TC the Introvert

TC the Introvert

I am an introvert. My first exposure to this term occurred in my senior year of high school when the guidance counsellor came to every senior English classes and gave us a super long MBTI test. My result told me that I was an ISTP. My guidance counsellor said that generally the first letter and the last letter do not change for an individual, but the two middle letters do as we grow and develop. Since 2003, I’ve taken the online version multiple times, and the most recent results are as followed:

December 2013: INTJ (Humanmetrics)
August 2014: ISTJ (Humanmetrics)
April 2015: INTJ (Humanmetrics) & ISTJ (16 Personalities)

Well, one thing for certain — I’m an definitely an “I”, “T”, and “J”. Meanwhile, my second letter fluctuates between an “N” and an “S”. As for the first letter, that “I” is very strong in me, meaning that I’m a huge introvert :D

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Recently, I read this article about Introjis, and it led to me to Introvert, Dear which taught me several new facts that I could relate to as an introverts. One of the facts I learnt is that introverts prefer to communicate with writing and typing over speaking because we tend to pull information from our long-term memory banks. Information also travel a different pathway compared to our extrovert peers. Introverts also become too overstimulated when dopamine takes over our nervous system, unlike extroverts who can handle the stimulation better. These would definitely explain my tendencies to prefer writing over speaking and why I get so uptight and stressed at work from the dopamine overdose. For those not aware, I work with primary school-aged kids so this means . . .

  • I work in a super noisy, stimulating building that has the main area as one open space that’s divided into areas with no walls to cut off the noise.
  • I have to repeatedly talk and make small talks with the kids, parents, and colleagues, which leads me to have communication problems at times because I express myself better through writing than speaking.
  • I am constantly forcing myself to be alert because I need to be fast on my feet with these kids, and that’s not easy for me to do when I do prefer to take my time with decision-making.
  • Literally, I’m in an enclosed playground, so it’s really an overload of stimulation!
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Thanks to my job, I need a lot of me time. That’s why when I come home from work, I just do my Internet tasks and I crawl into my bed with my Kindle, DS, or Vita. That’s why I always tell my friends I don’t want to hang out on Sundays because I want to have at least one bum day in the week. That’s why I like to walk around and explore Seoul and try out new restaurants and coffee shops on my own. I need to unwind and escape reality, a reality where I have to be more extroverted than I want to, and I do recuperate through my hobbies to find solace. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my friends, usually one-on-one, but I need to be able to balance my life out, and this is how I do it. I will forever be an introvert.

What is your MBTI? Are you working in an extroverted career field as an introvert? If you’re an introvert, how do you unwind?


  1. I have never taken the MBTI test because I can’t understand how a person can be “classified” like that. I get where you’re coming from though; I definitely know plenty of people who prefer writing over speaking, and a lot of people who work in a noisy attention-taking environment need to wind down after work. In fact, I was one of those people. Last year all I did was work in a corporate company and I never wanted to hang out after work because it was so draining. I just wanted to be alone for a few hours daily, and I much rather would write than speak.

    But I am just the opposite now. Every day after work at my 7-people startup environment I am full of energy after chatting with my co-workers throughout the day. I am happy to hang out and don’t even feel the need for a weekly bum day (though once every two weeks would be good). I have no problems speaking compared to writing as well!

    So I can’t grasp how I may have transformed from an introvert to an extrovert ……..

    • Maybe you never were an introvert and the job you were doing was the problem. You felt too drained from it and just wanted to hide at home.

      Now you’re working in an environment that you enjoy and feel energized by and have the energy to take on the world :)

    • I think what Sarah says is probably true :) You may be naturally extroverted, but your previous work environment must’ve not been for you! I’m glad, though, things worked out for you. Wish I could become more extroverted! Would love to be able to thrive off my dopamine-filled workplace, haha!

      • I was curious and just took the 16 Personalities test. I got extrovert with 41% but my other values leaned towards the other side with 10%-20%. HAHA. I guess it really is hard to say for sure! For example right now I am really tired after a whole day of work then hours of socializing so I’m too lazy to respond to messages.

        • Interesting! Makes me wonder with you being 41% extroverted, I wonder if you’re more of an ambivert? My introvert results almost always score in the 90% percentile, which is ridiculously high! XD

  2. I’m INFJ. I’m a big introvert and prefer to spend my free time on hobbies rather than on social settings. At most, I can handle outing with friends twice a week, and I’m honestly so dramatic about it. I need to be told of our plans at least a few days prior so I can mentally prepare myself for being social. Though you can bet I’ll be there, and I’ll have tons of fun. Sure, I can be spontaneous, but I don’t really invite anyone along when I have those moments.

    It’s not that I’m antisocial. I think a lot of extroverted people equate introverted-ness with being anti-social, that there’s something wrong with us for preferring to be alone. It’s not that I hate people. I like to think I’m friendly and easygoing. I genuinely think people are fun to be around. I just can’t handle it for more than a few hours, and I have to recharge by being alone afterwards.

    It’s in no way a reflection of how I think or feel about someone when I don’t want to be around them for a while. I just can’t handle too much social interactions. Honestly, my family is enough human contact for me. :P I’m just glad they understand how I operate. I’ve lost a few friends because I wanted to sit out a few outings with them. :(

    • Like you, I don’t mind hanging out with friends, but I want prior notices, too! I don’t always do spontaneous very well, but some days I do okay with it, but not most days!

      And the introverts being anti-social is a huge misconceptions! I’m not anti-social at all, like you said, but I, too, want to be able to balance being social with being a hermit, and I think I do a pretty good job of it :D

      That sucks about losing several friends who didn’t understand your introvertedness :( I hope the friends you make now and in the future understands that about you and not ditch you for that!

  3. I am an INTJ, the last time I did it was from here mostly because I was drawn to the design of the website :P I think I stumbled on it from Silver’s site.

    Anyway, according to that apparently only 1% of women (who take the test I guess) are INTJ so we’re special :)

    Like Raisa, I’ve lost a few friends because I didn’t want to hang out with them. They didn’t realise that sometimes I’d want to and some times not. Fortunately, my bf is also an INTJ and we understand how we operate :)

    I have no idea how you do your job, I don’t think I’d last. It would be too loud and there would be far too many kids for me to be able to deal with.

    • Huzzah for being part of the 1%. We’re definitely special XD

      I’m sorry you lost a few friends along the way. I hope more people learn and understand how we introverts tick. That’d be great.

      And yeah, there are many days where I ask myself, “How I am able to do this job?” I can handle it, but I’m definitely not at my best with it X_X;

  4. I just took the test after reading Raisa’s Twitter post and googling what is MBTI!

    My result : INFJ
    I agree with it, because I have always, always been a huge introvert. Maybe that’s why I am so weak at socializing! I am not anti-social though, but my friend circle tends to be smaller and I prefer it that way and even I prefer one-on-one hanging out over a group stuff.
    It’s so much easier for me to chat via texting than actually chatting in person and if I do talk to some one comfortably then that would mean I have a lot of trust on that particular person!

    I am so glad i found this test, thanks Tara, for this awesome blog post!

    • Yes, I too have a small circle of friends, and I like one-on-one hanging out, too. When I tend to be in a group, I’m much quieter.

      I don’t mind talking on the phone if I have to, but I definitely sound smarter when I wrote XD;

      Glad you discovered MBTI :) It’s pretty interesting!

  5. I almost always get INFJ, one time I got INTJ.

    I tend to be really reserved, but once I open up I really open up. If my friends leave all the work to me, and don’t make much effort to hang out, I tend to not go out much, and we end up drifting.

    • Strangely enough, I find myself initiating to hang out more often then not, but then again by doing that, I am able to control when I want to meet someone, so that’s not a bad thing. I’m pretty reserved around people I am not close with, too. But once you get to know me, watch out! Total fangirling antics here I come :D

  6. I used to think I was an introvert, but now I have no idea. In the past, my type was INFP. It’s what I would get on all the tests. I love my job, though, because I love discussing things and the discussions I have with my (older) students and co-workers are incredibly uplifting/energizing. Perhaps I’m just shy and/or both introverted as well as extroverted. For me, it doesn’t matter if I’m around people or not. What matters is what type of people I’m around and what we’re doing.

    I paused in my comment to take the 16 Personalities Test and I got ENFP.

    • You may be more of an extrovert or maybe also an ambivert :) I’m glad you find your job to be something you enjoy doing. I’m at the point of trying to switch my job or at least change to a different environment. I’m just ready for a change!

  7. Achini on

    I’ve taken the test a couple of times and I’m always a ISFJ. I always knew I was an introvert but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started to notice how tired I would get by being/socialising with people. Afterwards, I would need alone time to recharge. That being said, I make a conscious effort, especially in that past year, not to shy away from social situations, especially ones that will proper my growth. But I think it takes a while to get the balance right. Like you, I try to have a day to myself once a week, even if it’s just sitting down in my pyjamas and catching up with all my dramas.

    One of my closest friends is an extrovert, and she loves going outside and being with people. I think it’s hard for extroverts to understand that we need that down time just to be. It’s even hard for me to explain to her but I have another friend who is introverted and she just gets it without me even having to explain.

    It’s interesting that introverts prefer writing to speaking because I feel like I get my point and my voice across in written form rather than by speaking where I either panic and try to say things too quickly to get it over with or my voice drowns out in a sea of extroverted peoples’ voices.

    • HOMG, yes. My voice always gets drowned out amongst all those who are extroverted, and since I’m not fond of being centre of attention, I just slink away and just not repeat myself unless it is an important statement I need to make. Even then, I will never sound intelligent speaking compared to writing. It’s just way easier for me to express my thoughts with words!

      And huzzah for bum days! We need those regularly. If it weren’t for the weekends on where I can have a bum day, I’d go nuts without it!

  8. I always seem to get ISTJ, though the S and T are “slight” while the I and J are stronger. I totally agree with the preferring writing over speaking thing and just wanting some alone time after work. I just want to be on my computer or playing video games, haha. I don’t mind hanging out, but I need to know about it ahead of time.

    Since I’m a team lead, I have to interact with people all the time, but most of the people I interact with are also introverts which I think helps. We tend to have one-on-one talks or work things out over email. For fun, my work asked everyone to take the Myers-Briggs test, and we found that 70% of people in development (programmers, testers, support, IT) were introverts, while 70% of marketing and sales were extroverts. That kind of explained why we differ so much in how we communicate and work.

    I was more social and outgoing in college, but I think the same thing applied. A lot of people who get into tech fields seem to be introverts, so most of my Computer Science friends were introverts as well :)

    • That makes sense that most of the developers are introverts and most of those in marketing and sales are extroverts. It’s good these folks are in the “right” career field that fits their personality, unlike me, haha! So I envy those people, honestly.

      Thanks for sharing that observation :D I really found it interesting and “logical” that it’s like that!

  9. I remembered taking this test a few months ago and got ESTJ. I’m only a letter away from you ;O! (But that makes a difference :p). I had to write a whole essay about it too, where I agreed with everything the results listed. Though whether we’re an introvert, extrovert, or anything else, we do our best to work around our personality. Like you preferring to write over speak, it makes you a better writer than others who loves talking. Sometimes, I feel the same way about needing alone time too. It’s better to have time to think about thoughts without any distraction or noise; and it’s pretty relaxing that way too!

    • I can see you being extroverted, but that’s a good thing :D It’s amazing how we’re one letter different, but it really does make a HUGE difference! And I think extroverts need “alone” time to unwind and relax, too! But I think it’s more needed for those who are more introverted, which is not to say extroverts never need downtime!

  10. I wish I kept a log of what result I got over the years, but I got INTJ a couple of times for sure. I think I was an INFP the last couple of times I did it, and once an ESFJ (that was a weird one).

    Test results aside, I have noticed that I am definitely an introvert. I really need and value my me time, or just time to work myself. I’m okay working around or near other people, but I need to work independently every now and then. I used to look forward to getting home after a day out, and feel like I needed time to recharge, away from people.

    As I have grown older I realise I am not the shy individual I once was, and have come out of my shell – but I also know that there is a difference between being shy and being an introvert. Now I am still introverted, but I am confident and comfortable being myself. I think I will most certainly be an introvert for life :P

    • I agree on working independently, but then again I prefer working independently most of the time. That’s mostly because I’ve got no patient, so I want to be able to do things at my own faster pace (ie: reading a booklet or something), and when I’m held up because of someone, it bogs me down instead.

      I’m glad you know about the difference between being shy and being introverted! That’s a misconceptions many people make, but I think with more research and websites discussing about introversion, that misconception is not believed as before!

  11. Holland on

    I’m an ambivert, which is a bit difficult to be. Most people think I’m lying about having in introverted side because they normally see the extroverted part of me, but the fact of the matter is I NEED some alone time in order to keep going. This is hard to accomplish because someone is always home and I want to be alone at home, not elsewhere, which has led to me staying up later and later when everyone else is sleeping.

    I’ve never taken the MBTI test, though; too lazy for that shiz. One day… maybe… or never…

    • Well, if you ever do take the MBTI, do share your results :) I’m curious and nosy like that XD

      And I can see people being both equally introverted and extroverted. That is not the case with me, though! I’m always scoring 90+% for introversion. But I’m well aware of ambiverts and those who appear to be extroverted needing some down time like an introvert :D

  12. I have taken several different personality tests over the years in several different classes, but I can’t really remember (or honestly care that much to remember) the specific results. I just always have been an introvert. I am drained after being at work all day surrounded by people. I just want to crawl in bed with a book or my laptop and just have some time to recharge.

    I also find that I can communicate much more effectively through writing. I guess I never really connected that to me being introverted, but I can see how that is connected!

    • Do check out the entries on Introvert, Dear. It’s really got some interesting physiological findings on the differences between introvert and extrovert!

      And you and I are very alike on wanting to just come home and go in bed and “hide” from the world! I want to do that badly right now, but I’ve got too much tasks to tackle! :(

  13. That would be really difficult to work in such a loud work environment as an introvert. You certainly need that time to just have space and where everything can go down ten levels.

    • Yes it is quite difficult :( But it’s something I have to handle! I see it as a challenge that needs to be tackled every day.

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