Timeless Thoughts: Grumpy the Rabbit

Timeless Thoughts

Five years ago, on May 25, 2010, my beloved bunny, Grumpy, passed onto the Happy, Hoppity Bunnyland. With her death anniversary approaching, I decided to write a Timeless Thoughts post in her honour.

Grumpy was my first real pet I’d really cared for. We’d had dogs and fishes in the past, but I never grew attached to them, especially with the fishes. Grumpy, though, came into my life because of my actions. It was September 2003, I was at Myeong-dong with a friend, and we encountered someone selling about thirty bunnies on the street, and Grumpy stood out for being the only grey-coloured one. That was the moment when I decided I had to get her, and I did without asking permission from my parents (woops!), but luckily for us, my parents allowed me to keep her. Thus, I named her Grumpy because I wanted a gender-neutral name, and she did look quite grumpy upon getting her . . . so that name stuck.

But she was never a Grumpy bunny. If anything, she was the sweetest bunny ever. She never once bit me, though she bit my parents several times (favouritism, perhaps?). She was my pride and joy, and she was my steadfast companion all throughout my college years. Though she was never the most cuddliest bunny, she still loved getting petted. And oh, man, the way she’d begged for treats . . . that always made me smile. The day she passed proved to be one of the worst days of my life, and it still haunts me until this day. I miss her a lot, and she’ll never be forgotten.

Grumpy the Rabbit Grumpy the Rabbit Grumpy the Rabbit Grumpy the Rabbit

If you’d like to see more of Grumpy’s photos, I’ve linked the Flickr albums below:

Grumpy in June 2008
Grumpy in October and November 2009
Grumpy in January 2010

I hope you all enjoyed meeting my silly, little rabbit! ♥


  1. Aw Tara, I’m sorry it’s been so long since you’ve lost your Grumpy! Have you thought of adopting a new bunny, hamster, or maybe even a dog? I’ve never had a pet before (other than fish) so I don’t know what it feels like to be attached to a pet & see them pass, but I can imagine how sad you must’ve been. Grumpy was so friggggin cute!!! :( :( :( I love bunnies, especially when they’re beyond fluffy & chubby, that’s when they’re the cutest. Tend to like the fatter animals because they’re so cute. mORE TO LOVE if you ask me.

  2. Aww, I remember your bunny, Grumpy. She was so cute, and her gray color is pretty :) I think that’s funny that she bit your parents but never you. Guess she liked you much more! That’s so sad that she passed though. Pets become close friends and part of our family, so it’s always sad to see them go :( I’m glad you have a bunch of photos to remember her by!

  3. Hehe, I can just imagine you bringing home Grumpy with your best smile and puppy dog eyes asking your parents if you can keep her.

    I’m sure your time with Grumpy gave her the best life she could have had. Lots of food, playing, and love. <3

  4. ouch, it’s always sad when one of the pets died :(
    i remember having 9 fish and when they died, i was like “oh. okay” but when i had hamsters and the albino one – the one i really, really adore because my friend gave it to me in school alongside the cage and food even when i was just joking after helping him with math – died because the female one went cannibal and ate him, i almost cried. and then there’s another incident where i cared for a stray cat until she gave birth to like 6 kittens but my mom end up throwing them away because she thought stray animals will never be as good / clean (bullshit, i know) ….that end up with me not talking to my mom for weeks.

    sigh. talking about animals makes me sad :(
    i wonder if i’d cry if my current dog’s time has arrived. i’ve been telling myself to deal with it if the time comes but yeah, i think what makes me even sadder is the low probability for my parents to let me adopt a dog from the shelter (they only like dogs who are of genuine breed because they think they’re better – i don’t get the logic of such people and i hate their “logic”)

    like Grumpy, i brought home my current dog when she was a puppy without telling my parents. i fought for her so my parents won’t tell me to return her to my friend and now she’s part of the family.

    anyway, Grumpy was and will always be a beautiful grey bunny :) she looks so plumpish and fluffy and hug-able (>///<)

  5. Awww, it’s always sad when we lose our pets. Grumpy sounds and looks like she was tons of fun! I don’t know what my parents would have done if I came home with a bunny or any animal. My mom, it seems, is afraid of anything with more than two legs.

  6. Michelle on

    May Grumpy rest in peace. Pets become part of the family, I know because I love my Marley <3 Glad Grumpy had a good life with you!

  7. Grumpy was so cute! I love that second photo :)

  8. Aww, Grumpy looked like a cutie. I’m sorry for your loss.

    I’ve only ever had pet fish, but I understand the loss of a pet because it hit me hard when my boyfriend’s dog died. She was the only pet I’d been close to, even though she wasn’t mine.

  9. Oh my she was absolutely adorable. That video <3 She is resting in peace and I'm sure her life was wonderful the day you decided to take her home.

    I know pets have favoritism because my hamster never bit me or used my hand as a bathroom, unlike other people who tried to handle him! It's just because they love you so much. Hehe

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