June 2015 Sparkle Box Review

Sparkle Box Intro Image

Sparkle Box is first of the three subscription boxes I ordered to arrive. I ordered this on June 19 and they shipped it on June 27, but told me they shipped it on the 29th. I had to email them to find out whether they shipped the box or not. They don’t have shipping notification or tracking yet, but it is something they will have in the future. Anyway, this came to me on July 7, which arrived faster than I thought for a USPS First-Class shipment, and way faster than my MIA Wantable box >:(

Shipping aside, I applied a 10% discount, so I got this $19.00 box for $17.10. When I signed up for this, I told them to surprise me with the style, and I wrote them this message:

First off I’m an arm candy person :D I love bracelets! I only do silver-tone bracelets if it involves metal. Other colours I like are navy blue, white, grey, and black. I don’t mind greens, either. But please, no pink, orange, or red. I am not fond of those at all! I would like to be able to mix and match and stack up with my silver watch and silver chain bracelets. I am not good with clasps, but that will not be a deal-breaker for me.

Sparkle Box and Its Contents

Sparkle Box

This box, with the nicely tied ribbons (seriously, how do you tie these things prettily?!), came in a purple poly mailer. The ribbon was a nice touch because I enjoyed undoing it to get my box opened, haha! Made me feel like I was opening up some fancy gift. :D

Sparkle Box Unboxed

When I took the top off, this is what I saw. Having my name on the card made it feel more personal.

Sparkle Box Information Card

The card had a short message from Shannon, and it also provided the description of the my bracelets. The second item says “vintage butterfly necklace”, but it’s not a necklace. Shannon made a necklace into a bracelet, which I really appreciate!

Sparkle Box Goodies

Further unboxing showed me that the bracelets were all in their own individual organza bags.

Sparkle Box Bracelets

And these are the actual bracelets. The vintage butterfly bracelet comes with a lobster clasp, the turquoise tassel bracelet has a toggle clasp, and the shell game bracelet is stretchy, so no clasp needed.

Sparkle Box Fashion Photo

I put the butterfly and the tassel bracelets on my left wrist with my O.S.T. watch. I do like the simpleness of these two bracelets, but I think it’s too simple. Plus, when I compare them to my real silver bracelets below, I can immediately see the difference between the generic chain bracelets compared to a better quality chain. Also, I didn’t enjoy the clasps, haha! However, I do like how they do go well with my watch, thanks to the silver tone :)

Sparkle Box Fashion Photo

I put the shell game bracelet on my right wrist where I also had on a sterling silver bracelet that my mum gifted me (the thicker one) and my Lloyd sterling silver bracelet. Even though I put down I am not fond of pink, orange, and red, I actually really adore the shell game bracelet. It’s not something I would choose myself at a store, so I’m glad I received it in this box! It gave me a chance to try on a fun, new style, and I also like the colourful combination of the shells! It is a bit heavier than what I’m used to, but when I want to make a statement, this will be a good one to wear!


I’m glad I tried Sparkle Box, and I absolutely adore the shell game bracelet. But the other two just didn’t do it for me. The quality is pretty much what you pay for. That’s why when I was choosing what boxes to try out, I signed up for three different subscription boxes based on prices — a budget box (Sparkle Box), a middle-ground box (Helene Jewelry), and an upscale box (Wantable). Sparkle Box is good for those on a budget. $19.00 for two to three pieces of jewelleries AND free US shipping is quite reasonable!


  1. Holland on

    The turquoise is quite stunning! I think the butterfly one is quite gorgous, it was nice of Shannon to convert a necklace into a bracelet for you. I didn’t even think that was possible :o

    Clasps are such a bitch to deal with when you’re home alone and trying to accessorize. I suppose the toggle clasp wouldn’t be too bad, but the lobster one! Guh! :P

    How did you get free shipping in South Korea? Am I missing something? O_o

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who find them hard to deal with!

      And yes, it was super nice of Shannon to do that :) I assume it wouldn’t be that hard . . . I think. XD;

  2. I really like the shell one although, like you, I’d never buy it myself.. I am not even sure I’d wear it, I’d just look at it :P

    I don’t know about the tassel one.. seems like it would get quite annoying and a tassel on a bracelet seems a bit out of place.

    • LOL. Yeah it does look a bit off. Oh well XD

      I am going to wear the shell bracelet today to work, so woot!

  3. My favorite of the three is definitely the shell bracelet. The other two are fine as well and I do like how they match your watch. This makes me a lot more curious about the other two boxes, though, especially since they’re more expensive. However, your tweets make me worry about Wantable… Regardless, I must say that I do love how everything was packaged in the Sparkle Box, especially the bows. Would you order from them again?

    • I am not sure if I’ll order from Sparkle Box again. If I do, it won’t be for a while! XD I think I overspent myself the last few weeks, HAHA!

  4. Michelle on

    I too, am not entirely impressed by this sparklebox that you got, but like you said, you get what you paid for. Regardless, good luck on your other subscription boxes.

    • Yeah, I hope the other ones are better, especially since they are more expensive!!!

  5. Oh wow, the packaging looks really nice! The black and white and ribbons remind me of Chanel, haha. It looks like they did take your style preferences into consideration, though I’m sorry to hear the quality isn’t quite there. I’m always worried when it comes to subscription boxes that I’ll end up getting something I don’t like.

    • Yeah, the packaging is definitely great, but the actual jewellery is a bit cheap. Then again, for $19, that’s exactly what you get for :)

  6. That’s a good price for 3 bracelets! I think the butterfly bracelet is cute, and I like how colorful the shell game bracelet is. I also like how each shell is a slightly different shape and size! I find the tassel one kind of weird though, and it seems like it’d get in the way. That’s too bad that the tassel and butterfly ones are a noticeably lower quality though. Hopefully the other two boxes are better!

    • I hope the other boxes will be better, too! :D I just wished they’d get here faster X____X It feels like forever!

  7. That great that you tried it out and liked the shell piece. It’s a shame that the others were not your style. :( Hopefully with the other boxes, you will get everything you like! :D

  8. Ahh this is just cute! I love the personalized card the most, I must say :D

  9. I love the packaging on the Sparkle Box! It looks so official like it’s from some high end jewellery brand XD. These types of boxes are even better because it’s personalized to your liking so you don’t get any weird pieces that you don’t like. I love silver tones the most. Rose gold and gold doesn’t keep my attention for too long.

    • Silver is the way to go! Well, gold and rose gold are nice, too, but on me, silver looks the best :D

  10. Yeah, the shell bracelet is definitely the best piece. I think it’s really pretty, the colours are great :) Nicely wrapped box too!

    Too bad the other’s weren’t exactly what you wanted, but you can always gift them to someone else. Or maybe get out some pliers and try to make something out of them? Remodeling jewelry can be fun :)

    • Yeah, I did end up giving those two to someone :) I figure they’d appreciate it more than I would! And no thanks on remodelling the jewelleries! I have crap fine motor skills, so it’d be a very difficult task for me to do X_X;

  11. All the stuff you got are super cute. I will also try it :)
    Follow each other.

    • It’s cool that you find them cute :) They really weren’t my style, but I still enjoyed getting them!

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