July 2015 Wantable Accessories Box Review

July 2015 Wantable Accessories Box Review

This is my second Wantable Accessories Box, and I was lucky enough to get this for $6.00 without any shipping issues like my first box! Unfortunately, there was a delay in Wantable sending my box out, but I’ll explain in details below why that was the case. Like last month, I received four items, and they are all watches and bracelets again. Did I like my box? Enough to re-subscribe for a third time? Was it worth only paying $6.00? Read on!

July Selection Quiz and Its Delay

Wantable July 2015 Style Quiz

I was billed for my box on July 20, but I didn’t receive any notification on the box shipping out. I contacted them on July 25, and they responded that they couldn’t complete my order because they didn’t have items that matched my preferences. I wanted glam and boho watches and bracelets without any lobster or toggle clasps, and I wrote I preferred blues, greens, and neutral colours. Well, that wasn’t good enough, so I changed “classic” from a dislike to a like. That helped them complete my order, and they shipped it out on July 28. I received the package on August 4. Huzzah for no weird shipping issues!

Wantable Box and Its Content

Wantable July 2015 Box Wantable July 2015 Box

Like last month’s box, the postal workers scribbled my name on the outer part, so I didn’t snap a photo of the actual “package”. I snapped a shot of it with the box opened. The greeting made sense this time. Then I took a shot of the box inside the box with the quote on the other side of the greeting tag.

Wantable July 2015 Box

This is the information sheet that was under the greeting tag. They also listed the accessories in my box along with its descriptions, style tips, and prices.

Wantable July 2015 Box

Unlike last time, the accessories came all in a box, where it was secured between two styrofoam pads. I feel like this was a better packaging deal than the individual snap pouches, and this gave better protection. From left to right, I received the following:

Larin Bracelet in Silver: “This simple little chain features a centre rhinestone piece and magnetic clasp. Style Tip: Wear this alone or stack with a watch or more bracelets.” Retail: $12.00 ~ Wantable: $6.32

Beth Watch: “The Beth watch is a gorgeous classic watch with a silver face and stainless steel back. Please note this watch comes with an assorted coloured band.” Retail: $27.00 ~ Wantable: $14.22

Interlocking Delicate Bracelet in Small from Sole Society: “Lightweight interlocking bracelet with a looped design in metal. Ideal for layering. Style tip: Layer with bangles and your favourite watch.” Retail: $19.95 ~ Wantable: $10.51

Holly Bracelet: “The Holly bracelet features an adjustable silver band bound with a silver stone. Style tip: Pair with a grey and white striped casual chic top.” Retail: $17 ~ Wantable: $8.95

Wantable July 2015 Box

The Holly bracelet is simple and easy to put on. I found the silver stone to be quite bulky for its size, but then this happened . . .

Wantable July 2015 Box

I took it off and the stone fell off! That really surprised me. I guess the glue wore off or something. I mean, it turns out I actually like the Holly bracelet better without the stone, but still! I couldn’t help but feel like this was a poorly made bracelet. ~_~;

Wantable July 2015 Box

Then we have the Larin bracelet and the interlocking one. I had no problem with the magnetic clasp on the Larin bracelet. However, I’ve yet to figure out how to undo the interlocking one if that’s even possible. If it’s meant to be a slip-on bracelet, it’s not going to fit over my hand!

Wantable July 2015 Box Wantable July 2015 Box

I wore the Larin bracelet by itself, and then I added the “broken” Holly bracelet together. Without the stone, the two go very well together, I thought! Providing that I do not react to the metal, I’d definitely wear these on a daily basis :)

Wantable July 2015 Box

Lastly, we have the Beth watch. I’m absolutely loving the face! So much better than the crazy Livie watch from last month, and it’s slightly smaller, so not as bulky and big. Unfortunately I am not liking the strap. It feels like some weird foam material, and like the Becky watch from last month, it will get dirty easily :( Also a bit disappointed that the strap wasn’t blue or green, but the pink is a nice shade.


All in all, I am glad I only paid $6.00! The Holly bracelet is “broken”, the interlocking bracelet is unwearable, and the lack of glam accessories left me feeling quite unhappy with this box. Sure, I can return them and get a refund, but it’s too much of a hassle to get my butt to the post office to ship them back. I do like the watch and the Larin and Holly bracelet, but I’ve decided that I am not doing Wantable again for a long time. I’m sticking to Helene Jewelry, at least for the next three months. Sorry, Wantable, but $36 isn’t worth it for the future boxes.


  1. Eck. I can’t believe that bracelet fell apart like that. Sorry that it’s so disappointing (50% a mess: 1 broken, 1 can’t be worn), but does the interlocking bracelet not have a clasp on the inside that you can open? At least the watch has a beautiful face.

    • Yes, I do like the watch’s face; too bad its strap isn’t as good as the face! But yeah, this box was disappointing. I’m so thankful I only paid $6.00 for it!

  2. It’s a shame that the Holly bracelet broke and your experience was not as good as last time. At least it only cost you a small amount of money.

    I like the Holly bracelet without the stone as well, looks like the ball end bangle I had in Wanderlust! ;)

    I can tell from the photos that the watch doesn’t look great quality, especially the strap. The other bracelets look alright.

    As for the interlocking one, you should be able to wear it. It looks like a bracelet I have. It’s a bit finicky but from the photos I can tell that there is a part on the top that you can pull open with a finger. I think the best way to describe it is like a hinge. In the one photographed with the Larin bracelet, it is visible on the top of the bracelet and on the left hand side. It looks like a little clamp.

    I can probably explain better if I edit your image or something…

    • The Holly bracelet do look similar to your ball end bangle! :D

      Thanks again for trying to get show me how to get the interlocking bracelet to open. Alas, I just can’t seem to do it. I need to take it to someone who knows how to undo it, if there’s a way to do so!

  3. Wow, that is such a shame that you had a lot of problems with the items in that box. Thankfully you did only pay $6 because if you had payed the full price it would not have been very good at all. :/

    • Yeah! I did have issues with this box. Thank goodness I didn’t end up paying $36 for it! That would have really sucked!

  4. Wow, $6 is a great deal, especially with the watch! Sorry to hear that the Holly bracelet fell apart, but good thing you like it better without the rock!

    • Yep! I do like it better without the rock. Much lighter and more comfortable! So that’s a good thing, despite the rock falling off. ^^

  5. That’s too bad the stone fell off on the Holly bracelet, but it does actually look nice without it, haha. I agree that the stone seemed bulky. I like the Larin bracelet and the watch though! I hope the interlocking bracelet opens somehow. I think it’s a pretty cool design.

    I’m glad you got it for $6! I’m not sure if I’d pay $36 either, especially since one came broken.

    • Yeah, if I ever figure out how to open the interlocking bracelet, I’ll be happy LOL. But I got a feeling even if I did get it opened, it’d be too hard for my clumsy fingers to manage X_X;

  6. Wow, $6.00 is a bargain!

    I’m glad you didn’t have as many problems as last time. They could have at least contacted you about the delay, rather than you contacting them. Could have been kept waiting longer!

    Okay, so my favourite is definitely the watch! I’m annoyed for you that the Holly bracelet broke – wth?!

    It’s a shame that the box wasn’t up to par, but at least you have another subscription you can rely on :)

    • Yeah, this time the shipping didn’t suck so badly. As for them not contacting me soon, they were going to contact me a week later, but I think 3-4 days is more reasonable than waiting a whole week.

      The watch is awesome, yes, but the strap could have been better. Oh, well! Thank goodness Helene Jewelry is a lot better!

  7. wow I can’t believe it fell off already! That’s terrible. I like the bracelet plain myself, but still, you bought the version with the crystal attached…

    The watch looks really nice!

    • Oh, I didn’t choose it, but yeah, it was supposed to have the stone on it. But nope, it fell off, hahaha.

      I do love the watch! The face is just pretty. The strap, not so pretty XD

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