July 2015 Helene Jewelry Box and Chloe Bracelets Review

July 2015 Helene Jewelry Box Review

My third subscription box, Helene Jewelry finally came. Helene Jewelry is a subscription box service that focuses on sending handmade jewelleries. They primarily focus on arm candy that cost $25 a month with free shipping to US addresses. For an extra fee, you can also add on earrings and necklaces, but those are not something I am interested in. I just opted to get bracelets.

Box Backstory

I ordered my box on June 18, and they ship out their boxes on the week the 15th each month. I guess I’d missed the “deadline”, so I had to wait for them to ship it out in July, hence why I decided to just consider this box to be my July box. It’s not like Sparkle Box or Wantable, where they ship it out a few days after your order is placed. So keep the timing in mind if you subscribe to Helene Jewelry. It was a long wait, but it finally came to me without any shipping issues, thank goodness! They shipped my box on July 18, and I got it on July 24, which is fast and normal, unlike the Wantable one-month long delay fiasco!

My first box cost me $21.25 because I applied a 15% discount. It was sent to me via USPS First Class Mail. I chose professional setting and bohemian style. Elena, the owner of Helene Jewelry, sent out a short questionnaire to find out more about my preferences after I subscribed, and these were my answers:

Do you have a preference between gold or silver?
Silver! Definitely silver and white gold. I look horrid in yellow gold!

Are there any colours that you prefer, or will not wear?
Colours I love: navy blue, black, white, grey, dark green. Colours I hate: pink, red, orange.

Are there any other specific details you would like us to know about your personal style?
I want to be able to mix and match and stack with the jewelleries I have which are my class ring, two silver rings with engravings on them, a silver watch, and two silver chain bracelets :) I do have reactions to certain metals, so that’s why if I wear “metals”, it has to be real silver/gold and maybe stainless steel. I am horrible with clasps due to having poor fine motor skills.

After I sent that, Elena and I emailed back and forth because I discovered that Haute Look was having a sale on her bracelets, but I couldn’t access the site! Elena kindly gave me a promo code to match the sale at Haute Look, so I was able to buy these Chloe bracelets in both colours for $60 total! Then I had the brilliant idea to ask Elena to combine the Chloe bracelets with my July box bracelet, and she did!

I also asked Elena if these Riley bangles would fit over my hand or not, and she tested them and the Chloe bracelets with a friend with similar measurements, and we discovered that the Riley bangles were a no go :( This incident, though, gave Elena an idea what to put in my July box.

Helene Jewelry Box and Its Contents

Helene Jewelry Helene Jewelry

This is the packaging. Elena combined two boxes and made it into one to put my double orders together. The box itself is a typical shipping box, but the inside looks way cooler with the pink-coloured crinkle paper. Very colourful and different from the usual packing material!

Helene Jewelry Helene Jewelry

These were in the box! The Chloe bracelets were in pink organza bags, my subscription bracelet wasn’t in one, and Elena also threw in a Sally Girl nail polish, a Jolly Rancher, and a coral pink hair tie I forgot to photograph. She also wrote me a note explaining how to wear my subscription bracelet.

Helene Jewelry Helene Jewelry

This is my subscription bracelet. Elena didn’t have a name for it because she usually doesn’t sell them on her shop, so she told me to give this agate druzy cuff a name, haha! I decided to name this the Christine cuff, named after my boss, because when I showed her this bracelet, she really liked it and said it was beautiful. The Christine cuff is made of bone, but it looks and feels like wood. This comes with a black agate druzy, and the chip in the middle is natural. It’s interesting to see the sparkly base inside! However, I thought it was a defect at first, but Elena told me otherwise. The cuff comes with a sliding hinge mechanism, so while it’s way better than lobster clasp, I still had difficulty putting this on.

According to Elena, this cuff is normally priced at $150. I’m no jewellery or craftsmanship expert, but I can see that this is a well-made cuff. Unfortunately, it’s really not something I’d wear. Well, I’d probably be more partial to it if it weren’t heavy and bulky! I ended up giving this to my boss because she really liked it and it was definitely more her style.

Chloe Bracelets in Earth Chloe Bracelets in Gem

And now for the Chloe bracelets! I LOVE THEM. I love that they have no clasps, love how I can wear all twelve of them as a set or just wear a few! I love that the metals on these bracelets haven’t bothered me yet! I love the colours, which come in two types. The Earth set is more subtle and perfect for when I wear darker clothes; the Gem set is brighter and goes well whenever I wear brighter clothes. They look simple, but at the same time they add so much depth and complexity to my arm :D

Helene Jewelry Helene Jewelry Helene Jewelry

I’ve been wearing the Earth set more so far. This set came to me looser than the Gem set — they must’ve been stretched out a bit when Elena had her friend tried them on, but that’s fine because they’re easier to put on. By the way, that pinky nail of mine is real, haha! I have a tendency to grow them out. I also have on my high school class ring and my “Reiji & Flik” engraved sterling silver ring. Aoe Reiji from Love Mode and Flik from the Suikoden series are two of my favourite characters, so when I made this ring years ago, I chose those two to be on it, haha!

Helene Jewelry

Here’s a final photo of the Christine cuff and Chloe bracelets in Earth together. I think they go well with each other, but alas, I gave my Christine cuff away, so I won’t be seeing that again.


Of all the three subscription boxes I’ve tried, I have to say I’m satisfied with Helene Jewelry the most. Elena is really a sweetheart, and she’s willing to work with you. With me, she went above and beyond! She even ensured that I wouldn’t get charged for shipping due to my unusual address. I really enjoyed corresponding with her about my purchases and preferences. Granted, the Christine cuff is not something I liked, but it’s still a nice bracelet. If anything, I really ended up loving the Chloe bracelets! The quality of Helene Jewelry products are definitely better than the accessories I received from Sparkle Box and Wantable. I decided to extend my subscription with Helene Jewelry for three months, and it’ll cost $71.25, so there’s a bit of a discount for subscribing more than one month.

If you want to try Helene Jewelry, use SHINE2015 to get 15% off your first box! If you’d rather buy something directly from her shop, then use SPARKLE to get 20% off your entire order. Remember, shipping is free for US addresses, and Helene Jewelry ships internationally for $5.00 more.

I look forward to my next three boxes with Helene Jewelry. I’ll also review them when I receive them, so keep an eye out for them!


  1. The Chloe bracelets look especially cool. XD As simple as they are, they make a statement.

    Personally I’m the type of person who enjoys wearing a lot of bracelets at once, so I can see those complementing my style well. They look reeeaaally pretty.

    • Yes! You put it perfectly. The Chloe bracelets are simple, but they still make a statement! Like an understatement :D

  2. Sounds like this subscription box has really good customer service! That’s nice of Elena stay in contact with you and to test the bracelets with your wrist measurements beforehand. I also like that she included a handwritten note on how to wear the bracelet. It feels very personal!

    The cuff looks like it’s nicely made. It’s too bad it’s not your style, but at least your boss loved it and could use it. I like the colors of the Chloe bracelets! They look like they could go well with many things.

    I’m glad this one was better than the other two!

    • Yes, I’m pleased that this box turned out to be better than the other two! I can’t wait for my next three boxes with them :D Elena really shows great customer service! She’s super!

  3. Elena sounds like she’s really great to work with.

    The Christine cuff looks super fancy and well-made, which is great. It’s just too bad that it’s not your style and that the hole in its center is a little questionable. Regardless, I’m glad that the Chloe bracelets are such a win for you and that I got to see them in person. ^^

    • Yeah, the hole is a bit off, but it still a pretty cuff! Thank goodness my boss liked it — otherwise, I’d be stuck with a cuff that wouldn’t show any usage!

  4. Chynna on

    I’m hoping when I settle down into a stable job, I can start getting subscription boxes because yours look like fun!

    I love how they make it personalised by asking you questions. At least they send out randoms, and then you end up getting stuff you don’t like.

    The packaging is so lovely! Nom nom, Jolly Rancher. All the bracelets are beautiful. I love all the colours!

    • Yes! The colours are awesome on the Chloe bracelets :D I’m not all for colours at time, but these suit me just fine!

      I do hope you can try some subscription boxes in the future! Do review them if you do! ^^

  5. If I wore bracelets, I’d definitely be going for this, the customer service seems fantastic and the bracelets look beautiful. Sadly, I hate having anything on my wrists except for a watch, and certainly not anything bulky, so the cuff you got wouldn’t have suited me either. I’d be more likely to wear something like the Chloe bracelets, but even then I don’t think I’d wear them enough to justify buying them. It’s a shame, I’d love to wear bracelets but I just can’t stand the feeling of them!

    • I feel the same way with necklaces! I hate having things around my neck except a scarf in the winter, but even then having that affects me at time. So I get how you feel about bracelets XD;

  6. The Chloe bracelets are really pretty. I much prefer to wear smaller, lightweight jewellery. The cuff is not something I would wear either. It looks quite heavy, even though I imagine it isn’t if it’s made of wood.

    • Yeah, I wonder if it’d be lighter as wood. Lightweight is always a good thing, especially if it’s something wearable! XD

  7. It’s great that you liked the Chloe bracelets and that the owner was so helpful to you throughout the process. It’s a shame you didn’t like the Christine, but in the end it went to someone that liked it. :)

    • Yep! I figure if I don’t like it, I can also give it to someone else who’s interested in it. So it’s not a total loss for me! :)

  8. You’re on a roll with all of the subscription boxes! At least there wasn’t an actual sipping problem this time around :). I like how the packaging on the inside give you the impression of, “WOW” with the spaghetti confetti ;). The big cuff looks pretty vintage :). But that’s a pretty expensive cuff! I wonder where all of these discounts came from XD. The Chloe bracelets look awesome! I think I like this out of the 3 boxes you have. Hope you enjoyed them all!

    • Yeap! So glad there weren’t any shipping issues! To me that’s always a good thing :D

      The cuff does look vintage, but still not my style XD; And yes to the fact that this is the best box of the three!

  9. Michelle on

    Eh, still not a fan of the jewelry here, but I am glad that the customer service is excellent! Glad you at least found one to your liking! That’s always a good sign!

    Wow, that’s a lot of subscription boxes you’ve went through, but like they say, you gotta get through a lot of frogs to find your prince, or in this case, the perfect one! ^^

  10. It was a thoughtful choice to name the bracelet after Christine, and I’m sure she appreciates you giving it to her too. :D As I mentioned in our chat, I am glad you liked this box over the others that you tried, because it’s certainly my favourite as well. Now that I know your style is more bohemian, I think you will love everything you receive from Helene Jewelry. :) Perhaps even more than I do, haha!

    I would probably prefer a full-cut druzy, which, if you look it up, looks like an earthy crystal. Not sure if that would be more your cup of tea, but having a cut in a smooth stone seems a bit strange.

    I’m glad you liked the Chloe bracelets though, I love the Gem coloured set, maybe I should ask Elena if she can send me those because I like it better than my Earth coloured set!

    Looks like she took the time to reply to your emails too – a sign she wasn’t just being nice to me, haha.

    Hopefully you get more boxes with jewellery that is less likely to give you a skin reaction :) I totally look forward to more of your reviews, Tara!

    • I think I border liking glam and bohemian XD; I know I also like some flashy stuff for bracelet, but not something too flashy either.

      I hope Elena will send you the gem coloured Chloe bracelets! They are definitely a brighter colour set!

      Thanks for introducing Helene Jewelry to me!

  11. Holland on

    Hooooooly crap, I love that cuff! Not something I’d wear every day, but definitely something that would go well with my style. I’m clutching my face looking at it. 8D

    That cuff has definitely increased my curiosity about Helene now…

    • You should definitely check them out one of these days! I think they’re worth it so far :) I’ll be reviewing the rest of my boxes with them when they come!

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