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Korean Giveaway Poll (Photo from Unsplash.com)

For the last couple of months, I’ve been thinking about doing an actual giveaway that involves tangible items. And by tangible items, I’m stuck between the choices of Korean snacks/sweets and Korean stationery goods. I love all those things, so I really would like to send them, but I am not quite sure what you lovely readers would want. Chantelle suggested that I put up a poll, so . . .

Help me, wonderful readerwan-kenobi! Fill out this super fast one question poll for me so I can determine exactly what to give away!

A thing to note, though. I have access to USPS, so I’ll be using them to ship out the giveaway box. However, international shipping cost is really high, so unfortunately, I’ll be limiting this giveaway to people with US addresses. :( My apologies! I hope to do a giveaway in the future for all my international readers!

Poll has closed and been removed.

Thanks! This poll will stay open for two weeks, so pass the words onto whoever would be interested in this giveaway!


  1. I couldn’t choose between the Korean snacks and stationery! Speaking of which, I don’t really know what Korean snacks are! If I’m right, maybe those shrimp stick snacks and the onion flavored rings? Those two are my top! But stationery all the way because it lasts longer XD

    • Stationery do last longer, so that I can see why that’d be more appealing than snacks :D

  2. I voted and think that is such a cool idea. I love stationery, so that got my vote. I can 100% understand not including international entries. Postage can be so high. :(

    • Thank you for understanding, Kya! International post is just too darn expensive :(

  3. Hope the giveaway goes well! I voted for stationary, but snacks also sound great! Such a shame that postage is so high though!

    • I know :( Postage fees are unbelievable. I was nearly falling out of my chair when I was looking them up!

  4. YAAASSSS! I love a giveaway – the fact that it’s Korean themed has made me more excited. Wasn’t sure whether to choose stationery or randomness – but I guess randomness, you can put loads of different things :D

    • Yes, that’s what I was thinking with randomness, but it’s looking like stationery is going to be the winner :D

  5. I voted for snacks! i’ve been craving for bingsu, chocopie and yangpa ring these days T_T and i guess that’s why i voted for snacks! hahaha XD

    • If the snack category wins, I could send yanga ring and chocopie, but I don’t think the bingsoo would be possible :D It’d be a watery mess by the time it arrived at its final destination, haha!

  6. I voted for stationery! XD I love pens and notebooks, but Korean snacks are great too.

    • Thanks for the vote, Raisa! :D Korean anything is awesome, quite frankly XD

  7. Oh man! I wish I was living in the US right now. But I totally understand why you’ve made the decision. Shipping prices are stupidly expensive.

    Good luck with the giveaway!

    • Thank you for understanding, Holly! I hope to do something for my non-US readers in the future!

  8. Oh gosh that was hard but I had to pick stationary. ^^;;

  9. Michelle on

    Stationary, definitely!

  10. I was deciding between snacks vs stationery, but voted for stationery because they’re cute!

    • Haha! It is hard to choose, right? Seems like you’re not the only one and the stationery is winning so far :D

  11. I always love stationary, so that’s what I voted for XD I used to collect lots of cute Korean stationary when I was younger!

    • Awesome! I take it you no longer have your Korean stationery stash? I had a lot, too, but I sort of lost interest in them for a while, but now I’m liking them again!

  12. Although I cannot enter, I voted for stationery. I will be honest, I don’t use stationery very much anymore, though I used to be quite obsessed with it… but I don’t want to be eating too much candy, so… XD XD XD

    • LOL! It is a tough decision, but I can see why you’d go for stationery instead of sweets and snacks :3

      And I’m so sorry you wouldn’t be able to participate :( I’ll do something for my non-US readers soon!

  13. This will be such a book idea! Especially since it is a unique give away, compared to others that always consist of domains or amazon gift cards. I voted for the stationary. I love having extra items for my desk especially cute ones! Hope the giveaway goes well!

  14. I’ve never had any Korean snacks or sweets and I love food so that’s what I voted for! Though honestly, I would love anything from a culture that I’m not familiar with. :)

    • Whoo hoo! I hope if you win that you’d like whatever get sent out :3 And Korean snacks/sweets are pretty good. I love them!

  15. Connie on

    It took a lot out of me to not choose stationary because I already have so much stationary in my closet! I chose Korean snacks…..guilty sweets are always the best <3

    • Yeah, I’m guilty of nomming out on them, too XD They are just so much better than American snacks!

  16. Holland on

    I voted for Korean snacks but I am bit of a chubby pig XD my only downfall in that is that I am quite picky about food, even sweets D:

    Stationery would be cute too! It might even push me into writing letters more, which I’ve always said I’d do but never have.

    Can you clarify what you mean by Korean randomness, though? I can’t think of anything that might fit… Korean-brand makeup? Korean-made wallet? WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!

    • Korean randomness is exactly what it is. It could be anything from snacks to stationeries to whatever other little trinkets from Korea LOL.

  17. Either way the poll goes, it’s going to be great. ^^ Both snacks and stationery are winners. Korean randomness is also an interesting option. It’s a surprise.

  18. Silver on

    Late to the party, but I would have voted all 3. hahaha!

    • HAHAHA! It’s hard to decide, isn’t it? I know it’s hard for me, haha!

  19. Universe on

    I voted for Korean stationery because I am quite picky about food and snacks :)

    • Hee! It’s looking like stationery is very popular for many reasons :D I’m looking forward to doing this giveaway!

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