June 2015 Wantable Accessories Box Review

June 2015 Wantable Accessories Box Review

Wantable Accessories Box is the “upscale” subscription box I’ve decided to try, and it is the second box to arrive. The very first box cost $40, and then it’s $36 afterwards (if you don’t return the contents of your first box), with free US shipping. Although it was pricey, I’d hoped that the accessories would be better, quality-wise. The other thing that really grabbed my attention about Wantable was that I really liked their style quiz because it allowed me to really customise what I wanted to get in my box. There is also a credit system in place where every box you order, you will get a $4 in credit. With my mind made up, I forked over $40 for the June box on June 18.

June Selection Quiz

Wantable June Quiz

This is what I selected on the style quiz. I only wanted bracelets and watches, and I preferred silver in classic and boho styles. I chose the small/medium size option, and I selected having more of a preference to everyday over statement style. I also left a comment at the end of the quiz that said: I want to be able to mix and match bracelets and watches together. I also like classic and subtle looks a lot.

One thing I noticed — I couldn’t leave a long comment, couldn’t go into details about my preference in the comment box, so that was a bit disappointing.

Shipping Issues

Wantable Shipping Issue

Wantable notified me that they shipped my box on June 20 (Korea time, that is), which fell within the three promised business days it would take for them to ship my package. Unfortunately, that was the only good thing about my shipping experience with them. My box was completely MIA from June 20 to July 7. When I contacted Wantable about that, they said there was a delay in processing my order. Personally, I think they left it on a shelf and forgot about it. They ended up giving me $10 in credit for that delay.

However, USPS then upset me when it arrived in Chicago, only to go to Kansas City. For those who are unaware, Chicago is the final destination before it comes to me in Korea. So when the box had arrived in Chicago on July 8, it should’ve been en route to me. But no, it went to Kansas City of all places! Gragh! Thankfully, it made it back to Chicago, and I finally got the package on July 17, which eseentially took a month to get here. I’m glad it made it to me, but at the same time I can’t help but say !@#$%!@#$%!@#$%

Wantable Box and Its Contents

Wantable June 2015 Box

The postal workers had scribbled my name on the top of the box, so that’s why I took a snapshot of it opened. This is what greeted me when I opened it, and I blinked at the “again” part of that message. Kind of strange to see it in my first subscription with them! On the other side of that greeting message was a quote by Audrey Hepburn saying, “Happy girls are the prettiest.” The packaging is a bit disheartening after getting the pretty one from Sparkle Box, but in the end, the content of the box is what really matters.

Wantable June 2015 Box

This is the information sheet that was under the greeting message. They also listed the accessories in my box along with its descriptions, style tips, and prices.

Wantable June 2015 Box

Under the information sheet were the accessories, and they came in these black velvet snap pouches.

Wantable June 2015 Box

And these are the accessories out of their pouches. From left to right, here are:

Livie Watch: “The Livie watch features a teal band with a fun patterned face. Style tip: Pair with a silver bangle set.” Retail: $31.00 ~ Wantable: $13.05

Becky Watch: “This watch features a peach band and silver metal. Style tip: Wear with a silver midi ring.” Retail: $26.00 ~ Wantable: $10.95

Andrea Bracelet: “This bracelet has beautiful orange and turquoise stones. Style tip: Pair with a pastel polish.” Retail: $22.00 ~ Wantable: $9.26

Stefania Bracelet in Silver: “The Stefania bracelet is a chic open classic bracelet that comes in either gold or silver. Style tip: Pair with a long, classic statement necklace!” Retail: $16.00 ~ Wantable: $6.74

Wantable June 2015 Box

I absolutely love the Andrea bracelet. I really like the boho look to this, and the stone placement and design are really nice. I am not fond of orange-based colours, but on this bracelet it’s a winner! Unfortunately, the lobster clasp proved to be a major pain. Looks like if I’m to wear this, I’ll need my mum or someone to help put it on!

As for the Livie watch . . . I’m not a fan. It’s too big and bulky, and the design on the face is too busy! The hands are also not contrasting enough, so if I were to look at the time, I’d not be able to see it well. The strap is faux leather, and that, too, is a bit too wide for my taste.

Wantable June 2015 Box

The Stefania bracelet is too plain for me. Apparently, I’m not fond of simple and subtle bracelets as I thought I’d be. I guess I want my arm candy to be flashier, haha! About the only good thing with this bracelet, though, is that I can easily put it on, thanks to its malleable metal band. And I suppose if I were to mix and match, this will be a good one to add :)

Last, but not least, is the Becky watch, and I much prefer this over Livie! This one’s not even my colour, but the peach is nice and neutral enough for me to enjoy. This strap is made from a denim-like material, so while it feels nice, I can see this one getting dirty super fast. Size-wise, it’s way better than the Livie watch because it’s smaller! Plus, I can see the hands on the face! So huzzah for that!


This box truly gave me a headache with its shipping issues. And while I like two (well, three, sort of . . . ) of the accessories, I can’t see them really costing $95 all together. At least the quality is a little bit better than that of Sparkle Box’s, but it’s not that much better, either. Still, though, Wantable is worth a try. And if accessories are not your thing, there are also boxes for makeup and intimates. If you would like to give one of the boxes a try, go here. :)

I decided to give Wantable another try and see if the second box will be any better. I’ve managed to rack up $34 in credit, so that means my next box will only cost me $6. I hope that my next box won’t take a month to get here, either. Fingers crossed on that!


  1. After reading both yours and Georgie’s review of Wantable I have to say it’s not something I would purchase. Partly because the service doesn’t sound great, and partly because they don’t look like they are good value for money. I don’t own a lot of jewellery because I’m pretty picky. I think the concept is great but it sounds like it needs improving.

    • Yeah, it is a good concept in thoughts, but in actuality, it’s definitely a hit or a miss. And so far I’ve got in between a hit or a miss. My next box will give me a better idea with them and whether I’ll keep subscribing to them or not.

  2. I actually inspected the element in my browser for the input field after I realised I couldn’t write very much in it at all… so I removed the limit of characters on the input field and was able to write as much as I wanted… hehehe super awesome web dev hacking skills. :P

    I agree with you on your opinion about the watches, particularly the busy face on the blue watch. I’m sorry you didn’t like the simple bracelet, I would say that is totally my style. I’m not a fan of boho but I’m glad you liked the boho style bracelet you got. I was hoping you were able to write about what colours you preferred, too. That said, I like how all the pieces in your box seem to match colour. :)

    I have found lobster clasps to be increasingly more annoying the more I wear them! :O

    Looking forward to your next Wantable review! :)

    • HAHAHA! You’re going to have to show me that trick if I ever get another Wantable box :D

      Yeah, the pieces in my box to match by colour :) I’m glad they all match well, even if I do still not like the blue watch!

      Lobster clasps are evil for people who lack fine motor skills like me!

  3. I’m glad you finally got your Wantable box! I really like the color of both watches, though I agree that the Livie one seems too big. The Andrea bracelet is very pretty! I actually like the simplicity of the Stefania one. I feel like it’d be easy to pair with other accessories :) I hope the next box will be better (and will actually get to you on time)!

    • Me, too! I hope my next box is not delayed like that again XD And yeah, the Livie watch was too big and ended up just looking bulky and felt too heavy to wear. I ended up giving that away to my boss XD She loved it! But then her daughter loved it, too, so now the daughter owns it LOL.

  4. The style quiz looks quite fun! It’s annoying about the shipping issues, but at least they have some credit towards that. My favourite is the Becky watch! Such a pretty peach. Also, I’m a fan of understated bracelets, so I really like the Stefania bracelet :)

    Good luck with your next box!

    • Thanks, Chynna! It’s interesting how all our tastes differ, but that diversity is awesome :3 I hope my next box turns out okay, too! ^^

  5. I think it’s cool and sweet how you’ve paid for half of the box for others to try out :). I have to say, $40 is expensive for the box!

    I prefer silver over gold. It’s so weird how the package went back and forth! This is really bad communication and delivery on their end. At least the box still made it to your doorstep! And it’s great that they gave you a $10 credit too :). It’s weird to see the “again” part. Ana did a bad job of inspecting the box XD! Or maybe she’s just inspecting if the items are in there.

    It’s pretty cool how the things you got were half the retail price. Though the Stefania is pretty expensive for what it is! I think the Andrea bracelet looks really well on you :). Maybe you can have something clipped on to the stefania bracelet like a charm? With your next box being $6, you might as well give it another chance ;)

    • Ahahaha ^^;;; I decided it could be my Pay It Forward thing or something.

      Silver is awesome :D Gold is just too yellow for me. And yeah, that package going back and forth was a pain in the behind. I hope it doesn’t go through that again!

      I hadn’t realised until now just how expensive the Stefania bracelet is until you mentioned it. Hard to imagine paying $16+ for that bracelet. If it’s made of stainless steel or something, then it’s worth it, but something tells me it’s not stainless steel.

  6. Connie on

    Oh man, the shipping issue would’ve gotten me through the roof! And I’ll never be a part of that ever again. But I’m glad you finally got your Wantable box!

    The colors really match very well. Opposite of you, I really like simplistic jewelry. The Stefani watch is really nice, but it’s retail price is a bit high for what it is….. The Livie watch is giving off a sort of vintage vibe?

    I’m not much of an accessory person so the $40 a box makes feel iffy :(

    But I do hope the next box you get is to your liking (WITHOUT the shipping trouble)!!

    • Yeah, the shipping issues really aggravated me X_X I’m just glad it finally made it to me!

      I thought I liked simplistic jewellery, but maybe not LOL. I think I kind of like them to make a statement XD;

  7. I really like the watches! Wow, they do sunglasses too. I might try the Accessories category just for the watches and sunglasses. :D

    • If you do try, I hope your accessories box give you stuff that you’ll like! ^^

  8. I’m glad you finally got it. ^^The shipping drama was ridiculous. I hope your second box comes quickly, without any trouble.

    I can’t decide if I like the Livie watch or not, but everything else looks nice. I like how it all matches.

    • Yes, everything does match pretty well :D They did a good job with that!

      But the shipping leaves much to desire ~_~; I hope the next one doesn’t take a month!!!

  9. Holland on

    What I’ve taken to doing is checking comments on a subscription site’s Facebook page before making my decisions. On Wantable’s I saw a lot of dissatisfied users, and I even saw a few saying they’d seen some items at Walmart for much cheaper than Wantable’s supposed retail prices. That really alarmed me. But I don’t always listen; Try The World had a lot of negative comments but I still took a chance. I wonder if I should regret that decision…

    Surprisingly, I like both the bracelets. The simplicity of the Stefania bracelet is really appealing, and the Andrea bracelet (while I don’t really like orange) is a really lovely boho piece! Not something I’d wear daily, but it’s definitely something one could accessorize with!

    I’m not too fond of watches (I use my phone as a clock anyways), so it’s not too surprising I don’t think much of them. The Livie’s face is nice, but only aesthetically so; it definitely hurts its usability. The Becky is a lot better, but the cloth-like band is a major turn-off.

    So yeah, your review coupled with Facebook comments and the price have definitely convinced me to stay away from this service. Thanks for this write up! :)

    • Yeah, I figure sometimes the negative comments are not always telling, so that’s why I wanted to try the box myself. I’ll see how I like my second box when that comes.

      I like wearing watches because I’m old-school like that. Sure I also check the time on my cellphone, but I also like having a watch, haha! Plus, it’s just another way for me to accessorise :D

      I’ll be writing up my July box when I get it, so I hope you’ll check that out when it’s up!

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