Photo Potpourri: Enticing Eats

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Photo Potpourri

More food-related photos are here! I suspect now that my work’s summer programme will start, I am not sure how much of a foodie I can be the next two and a half months. I hope I can still find the time to try new places (or return to an oldie but goodie) and make yummy things at home. If not, I guess I can always pick it up in September . . . which is quite a while from now X_X; Anyway, enjoy my photos below!

Mandarin Orange Toast and Latte at Berkeley Coffee Social

On a Saturday, I went out to Berkeley Coffee Social, which just happens to be one of my favourite coffee shops. On my last visit to them, I saw that they offer food items, and one of the things that enticed me was their mandarin orange toast. So I got that with an iced latte, and I relaxed and read on my Kindle with these treats. The toast with the mandarin orange jam and some raisins paired so well with my latte. The bread came from the infamous May Bell Bakery, so that was a plus!

Home-made Coleslaw

I’d made some home-made coleslaw back in March, and I found myself really craving for some again! So I made it again, but this time I used red cabbage, carrot, corn, and baby arugula tossed in oil and rice vinegar. Om, nom, nom. It was seriously good, and the colours of this dish were just amazing!

Pancake Breakfast Set at Cafe Travel Maker

One of my bosses was leaving, so we decided to check out the Ardium store in Hongdae, but the darn thing was not opened according to its hours of operation on the website ~_~; So we wandered around Hongdae and ended up at Cafe Travel Maker to get some breakfast, and that ended up being a nice little experience! Cafe Travel Maker focuses on American-style breakfast. It was so good — the hash brown especially! I had the pancake set, and om, nom, nooooom. Unfortunately, this photo came out blurry :( Apologies for that! It was a case of, “Oh, it looks clear on my phone . . . but WAIT. It looks crap on a bigger screen. Nooooo!”

No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Bars

I attempted these peanut butter cup bars :D Please go see my guest post on Chynna’s website to see the full experience and recipe of this delicious treat!

Soba Set at Mesiya

Lastly, I went back to Mesiya. See, they’d been focusing on their new location, so the one in my neighbourhood had wacky hours ~_~; Lately, though, they’ve been more regular, so my co-worker and I headed there, and we were lucky to try their soba set! It was delicious. Very good homestyle food, and it was the first time I had soba and tsuyu :D The lotus root side dish was also great. Mesiya is definitely a favourite of mine, but it’s not something I can go to all the time now that their set meal cost 15,000 won X_X. But it’s a treat for once in a while, and it’s worth it then!


  1. Silver on

    YUUUUUM!!! I enjoy looking at your food pictures. They look so good! I want to try them all! :) *goes off to check your guest blog entry* *squishes*

  2. I am now officially hungry. The American-style breakfast and your home-made coleslaw look amazing… I LOVE the vibrany of colour in the ‘slaw

  3. The soba set looks great! I love having a variety of food at meal time, which is why I usually pick the bento box or Korean places with tons of those small side dishes.

  4. That cole slaw has such a beautiful palette! I love to take pictures of food, it’s fun and pretty. These are great shots :)

  5. All of your food posts make me want to eat SO BAD!!

  6. Yum, I love jams, and the mandarin orange one sounds good :) I also like how colorful your coleslaw is!

    Aahh hash browns are so good. Big American breakfasts are a guilty pleasure of mine. The soba set looks like so much food! That makes me want Japanese food now XD

    I hope your work summer program won’t make you too busy!

  7. I love you food-related photos, they always make me hungry haa. What are you doing your work’s summer programme? When I get the chance to visit Korea, I’m definitely referring to your posts for good places to eat!

    What are you currently reading on your Kindle? I’m always looking for new books to read :) The mandarin orange toast looks delicious. What a beautiful looking coleslaw. I pt mayonnaise in mine, so it never looks that colourful haha.

    American-style breakfasts are soo nice. I remember first hearing about pairing bacon and pancakes together and thinking “wtf?”, but it’s actually soo yummy. Have you tried a full English breakfast?

    Om nom nom, that last food picture looks so good!

    • I’m currently reading fanfics on my Kindle, HAHA! I haven’t felt like reading “books” lately X_X. Hopefully that will change soon!

      And yes, I’ve tried full English breakfast. :D So good, but not fond of the fried tomatoes . . .

  8. Hopefully you’ll be able to try out new places while being at work! I would assume it is a better opportunity because you’ll be forced to eat lunch at work or something ;o. Or at least that’s how it is with me @___@.

    I haven’t eaten jam in a while, but this looks delicious. Your coleslaw looks very healthy! :)!

    I hate it when any stores are not open when their websites said it is -____-! At least you got to eat some delicious food instead :D. How are the soba? I’ve seen some non-yellow/white sobas for a while and have been interested in how they taste like. Good good? :D

  9. The peanut butter chip bars look SOOOOOOOOOO good!

    I like that you don’t seem to use mayonnaise in your coleslaw. I don’t like mayonnaise and it looks like you made a “lighter” version of normal coleslaw which looks really good and healthier, not to mention better tasting. :)

  10. These are good photos and this makes me hungry. I want to go on some of your food adventures. At any rate, I hope the summer program isn’t turning out to be too intense.

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