Ardium Shopping Spree

Many moons ago, Nancy and my friend M. introduced me to Ardium, a South Korea-based company that creates stationery goods, accessories, and other merchandises. Kind of ironic that both of them live in the US, and I live in South Korea and have never heard of them . . .

In the long run, I’m really glad they introduced this brand to me. I found out that there was a physical store in Hongdae area, and last year I checked it out and got to see their products in person. I’ve fallen in love with their merchandises since. They have cute designs and patterns, and their products are of good quality. I recently returned to the Hongdae store and went on a bit of a shopping spree, and I bought . . .

Ardium Shopping Spree

1. Flat Pencil Pouch in Summer Blue
2. I’m Green Light Notebook
3. Light Notebook Line in Coral Pink
4. Pattern Pouch Flat S in in Red Herringbone
5. Line Phone Case for Galaxy S3 in Aqua Mint
6. Pastel Pen in Rose Rabbit, Yellow Duck, Daisy Flower, and Blue Bear
7. Nature Note M in Mint Pony

Ardium Flat Pencil Pouch

The Flat Pencil Pouch and the Line Phone Case are for me, and the rest are going to be sent to friends. I am using the phone case, and I love it, even if there are a few things I miss about my old case. I also adore the pencil pouch, especially since I can organise it and even combine my “nail kit” in there with my other writing utensils.

Ardium Smart Zipper Folder S

A few days after that major shopping spree, I went back to the store to get the Smart Zipper Folder S in Night Flower. Oh, how I’m so glad I bought one of these! I need this to separate my American and Korean change! Yes, I have access to both currencies, so this new “coin purse” will come in handy. As for any future purchases, I’m eyeing the Pattern Ardium Note because I really like some of the patterns. Oh, why must you be so tempting Ardium?!

What are some of your favourite stationery/accessories brands? Have you heard of Ardium before?


  1. Michelle on

    Never heard of Ardium before, but I was in love with Lisa Frank stationary back in the 90’s and then Hello Kitty branded anything. I just don’t have a specific brand I go to, sadly.

    Cute merchandise!

  2. I have never heard of them but the items look so awesome. I have a bit of a problem with buying stationery. There are so many great things..

    I love Smiggle, Hello Kitty (most things Sanrio), Typo, Yozocraft (Although, they are not a brand, more of a provider of different brands). I have so many random stationery journals, but haven’t paid a lot of attention to the brands. >.<

  3. aaah I love stationery stuff, I just wish I had more excuses to use them. Those look super cute.

  4. Cute! I love these things, but I try to limit myself on buying them because….I don’t necessarily use it all haha….curse my unorganized life.

    I love the pouch & phone case you got though!!! I don’t really need a phone case myself, but it’s cute to look at nonetheless.

    Never heard of Ardium before, but my favorite company that makes journals, stationary, & notebooks is Peter Pauper Press. I also love a lot of things people on Etsy offer too. PPP is just cheaper, but it’s not handmade the way Etsy things are, oh well.

  5. I like the patterns on #1 and #4! The pencil pouch looks so handy, and it looks like you can fit a good amount in there. I also like the color of your new phone case. I used to buy a bunch of cute stationary by Sanrio and Morning Glory, but lately I’ve been using notebooks by Paperchase. They have a lot of simple patterns and designs that I like!

  6. AHHH I love stationary, notebooks, and pens. I get so excited just looking at them!

    I love the front pattern on #7, but I’m also really curious to see the paper inside the notebooks. How thick/thin is the paper and the lines? And I wonder how well the pens write on the paper! Or how smooth the paper is! (I go crazy over these details.)

    Currently, I’m using a Hobonichi planner for art journaling and watercoloring and a Moleskine planner for scheduling and task lists. I really love the feel of the paper and how well the ink writes on it.

  7. Ardium is awesome!! I love their stuff and want to buy out the whole selection if I could XD. You’re lucky that there’s a physical store there! I have to wait for the things to deliver from Seattle or San francisco ;~;. I love the simplicity and quality of their things! Their organizers are the best~

    Would you use their planner next year?

    • I have a three-year planner that I am using, so until that’s done, then I’ll look into using Ardium planners. I agree that they do have nice planners!

  8. I don’t know how I missed this post and didn’t comment on it before. I’m a stationery addict. I just haven’t allowed myself to buy any recently because I have way too much already.

    Anyway, your Ardium haul is cute! I’ve never been to their store, but have seen their stuff in most major bookstores. I have #5 in reverse colors and #3 and maybe #1 in a smaller size. I wanted #2 (and probably everything else, honestly) but couldn’t justify the purchase.

  9. Ardium is really a cool store!

    It’s the first time I have heard about it.
    I especially loved the Galaxy S3 cover!

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