Sweet Pea Afghan

Sweet Pea Afghan

Several years ago, I’d knitted my dad a Chocolate Afghan, and since then I’d been wanting to knit my own. I finally got in the mood to knit again, and I decided to tackle this project. First, I ordered some yarn, and I chose Lion Brand’s Baby Soft Yarn in Sweet Pea. I started this project towards the end of April, and I finished it yesterday, with my mum helping me with the casting off.

This afghan was done with a US size 10 circular needles. I casted on 181 stitches and followed the seed stitch pattern. The final afghan measured out to be 46″ by 31″. This feels so much softer and lighter than the one I made for my dad. I love the end result, even if I don’t like all the mistakes I’ve made X_X. Still, though, this project is what got me to watch a lot of movies in May, and I’ve enjoyed knitting this and doing my movie marathons!

Sweet Pea Afghan Sweet Pea Afghan Sweet Pea Afghan Sweet Pea Afghan


  1. The knitted afghan looks very comfortable! :D How I wish I know how to knit!

  2. Wow, that looks so comfy. It takes dedication to finish something like that. I never had it 0_0

  3. Wow – well done! It looks amazing, and it is such a nice colour! You done such a good job, it must have taken a lot of patience. I used to be able to knit, but I’ve forgotten how to cast on!

  4. The afghan looks great! It looks nice and soft :) I learned to knit when I was young and never kept up with it. It looks like a useful hobby to have!

  5. I love the colour of the afghan! It looks super soft and comfortable. Makes me want to snuggle and go to sleep, now, haha.

  6. What a beautiful colour! I think this post might inspire me to knit again. I leant years ago but I can’t remember. I’m sure it would be easy to get back into again.

  7. I need one of these right now! Brrr… I am in the cold climate now. I love the colour!

    I wish I knew how to knit. I meant to learn a few years ago, but didn’t make it a priority so I never got around to it. :P

  8. I didn’t know this knitted masterpiece is called an afghan! I thought it was a blanket XD. You’re so good at knitting!!! And have lots of patience for it too!! I tried a few times to learn how to knit but always failed…. So I gave up and stay amazed at people who know how to knit well. At least you can multitask knitting while watching movies!

  9. Michelle on

    I’ve never had or felt an afghan before, but it looks soft! I can’t knit unfortunately, but it’s cool that people still keep the practice alive.

  10. It looks great and very well-made to me! That must be so comfortable. I didn’t know they were called afghans! I have two that were gifted to me and they’re so comfortable.

    I tried crocheting a long time ago, but I was never that good at it. :’D

  11. Congrats on finishing it! I haven’t finished a knitting project in years! There was the scarf that I made for my boyfriend that took me two years to complete; it was two Christmases late. ^^;; And then I started a blanket project about two years ago and I think I’m only 1/5th done. I’ll probably be done in 8 years at this right!

  12. I wish it were cold enough where I’m from so people don’t think I look crazy if I start knitting and wearing afghans. Great job with it though, it looks really nice. The color looks nice and I wish I can print clothing right now because I’d really print that! <3

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