Symphonic Selections: Final Fantasy VI ~ Terra’s Theme

Symphonic Selections

To commemorate the fact that Square-Enix is finally serious about remaking Final Fantasy VII, I’ve decided to postpone my original selection for this column and choose a Final Fantasy song I adore. After talking to Raisa and seeing several other friends’ tweets on them wishing for a Final Fantasy VI remake (and also wishing for a Gensou Suikoden remake!), I chose to feature “Terra’s Theme” performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra from the second Distant Worlds album.

I am a firm believer that video game music sounds absolutely amazing when orchestrated right, and this piece is an epitome of that belief. I absolutely love this piece. It sounds melancholic and majestic at the same time, and those horn soli . . . GUH. It really makes me wish I’d chosen something other than that alto sax now . . .

Anyway, I remember first hearing this song in my high school band room, where a bunch of friends were playing Final Fantasy VI on the Super Nintendo, and when they told me that this was “Terra’s Theme”, I did a double-take hearing my name until they told me that it was a different spelling. Different spelling aside, I do feel a kinship to this song because of our same-sounding name (the Japanese version of the game calls her Tina, though!), and I remember watching the sprites on the overworld moving around with this song in the background. In fact, this song also was one of the first ones I figured out how to play on my own on the piano. It’s a super easy rendition, but it’s obvious that I love the song since I’ve taken the time to plink it out on the piano! :D

Anyway, even if you’re not a gamer or not fond of instrumentals, do give this a listen. It’s a beautiful piece, and it’s a fantastic finale piece that many Final Fantasy music concerts use as a closing piece.


  1. the world exploded the moment FFVII remake was announced. my friend even jumped and screamed and slapped my other friend who’s obviously clueless about video games lmao poor guy. i’ve always been more of a kingdom hearts fan so i wasn’t reacting as much as my FFVII obsessed friend but yeah, congrats, i supposed.

    back to this topic: when i saw Terra, i thought of terra from kingdom hearts birth by sleep. ack, the only terra for me is that terra from KH :P
    anyway, square enix games are famous for their soundtracks so despite not remembering FFVI, i can assure you that i fall in love with this track too. unlike FFX, FFVI didn’t get that much exposure though because non-gamers tend to only remember FFX’s to zanarkand most, which is a sad thing, really.

  2. Uuuuggghhh I looooove this theme! One of my fav FF themes. The version you posted is beautiful.

    When thinking of potential wedding ceremony “walking down the aisle” tunes (I knew I wanted instrumental), the intro to Terra’s Theme was a serious contender. But we didn’t end up going with it since neither of us finished FFVI. But it so good!

  3. Aahh, the Final Fantasy series has such pretty songs :D Terra’s Theme is beautiful, and I agree it has a majestic feel to it too. I need to make it to a Distant Worlds concert at some point. It’s stopped by multiple times now, and I keep missing it!

  4. Michelle on

    Words cannot express how I feel about this theme. It’s pretty much one of my favorite themes in the Final Fantasy universe. I say this because I played FFVI, almost to completion and just fell in love with the whole story, atmosphere, characters, and just everything this game had to offer.

    I just need to finish this game so bad, but finding the time to do it, is tough, but oh well, Terra is amazing. They brought justice and just wonder to this theme. :D

  5. Terra’s theme is one of my favorite tracks from FF6! My other favorite is the Finale song. ALL THE FEELS. :’D

    I replayed FF6 last year, and I was hit hard with nostalgia. Definitely my all-time favorite Final Fantasy!

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