My Favourite Things: July 2015

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Happy July, everyone! June felt like a super long month, so I’m glad July just rolled around. That means summer is almost halfway done. I am so ready for autumn and winter, but I’m not here to go on about my weather woes. Here’s the July edition of “My Favourite Things“, an amazing blog link-up hosted by Raisa and Eirene. My favourites this month have no theme and they are all completely random. As Raisa would say, “It’s a hot mess!” XD

Subscription Boxes

Georgie introduced me to the concepts of subscription boxes. In the last couple of months, I’d been eyeing a few of the accessory ones, and I finally took the plunge to try out these three boxes:

I can’t wait to see what bracelets and watches I’ll get :D I’m an arm candy girl, and I’ve specifically mentioned that to Sparkle Box, while Helene Jewels is all about arm candy. Wantable’s questionnaire also allowed me to specify to only receive bracelets and watches, so woot! I’ll be reviewing the boxes when I get them, so look forward to them!

Glittery Gel Manicure

Glittery Gel Manicure

I never liked glitter manicures because I hated the texture, so I assumed glittery gel manicures would leave behind the same rough texture. Nope. I was proven wrong. Chibi Toaster and I went to get gel manis done at White Nail, a salon in my neighbourhood, and she mentioned that fact to me, so I decided to give it a try. Oh, man, I absolutely adore how they came out :D Smooth and glittery — just the way I like it! I think, from now on, whenever I go for a gel mani, I’ll pick the glittery shades for the shinies and sparklies!

Weeny Beeny

Weeny Beeny, from what I can see, is some imported gourmet sweets distributor. Their shops are in malls, amusement parks, and touristy areas. My workplace has been going on field trips every Wednesday, and I’ve encountered a Weeny Beeny in Coex Mall Aquarium gift shop, Everland, and N Seoul Tower. Let’s just say I cannot walk away from them, and it’s mostly because of these two particular sweets . . .

These sour strawberry Rip Rolls are addicting. This is the only flavour I like; I’ve tried another flavour, but I didn’t like it as much as the strawberry one.

The aforementioned Rip Rolls are amazing, but it’s these sour coke gummies I live for. I mean, yes, I can get the non-sour Haribo ones, but these are just BETTER. I know Haribo’s have the sour version, too, but I rarely ever see those in the shoppette, so Weeny Beeny it is!

Terra Chips’ Sweet Potato Chips

Oh, my word. I’ve finally found chips that are not salted. YES. YES. YES. My tastebuds are more Korean in that I can’t do the overly salty food that American snacks and food are known for, but these I can do :D I love sweet potato chips, and these are just amazing. The lack of salt really makes me happy. I only hope that the shoppette continues to bring these often!

Brownie Brittle

I recently discovered these, too, but I’ve tried the chocolate chips one, and I wasn’t enamoured by them. However, the salted caramels are just super good! I know I don’t do salt well, but salted caramels are a different story. This is one of my favourite new snack food, haha. Perfect for when I get the chocolate craving!

Bomi the Puppy

Bomi the Cute Maltese

As a bonus, here’s another photo of Bomi the adorable Maltese! I’m in love with this furball. How can anyone not fall in love with her adorable puppy face? :D With that said, I’ll see you all next month for August’s favourites!


  1. Lotte on

    THOSE CHIPS. ARE THE BEST DAMN THING EVER. Ugh yams in general are amazing. Onion chips are good too, you should try those.

    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award so if you’d like to have a look and have a go at the questions, you can find those here. :D

    • Onion chips from Terra Chips? Sure I’d like to try them as long as it’s not salty! :D

      Thanks for the nomination! Will do it in the near future!

      • Lotte on

        I’m not sure if Terra does them, but onion chips in general are great. :D Not salty at all!

        • Okay! If I ever find unsalted onion chips, I’ll definitely give them a try :)

  2. Michelle on

    Yum~! All those snacks and candy look fantastic and delicious. Plus, I’ve always wanted to do a subscription box, but Loot Crate instead. I’m not a big stickler on food/candy/make up boxes but I could do nerdy/geeky things. Hahahaha

    Bomi is so so cute :D I wish we could have a play date with our puppies. Marley would so love Bomi!

    • I’m not big on a lot of the boxes either, but I don’t mind the bracelets/watch ones :D I guess I just like the idea of not knowing what I will get until I get them . . . and hope I don’t hate them LOL.

      And yes, it’d be awesome to have a play date with Marley and Bomi! Too bad we’re on two totally different continents, though!

  3. Holland on

    I think I’ve seen variations of those chips and brittle at Costco, but I’ve been trying to cut down on junk food and sweets to avoid any health issues. I’ve not been super successful ;3;

    I feel you on the subscription boxes! I got a free one from Julep last year and canceled after so I wouldn’t be charged, then I paid for one box from SparkleBox and then in June signed up for ipsy. I just got a sneak peek at what I’ll be getting in my ipsy bag, and 2/5 are winners and 1/5 are okay. The other two I’m kind of like, why are you there? I don’t know if I’ll stick it out for August when it would be my second bag. It’s cheap since it’s only $10; that Wantable one looks super expensive?! There are a handful of others I want to try too, like Birchbox and Glossybox. So many ;3;

    • I’m supposed to cut back on junk food, though, but whoo boy. I’m not successful either! They are just so good and addicting!

      Wantable is a bit pricey, but I’m hoping that the contents make it worth the moola! But what got me is that I can make it really customisable to me with their questionnaire, and I can get discounts when I refer friends, so woot on that!

  4. Ooooh, I love subscription boxes. There’s a nerdy one that I really want to try out once I get more money. I’m into graze boxes at the moment, which are snack boxes and they’re cheap, tasty AND healthy. Bargain!

    Love the manicure :)

    Omg, I could nom thousands of those Rip Rolls. They’re so tasty – and the coke gummies! Have you tried the blue and pink ones?! They’re so good.

    I am going to steal Bomi, somehow. Watch out.

  5. My boyfriend and I always fight over the coke gummies when we buy a mixture pack. They are so yummy! I really like how almost everything on here is junk food, mine would be the same, but I am also trying to cut back on junk. Bomi is so cute! I am not a dog person but she kind of made me think differently. :)

    • Cutting back on one of your vices isn’t easy! XD I know that’s the case with me XD

  6. Subscription boxes seem to be getting more and more popular lately. I’m subscribing to a make-up box myself, and I love it! It’s so much fun getting a “present” every month, and even if every single item doesn’t suit me perfectly it’s still nice just trying out the products and discover new things.
    Having one with accessories sounds fun too!

    Also, puppy!! What a cutie <3 :D

    • Yeah, I can definitely see the appeal of subscription boxes, and I am quite liking the concept myself! Can’t wait to get the rest of my boxes :3

  7. I’ve always been tempted to try a subscription box, but I know I already have too much stuff, haha. Getting something every month probably isn’t a good idea for me. I hope you get some good accessories from those!

    Ooh, your glittery gel manicure looks good, and I love sour candies. The sour strawberry ones look like something I’d like!

    I love salted chips, but I also like sweet potato. The great thing about sweet potatoes is that they have more flavor on their own and don’t need a ton of salt :) Those chips look yummy.

    Aww, Bomi is still adorable!

    • I just got one so far, and it’s okay :) I hope the other two proves to be better!

      And you’re so right about the sweet potato. They have so much flavour that when I add them to stew, it makes stew so much better!

  8. I can’t wait to see your subscription box reviews. :) There are some boxes I have read into depth about, read other people’s reviews, and then decided not to go ahead with purchasing… for example, Wantable was one I had heard about but I heard that they used to be much better. And if you choose to re-subscribe, apparently you should double check your preferences because they sometimes reset. :/ But I know you are planning to try some at least once. I like that idea. ;) I get picky with jewellery so you can see I have gone on-and-off with the subscription box thing.

    I LOVE THOSE SOUR RIP ROLLS! I think we call them something else here, but who cares, they are so, so addictive. I haven’t had one in a while sooooooooo something tells me to get one ASAP. I am not a huge fan of the cola bottles but they do taste nice.

    I like salted things (seaweed, salty soup, salty fish) and salted caramel is no exception… I don’t eat a lot of super sweet things and salted caramel is a lovely combination. Salted caramel everything!

    • Salted caramel indeed is awesome! It’s a beautiful combination, indeed!

      I hope you like your Wantable box when you get it! Can’t wait for your review!

      And man, I’m craving for those Rip Rolls and Coke gummies now! Guhhhh!

  9. Yay for subscription boxes! I can’t wait to receive mine. :D I couldn’t find one I wanted to subscribe to for a long time, but you know what, I gotta live a little. ;) So I’ll see how they fare for me.

    I love glitter manicure! :D I haven’t done my nails in a long while still. I should get on that. :(

    • I hope you end up liking what you get! I look forward to reading your reviews/thoughts on them! <3

      And do get your nails done! I know you did them in the past, so would love to see them be done again! ^^

  10. Haha. I can’t get over Bomi! She’s adorable. Your manicure also looks so nice. It makes me want to get my nails done. The sweet potato chips look appetizing, but sweet potato is a flavor that I’ve only recently been turned on too, so some sweet potato things are still a little iffy for me.

    • Sweet potatoes are delicious for me :) Have you tried any of the Korean sweet potato chips?

      And let’s get our nails done together one day! That’d be fun :D

  11. I’ve always wanted to try subscription boxes but I already have a lot of clutter at home and I’m quite adamant about “investing” in something I’ll end up not really liking very much. And I get into this super stingy mode sometimes that if I see something pretty that I don’t need and is a bit pricey, I’d tell myself “I’ll probably find something similar but cheaper” (or maybe even, “I can probably just make something like that” lol).

    OMG SWEETS. *drools*

    • I don’t blame you for not wanting to try them. It is a gamble to see if you’ll get something you like or something you’ll dislike. But the element of surprise is what I like and I figure it doesn’t hurt to try once, so that’s why I got them :D

  12. Eeeeeep that puppy is adorable! She’s so cute! <3

    I love subscription boxes but I have to figure out how to keep subscribed to them and not have too much stuff haha. Hopefully your boxes have awesome products in it! I'm currently subscribed to Luxe Box for make-up and they're a fairly good Canadian one (ie. free shipping lol).

    And yum, I love Terra Chips. Hopefully they don't discontinue them, but maybe they're on Amazon?

    • I’m glad you like Luxe! :) I don’t wear make-up so those would never be an option for me! XD;;

      I could look into getting them on Amazon, but sometimes I’m wary about ordering food products online. But I guess if I really want it, then I’ll get it LOL.

  13. Those Weeny Beeny stands look amazing! I like stuff like that where you pick what you like and it’s measured by weight. I also love sour lollies!
    My favourite were ones I’ve only ever seen once. They were sour strawberries but instead of having the sour, sugary coating on the outside they were smooth and the sourness was in the candy itself. They were amazing! I wish I could find them again.

    Bomi is cute as ever :)

    • That sour strawberries with the sourness inside sounds amazing! If I ever run into them, I’m trying them! But yes, the Weeny Beeny stores are hard to resist. Why must their stuff be so goood!

  14. I’m really asking why is there no subscription box for video games, lol. if only there’s one ….and one that exists in where I live, pfft. I don’t mind receiving beta edition of video games LOL that’s what sampling is all about,right xD

    whenever I see glittery nails / nail polish, I always imagine space, the galaxy and the nebula. yeah, geeky, i know. I don’t like nail polish myself so even if they’re pretty, it’d be a waste for me to buy it. like, i like seeing them on people’s nails but not on mine haha

    Bomi is so cute aaaaaaarrgghh (///w///)

    • I know they have boxes that send out merchandises related to video games, but if you want the actual game, then I don’t know of any LOL.

      And yes, Bomi is so adorable. I want to dog-nap her from my aunt and uncle XD

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