and sassing with me. As for the dating . . . LOLOLOL!

      I hope your domains last a long time! ^^ It’d be awesome to see them last!

  4. Happy birthday to your blog! It’s amazing how you can keep your domain for so long and not change it. Especially with some history the blog had since your high school/college years. Flying Kimbap is cute XD.

    I can’t believe you had 40 domains within the past 13 years!! Hope to see your blog up for endless years to come :)!

    • I’ve had 40 sites, not necessarily domains XD I think there are 2 domains I actually used and then let expired. The rest are just sites that I opened on my various domains and then closed.

      But yes, this blog has been around and is full of history :D I hope to make it last another 13 years!

  5. Michelle on

    Happy birthday! ^^ Oh no, a teenager. They are trouble, just kidding.

    Wow, that’s a long time, but I’m glad that you’ve been here so long and blogging about so much more. I hope I can keep Arcadia for a long time, too. I really love it so much and I love all the friends and blog buddies I’ve made in the few short years that I’ve been blogging.

    That’s the greatest thing about blogging in my opinion: making those connections and friendships. Sharing your life and thoughts are optional, it is all about relationships you forge along the way. Congrat! May continue on for more years to come!

    • Yes, blogging has helped me make many great friends over the years, and I cherish all those friendships :)

  6. Happy birthday to your domain! Wow, it’s been so long since you started and it’s really cool that this domain has been with you through all those milestones you mentioned :D Congratulations and here’s to more domain birthdays! :)

    I love that Flying Kimbap, lol! I can already imagine it in my head!

    • HEE! Maybe I should get Flying Kimbap now XD It would definitely make a cute icon for sure!

  7. 13, wow! That’s awesome. Happy blogiversary.

  8. Congrats on 13 awesome blogging years! I’m seriously inspired by your dedication. I actually vaguely remember reading about your blog/visiting when I first started blogging in 2009, heh. Just a quick throwback ^-^

    And also, Flying Kimbap would have been a fantastic name if you’re still looking to go back and create a new site ;D

    • Awww! I can’t believe you remember my blog from way back when LOL. I’m glad my dedication is inspiring, haha! That’s not something people usually say about my “stubbornness” XD;

      Flying Kimbap would be amazing to have! Only problem is I’ve no clue what that site would be LOL

  9. Wow, that’s a long time. I think my oldest domain is 8 years. Its amazing how time flies huh?

    Well a happy birthday to your domain! And good luck with the new one!

    • Time definitely flies by! Even more so as you get older O_o Thanks for the well wishes!

  10. Aww, that is so awesome that you have had the site for so long! :D It is really a part of your life and been there for so many years. Lets hope it won’t be a naughty teen! xD

    • I hope it won’t be a naughty teen, either! And yes! This blog’s a huge part of my life, and I cannot imagine being without it XD

  11. Happy birthday to Aigoo-Chamna! That’s awesome that you’ve had it for so long. I can’t keep track of the birthdays of my domains anymore, haha. I think Shattered-Wings turned 14 in January, and that one is my oldest.

    You’ve written so many blog entries and have gone through a lot of layouts! I feel like I’ve been following this blog for a really long time now XD

    • Wow! You’ve had Shattered-Wings a long time! Woot! Our domains are like half our age about XD

  12. Wow, 13 years is crazy! I don’t even think I’ve had the internet for 13 years! We got it when I was like, 15, so only 8 years have I had it haha.

    Happy blog-cake-day (? What is it even called :P )

  13. Wow, can’t believe your blog has been up for 13 years! Congratulations ! <3

  14. Congratulations! Happy birthday! Wheeee! It’s lovely to see that for you, it hasn’t changed at all and you still love the domain name. I am a bit sad that just redirects to my blog, and I thought I had it forever, but I have a name that suits me far better now. :)

    It’s funny that you have 1100 blog posts, I currently have 1108, and my archives date back to 2009. I wonder how many I would have in total if I count from when I first started blogging seriously. I have moved blogs a little more frequently compared to you, but over time I have moved less. ;)

    • Wow! I think it’s great that you have a lot of post in such a shorter amount of time than me! :) I know you’d definitely have a lot more posts if you were to count the ones from before 2009 :3

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