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Photo Potpourri

Graaaagh. I’ve been a bit busy lately because I’m on the wonderful 6:00am split shift, where I have to wake up at 4:30am to ensure I get to work on time. Then I pretty much am working and breaking in between until 5:15pm, so needless to say, I am bloody knackered when I get home. I was so tired and busy that I couldn’t even really do much for Memorial Day weekend, but I did make it down to Cheongju to visit Chibi Toaster. Except I had no idea it was Buddha’s Birthday on Memorial Day, so the Koreans were also on holiday . . .

Anyway, here is a quick photo dump post to share some nommy things I’ve eaten :D Enjoy!

Butter Chicken at Namaste

Chibi Toaster and I had some errands to run in Dongdaemun a few weeks ago, and we decided to get some Indian food at Namaste. I got the butter chicken with naan, and it was yummy! This was my second visit to them, and I liked this visit better than the first one!

Slow Cooker Butter Chicken

The visit to Namaste encouraged me to try making some butter chicken in a slow cooker, and I merged these two recipes. It turned out okay only because the seasoning was much too bland. So I doubled the seasoning when I re-heated the dish on the stove, and that proved to be much better. At least the chicken turned out to be juicy and tender! Oh, and that bread is not naan; it’s pita bread from the Bakers Table XD;

Green Tea Cake from Tous les Jours

My auntie’s lunar birthday was a couple of weeks ago, so she brought home some green tea cake from Tous les Jours . . . and this was the cake. It was pretty good :D

Naengmyeon at Halmae Soondaegook

Naengmyeon has become one of my favourite Korean dishes. I love these chewy noodles in the sweet, tangy, and cold broth with some gochujang (red pepper paste) to spice things up! This place is the new 24-hour soondaegook place called Halmae Soondaegook. This naengmyeon came with soondae, which is Korean blood pudding. This has become my new go-to naengmyeon place!

Chicken Pesto Sandwich and Chocolate Avocado Smoothie at De Espresso Room

I saw on Facebook that the De Espresso Room was now serving new sandwiches and avocado smoothies, so I moseyed on over there to try out the chicken pesto sandwich and chocolate avocado smoothie. YUM. I think I’ve found my new favourite place to get a light lunch!

Croissant French Toast at Greenstreet

Last, but not least, my co-worker and I went to Greenstreet in Dragon Hill Lodge to have some brunch, and I got the croissant French toast with some bacon. This was the first time I’d tried croissant French toast, and it was amazing. I don’t think I want regular French toast anymore . . .


  1. Mmm the naan and pita breads look delicious. Pita bread is very different here, very flat in comparison.

    And the french toast style croissant looks interesting, I am wondering whether anywhere here sells them.

  2. French toast is one of my favorites! That naengmyeon looks a lot more flavorful than the ones we get here in Anchorage, Alaska. We’ve got a lot of Korean restaurants here but they tend to serve and pay more attention to their meat dishes.

  3. Michelle on

    Green Tea cake? I have a friend that would try that in a heartbeat. Still, all those foods look yummy. I wish I was close to somewhere that has nice restaurants and nice places to eat, all I have around me is fast food. No matter, there is always something to be had in the big cities around me.

  4. It’s 3am right now and your post made me drool. :)
    Ughhh Where to find food at this hour… Where? D:

  5. I’m so hungry! Grad school has made me constantly hungry. OH and I can’t remember if I’ve ever complimented your lovely blog theme before. I feel I’ve definitely seen it, but can’t remember the details. Anyways I am especially loving the font!

    Naengmyeon! I love that stuff. I just didn’t know what it was called, but now I do. I always can’t choose between the four different types of noodles that is served at this Korean buffet I always go to when I can’t think of what to eat. Greatt now I am making myself hungry and I just ate there 3 hours ago! :D

    • I can’t take the credit for the theme since I had the lovely Raisa design and code it for me XD;;; But I’m so glad you like it! ^^

      And four different noodle dishes? Wow! I wonder which ones are they other than naengmyeon?

  6. Yum, so much food! That’s too bad the butter chicken was too bland, but at least you’ll know to double it next time :) I like it when green tea is used in desserts. It’s tasty, and I feel like it’s not as sweet!

    Naengmyeon looks interesting. I didn’t know about this dish! The croissant French toast looks really good too. I like both French toast and croissants, so that sounds like a great dish :)

  7. Look at all that great food! Num.

    I honestly wish I took pretty photos of some of the food I would eat, but I usually end up forgetting to take a photo and blog about it because I just want to scarf it down!

  8. Arrh. That would be so hard having to get up that early. :( I don’t blame you for needing some time out.

    Mmmmm. The pictures of the food are so good. *dribble*

  9. That green tea cake looks lovely! I like anything with green tea even if I’m not allowed to consume any amount of caffeine. Yum!

    I’d love to try that butter chicken when you perfect the recipe. It looks so good!

  10. Omg croissant french toast sounds delicious! I’ve never heard of it but now I’m definitely going to seek it out!

    Yummm butter chicken! ^__________^ I feel like I’m overdue for some more!

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