Photo Potpourri: Monsoon Fun

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Photo Potpourri

Monsoon season has finally come to Korea, and this mean non-stop, on-and-off raining with 100% humidity. Normally, this occurs at the end of June and early July. This year, I suppose thanks to global warming or something, it came about a month late. We needed the rain, so I don’t mind it too much, but going outside in it can be bothersome. Luckily, I’ve always prepared myself with an umbrella, so I haven’t been caught in a downpour. Rain or not, I’ve still managed to have some fun, and here are the photos that showcase my fun :)

Card, Note, and Stickers from Nancy!

Nancy sent me a card, note, and stickers! I was so surprised when I received them because I’d no idea she sent them. The card is so pretty and the stickers are fun! Thanks, again, Nancy! ♥

Homework for Grown Up

Homework for Grown-ups is a book I bought months ago, but I only started to really look at it now, haha! This is basically a refresher of things we all should have learned as kids, but forgot as we grew older. The book is divided into chapters with subjects like English, maths, home economics, science, and et cetera. At the end of each chapter, it provides a test, with the answers at the end of the book. I’m in the middle of the English test, and I’m finding the book interesting so far. It’s a good way to keep my brain active, that’s for sure! I’ve been jotting down my notes and answers in my Ardium Large Space Journal, a very good quality notebook!

Comic Inking by Rana Comic Inking by Rana Comic Inking by Rana

Rana aka Chibi Toaster is a fantastic artist and friend. Right now, she’s practising inking because she wants to get back into working for the comics again. I met up with her a couple of weeks ago, and I saw her in action. It’s really neat to watch her work. Follow her Tumblrs if you want to see more of her amazing artworks!


Meet Tara-Chanrio! Silver introduced me this doll maker website, and I had a blast creating my own Sanrio avatar XD Normally, I wouldn’t dress like this, but this outfit appealed to me the most :D

Iced Latte at Coffee & Writer

Here’s a photo of my iced latte from Coffee & Writer, a nice coffee shop in my neighbourhood. I’d met up with Chantelle, so that’s her hot latte and planner behind my drink.

Silver Collection

I snapped a photo of my Silver Collection. From left to right: a sterling silver bracelet my mum got for me years ago, a sterling silver bracelet from Lloyd, and a sterling silver watch from OST. This is what I wear on my left arm, and I will always wear them unless they break. Yes, I love silver :D

Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Lemon Cupcakes from Monster Cupcakes

I bought some cupcakes as a special treats for my parents and me because of the upcoming hospital crap we have to face. It’s dark chocolate, peanut butter, and lemon cupcakes from Monster Cupcakes :D They were decent! Better than the red velvet I purchased from them a couple of years ago!

Charlie Brown Camp Poster Snoopy Poster

And to end this post on a fabulous note, here are two posters the camp counsellors at my workplace made :D I really adored the Charlie Brown theme. It was a huge nostalgia hit for me! In fact, I even asked if I could keep the standalone Snoopy poster, and they said yes. That made me happy ^^


  1. You have me craving the latte! It looks so yummy! Nancy’s handwriting is gorgeous, I wish mine looked half of that. Your friends artwork is amazing, takes a lot of precision to get inking done perfectly.

    The Adult Homework books seems cool. Kind of reminds me of those brain quiz sites to make sure you keep your brain nice and strong. There used to be a game back in the day on Nintendo DS where there were math games, english etc and it would tell you which part of the brain you were using and give you a score. It is always good to get the brain active, otherwise it goes to mush.

    • Nancy’s handwriting is definitely pretty! Way prettier than mine! And yes, my friend’s an amazing artist. I hope she achieves her dreams of working for the comic industry.

      The adult homework definitely reminds me of those brain games for the DSes! I haven’t thought about those in years!

  2. Waaa Peanuts! XD The posters are so adorable. My favorite characters are Linus and Sally Brown. And of course, Joe Cool!

    I checked out the OST site. They have really cute watches! :D

    Good luck with your hospital stuff! I really hope it goes well for your mom.

    • The posters are amazing! It’s awesome you like Peanuts, too! My favourite characters are Linus and Snoopy, myself :D

      OST’s watches are awesome, but I like the one I have right now, so I don’t need another one from them for a long while.

      And thanks for the good luck! I hope it goes well, too!

  3. Yay! I love your Photo Potpurri’s :)

    I saw this on Instagram! So sweet. Nancy <3 I love the stickers. Oooh, the Homework for Grown-ups looks interesting. I think I've seen something like it in the bookstores.

    Amazing art!

    Ayy, I have a silver bracelet too. Twins :P Those cupcakes look hella yummeh. Hope everything with the hospital is okay! Haha, I love Snoopy :)

    • Yay! I’m glad you like my Photo Potpourri posts :D

      And oooh! I want to see your silver bracelets! PHOTO TIME ^___^


  5. I’m impressed by your friend’s artwork. What talent! Also, my latte was good. Yours was too, right? :)
    I enjoyed your Homework for Grownups book. The literature quiz was fun, but the thought of completing that book is daunting to me. I also still don’t know what that … -whatever was (I can’t remember the term to say that I don’t know it – if I did I’d look it up). ^^;
    On a final note, I hope you enjoyed those cupcakes and that the hospital stuff goes very well for you and your family.

    • Yes, my latte was delicious! I now have another awesome coffee shop to go to in my neighbourhood! Three awesome shops, whoo hoo!

      And if you’re talking about how Dante fits with whatsherface, I still have no clue how that’s possible LOL.

  6. How adorable are those cupcakes!?

    • They’re adorable, aren’t they? I know when I ordered them a couple of years ago, they didn’t have the monster motifs, but they do now and it’s very fitting! :D

  7. That was sweet of Nancy to send you stuff! Such a pretty card and cute stickers :D I also like the idea of the Homework for Grown-ups book. I’ve definitely forgotten a lot of things from my early school years.

    Wow, your friend is very talented! What a great ink job on that drawing!

    Oohh, I saw someone review Monster Cupcakes recently. I like their cupcake designs! The Snoopy poster is very cute :) I’m glad they’re letting you keep it!

  8. Michelle on

    That drawing is amazing! Yeah, I heard about the monsoon months from a friend that visited S.Korea during that time period a few years ago. She said it nearly flooded and I believe her, honestly. Nancy’s card is gorgeous! And those cupcakes are yummy, too! And that Sanrio creator is just too cute. I’ve seen it floating around with friends changing their profile pictures on FB to their new creations.

    • Yeah, monsoon season here is no joke. Luckily, things haven’t flooded in recent years because we’ve been getting less rain! I don’t miss the constant downpour, but the little rain we’ve been receiving hasn’t been good either.

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