Photo Potpourri: Scorching Shenanigans

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Photo Potpourri

Summer schedule at my workplace is quite draining. Despite what some people think, working with kids can be fun, but it can also be super exhausting on our bodies and souls. It’s even more so on field trip days, which occurs every Wednesdays for us. Then there’s the blasted heat. I do not handle heat well. I’ve read that summer makes people crankier and more aggressive, and that really applies to me. It’s only the beginning of July, and I am so ready for autumn and winter.

Anyway, despite losing my life energy at work and being a big heat grouch, I’ve managed to do some food and sightseeing adventures in the last few weeks. I’ve even managed to visit a new part of Korea, so that’s always a plus! Thus, here is the photo dump post that highlights my experiences. Warning: it may make you hungry.

Ho Lee Chow in Itaewon

Spring Rolls from Holee Chow General Tso's Chicken, Mayo Shrimp, and Szechuan Fried Rice from Holee Chow

I met up with my friend Piokun, and we went to Holee Chow in Itaewon. Holee Chow serves western-Chinese cuisine. We went with the Chinatown Vancouver lunch set that came with shrimp spring rolls, mayo shrimp, General Tso’s chicken, and Szechaun fried rice. Everything was delicious for me. The mayo shrimp surprised me because it looked odd, but it tasted delicious! This set also came with iced coffee. All together, this set cost 46,000 KRW ($42 USD), and it was actually a lot of food for two people.

CoCo Ichibanya in Gangnam

Chicken and Veggie Curry from Coco Ichibanya

I met up with the lovely Chantelle in Gangnam, and she took us to Curry House CoCo Ichibanya. I opted to get the chicken and veggie curry for about 9,000 KRW ($8 USD), and I found it pretty good. Japanese style curries are not always a hit with me, but I liked CoCo’s. Their curries are also customisable, albeit a bit confusing at first. Still, I’m glad Chantelle introduced this place to me!

Namsan Tower Gathering

View from Namsan Mountain

I had a work-related function to attend, which was a trip up to N Seoul Tower, also known as the Namsan Tower. I’m part of what I call my organisation’s “party and planning committee”, and we decided to make this event be opened to those wanting to hike up the mountain or those wanting to take the bus up the mountain. I was the representative to be the bus person, but nobody else came. However, there were three others who hiked, so we met up at the base of the tower. We went up to the observatory deck, where we all payed 9,000 KRW ($8 USD) each to ride an elevator. ~_~;

We spent about fifteen minutes in the observatory deck before we decided that we needed to get some late dinner. We walked down the mountain to Itaewon to have Indian food at Taj Palace. We had the all-you-can-eat buffet, and I stuffed myself silly with butter chicken, naan, kadai noodles, and several other dishes for 17,500 KRW ($16 USD). After, we tromped off our big meal by walking to my neighbourhood. We met up with others to go to a noraebang, but I opted to go home. Yeah, introvert!Tara had enough interaction for that evening.

Ansan Escapade

Chicken Momo, Butter Chicken, and Roti at Kantipur Restaurant

Since I had July 3rd off due to 4th of July falling on a Saturday this year, I started my 4th of July weekend early on Thursday. I left work at noon, and I made my way down to Ansan to meet Piokun again. This was not my first venture to Ansan’s Multicultural Food District. My first time there, Piokun and I tried Indonesian food at Pondok Bali, an experience I do not want to repeat. The second time we went, we tried Taj Mahal something or another, an Indian-Nepalese restaurant that proved to be “meh”. I guess third time’s the charm because we tried Kantipur, another Indian-Nepalese (and Tibetan) restaurant. There, we ordered the chicken momos, butter chicken, and roti. It was a hit with the both of us. Good service, scrumptious food with reasonable prices, a decent bathroom . . . what more could I ask for? Well, I honestly wish I didn’t have to travel over an hour on the subway to get there, but doing it once in a while is good for me XD

Good Afternoon Tea Room

Good Afternoon Exterior Treats at Good Afternoon

About a month ago, I wandered around my neighbourhood, and I stumbled upon this new tea shop, Good Afternoon. I didn’t go in that time because it looked full, so I kept that place in the back of my mind, fully intending to visit it one day. That day finally came after I came back from Ansan, and I walked into a super posh place that sells not only tea and coffee and ades, but also sweets and treats. In fact, they do afternoon tea set! This is something I’d been wanting to experience for ages now, and I think I may get my chance soon! In fact, Chantelle’s interested in doing this with me, so we just gotta work out a schedule that will work for the both of us . . . but seriously, afternoon tea set!

Bundang Adventure


Speaking of Chantelle, I finally made it down to Bundang to visit her neck of the woods, and it was an enjoyable adventure. It was so quiet and not crowded at all. What a welcoming change of pace from Seoul! Plus, I finally rode the subway on the Shinbundang Line, and the trains there go up to 90 kilometres per hour, making for a very fast trip from Gangnam Station :) The photo above is the view I got right outside of Jeongja Station. So many flats and . . . Bundang is really flat compared to hilly Itaewon!

Cafe Street in Bundang

This area in Bundang is known for their cafes, and this street is actually called Cafe Street. This photo shows some of the cafes that are here.

Stone Wall Brasserie French Toast Brunch Set at Stone Wall Brasserie Margherita Pizza at Stone Wall Brasserie

Chantelle and I decided to have brunch at Stone Wall Brasserie. We decided to split the French toast brunch set that came with French toast, French fries, eggs, bacons, sausage, tomato, and salad. Chantelle recommended the pizzas here, so we also split the margherita pizza. It was a lot of food. O_o The brunch set was good, even if the fries were a bit unusual, but the pizza, while tasting good, came out rather cold. Regardless, I had a blast with Chantelle. My Bundang experience was lovely!

And that’s all for the photos! I hope you enjoyed them. And before I sign off, I want to wish a Happy Independence Day to all my American friends!


  1. All the food photos are mouth-watering! Now I’m hungry! XD

    I’m glad you had a great time!

    Here in the Philippines, summer is slowly transitioning to rainy season. It’s still very humid and hot but we get thunderstorms from time to time. The heat is still unbearable, though! :(

    • We get the rainy season, too, but global warming or something is giving us a very dry summer since last summer O_o I mean, I’d rather have it be dry heat, but the fact that it’s not humid and wet is a bit unnerving since that’s what I’m used to during Korean summers!

  2. I’m glad you braved the heat to come down to Bundang (I love flat Bundang!). Good Afternoon looks awesome and I really look forward to hanging out with you again. I hope we can have tea before too long. All of these food pictures are making me hungry, though.

    Also, I have taken both the bus and the cable car up Namsan. I too have paid the exorbitant elevator fee. I like Namsan though. It’s nice.

    Happy Independence Day!

    • Thank you so much for having me and showing me around! I really enjoyed my time there :D

      And that cable car to Namsan Tower is a huge rip off :( BAH! Much prefer the bus since it’s cheaper!

  3. I can feel you about being drained by work! On the bright side, summer is good for cold food and drinks! The food looks delicious :3. Especially the spring rolls and shrimp! Though it’s interesting to see that the rice that they used is more bigger and not like the Thai rice I’m used to. This is one expensive meal!

    I like how the curry is presented. It reminds me of the sand and ocean for some reason XD… Except this would probably be a really polluted ocean, haha. You definitely went multicultural with your foodie adventures!! I love how the baked goodies are wrapped up. They look so nice~~

    You had a great view from the tower! South Korea looks pretty nice! I expected the streets to be packed, but this looks pretty calm :D

    • Your visualisation of the curry being a polluted ocean had me rolling! I’d not have seen that until you mentioned it, but it really does remind me of a polluted ocean, too XD

      And Seoul is very packed. I just couldn’t capture that view with my cellphone and from where I was standing XD;

  4. Fab photos. I haven’t had breakfast yet and your foody ones look so awesome that my stomach is GROWLING at me.

    Hope it cools down a bit for you and you get some of your energy back soon :)

    • Thanks! I hope it cools down fast, too! Can’t wait for this thing called summer to be over!

  5. The french set is so strange looking. Was the toast sweet or savoury?

    I like that you explain everything in the photos, there are many photo blogs that do a photo dump and don’t explain the places or scenery, etc in them.

    • The French toast was sweet XD Yes, it does look odd, but it was still good, haha!

      I’m glad you like my explanation! I, too, don’t like it when I see a bunch of photos and it doesn’t tell me anything XD

  6. Ah I need to plan a Korea trip in the future! I want to go eat all that food with you! Cafe Street looks so charming!

    • Come to Korea! I’ll show you around and everything! Just give me a heads up XD

  7. I’m not a big fan of the heat too, even though I live in Texas. Due to all the rain we got recently, our summer has been milder this year. But uh… milder means low-mid 90sF instead of in the 100sF, so it still kind of sucks XD;;

    Yum, all of the food looks good! I’m a big fan of Japanese curry, but there aren’t really places here that serve good ones. That’s why my husband learned how to make it XD The chicken momos and butter chicken look delicious too!

    Ooh, that’s a nice view from the Namsam Tower. That’s also neat how there’s a Cafe Street. Seems convenient to have so many in one place :) Glad you had a fun time at Bundang!

    • That’s so not mild for me! Give me temps in the 50s and 60s, and I’ll be happy :D That’s why I’m the happiest in any season that’s not summer XD

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