My Newest Cousin

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My cousin’s girlfriend owns a dog, and she’s brought her little dog over to my cousin’s house. The girlfriend, after seeing how my aunt and uncle treated her dog, decided to get them a puppy of their own, thus acquiring a brand new “cousin” :D

Bomi the Puppy

Meet Bomi, everyone! This adorable fluffball and I’d missed each other on her first visit to my flat, but I was home when she visited the second time. My aunt and uncle had errands to run, and my mum was busy in the kitchen, so I was left to puppy-sit this cutie. My time with this bundle of fluff had me try and capture a good photo of her, and it took me about thirty tries. Not a natural on camera, the furball! XD

Bomi the Puppy

Anyway, Bomi is too adorable. Real friendly, too. Wasn’t shy or scared of me at all. I adore her, and now I can see why my aunt and uncle are in love with her. With two of their kids already grown up, Bomi is their new baby, and that automatically makes her my cousin. I can’t wait to see her again!


  1. That pup is so cute! I loooove dogs. They are great presents for parents experiencing empty nest. :)

  2. So cute! I want a puppy so much but I don’t really have the yard or time to look after one the way they deserve. Maybe one day.

  3. Awwwwww, she is so adorable. I would want to hug her forever! xD

  4. Oh sweet baby Jesus! Bomi is the cutest dog ever!

    I’m more of a cat person, BUT I could totally see myself having a dog like Bomi. What breed is she?

  5. Bomi looks so adorable!! I love how fluffy and white she is. With dogs being so hyperactive, it’s so hard to take a nice picture of them! Would you get yourself a dog one day as well? :D

    • I would love to get a dog one day, but now is not the time. But some day . . .

  6. Aw, such a cutie!!! Makes me wanna wish for my own puppy :D


  7. She looks so perfectly cute and ahhhhh I want to squeeze her and never let her go!


    I want to cuddle her forever! XD

  9. Aw she’s so adorable! Her silly tongue sticking out and her giant puppy dog eyes are just too cute!! :3

  10. Aww, Bomi is so cute! I love how fluffy she is, and she has such sweet eyes :D

  11. Michelle on

    Bomi is cute, what kind of dog is Bomi and how old? I’m nosey about dogs and such, since I have a puppy, myself.

  12. awwww hell hi there cute little fluffy one! <3

  13. Rebecca on

    gah that is adorable!

  14. Bomi is soooo CUTE.
    I totally love dogs and this one is super cute!

  15. That’s one of the most photogenic puppies I’ve seen. So amazingly cute. I love the photos. I’d love a kitten or a puppy, but I’m in no position to have a pet now and I’m still mourning my cat…

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