My Favourite Things: May 2015

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Happy May, everyone! Here’s another round of “My Favourite Things“, an amazing blog link-up hosted by Raisa and Eirene. My favourites this month will focus on some of my favourite blogs, and here’s why . . .

From August 2011 to March 2014, I was trapped in a world known as post-graduate (aka grad school) school. I chose to do an online programme that had me hang out on Angel and Blackboard nearly 24/7, participate in online discussion with people primarily in US time zones, read scholarly articles that gave me headaches, and write research papers with a super annoying citation system called APA instead of MLA. In other words, this programme took over my life, and it affected my online fandom and blogging life. Upon completing my capstone project (affectionately named the “Crapstone Project”), I was burnt out, and it took me about eight months to recuperate and gather my mental energies to fully focus on expanding my blogging network. As for my fandom life, I’ve mostly become a lurker, so I’m not sure when I’ll be completely active again. But for now, I’m enjoying my blogging adventures, enjoying my time meeting new bloggers, and keeping up with the “old” bloggers I’ve known for years. I’ve really been more active than ever, so that’s why I decided to feature my favourite blogs for this month.

Cat @

Cat blogs at Silent White. She focuses on multiple topics ranging from gaming to photography to home decor to cooking and baking to travelling. Cat’s been a friend for many years now, and it’s always been a joy to read and follow her blog. :D

Georgie @ Hey

Georgie blogs at Hey Georgie. Georgie is another blogger I’ve followed for years, and I really adore her fashion posts in particular. I’m not big on fashion, but Georgie has an impeccable taste that greatly appeals to me. She’s especially good at accessorising, and I’m always amazed how she can combine jewelleries to create a great look!

Kya @

Kya blogs at Kya is a blogger I’ve only recently began to follow, and I now wished I’d followed her blog longer. One thing I love about her blog is how she has other contents, like blogging inspirations, domain name inspirations, and etcetera. She also writes thoughtful entries and gives her readers to leave meaningful comments by asking questions at the end of her entries.

Nancy @

Nancy blogs at Colorfulistic. Nancy is another blogger I’ve known for a while, and I remember feeling a sense of kinship with her blog when I read that she was also in band! Unlike her, I’ve no experience with marching band, but I enjoyed reading about her band adventures, and now I enjoy her foodie posts and her college entries. Reading her college entries do make me miss and not miss my own college days!

Raisa @ Little Town

Raisa blogs at Little Town. Raisa is someone I’ve started following on and off in mid-2014, but it wasn’t until around September or so I really began to get into her blog. Her beautifully designed layouts and her sharing posts are what got me to really enjoy her blog. From apps to themes to programmes — she drew me in. But it’s the “My Favourite Things” link-up that really captured my attention!

Tiffany @ Tiffany Bee

Tiffany blogs at Tiffany Bee. Tiffany is another blogger I’ve recently began to follow, and I’m so glad I do! She posts the most amazing recipes and food posts, and I love her photos! They are so pretty and eye-catching :D Really, if you want to eat healthy and even make bread out of fruit pulps (of which I’d no idea such a thing was possible!), then read Tiffany’s blog.


Finally, my last favourite is the site I’m using to keep track of all the blogs I’m following. I find Bloglovin’ to be better than using an RSS reader like Feedly. I prefer Feedly to following news sites, so it helps to keep them separate for me :) Thank you Bloglovin’!

And that’s all, folks! What are your favourite blogs or bloggers? Who have you followed for the longest? Let me know!


  1. Tiffany’s photos are so pretty! Plus she has nice posts that accompany the posts. I don’t think I would attempt half the stuff she makes but I do enjoy looking at the photos :)

  2. I really like the blogs mentioned here and read all of them. Also, thank you for including mine, that really means a lot to me! In the last five months or more I have been more active in the blogging circles and thankfully through that, I am becoming aware of many cool people, like yourself! :)

  3. Thank you for including me! It’s kind of crazy how long we’ve known each other :D I enjoy reading your blog too! I also follow every blog you’ve featured, haha. It’s nice how cozy the blogging world feels and how we all seem to know the same people :)

  4. Hurray for keeping up with your favorite things :D. I remembered when you talked about your capstone project, those were some pretty intense months but you made it, yaaaay!! I notice you’ve become a lot more active these recent times! It’s great to have you active in the blogging world ;). If only I can keep on top too ;~;.

    Hurray for all of these bloggers :D. I like how all of these blogs are unique to their own ways. Like Cat talks about photography, games, and the awesome DIY stuff, Georgie talks about life/fashion, Kya talks about cutesy stuff, Raisa talks about gaming/techy stuff, Tiff talks about food, and I talk about school XD.

    I love Bloglovin’! The site makes it easy for me to keep up with blogs :D.

  5. Holland on

    I visit all these blogs too, sans Tiffany who I will have to start following :D i think Georgie’s is one of the oldest blogs I’ve followed, and I found out Nancy goes to university where I graduated and lives around me, so that was weird but also exciting XD

  6. This will sound like massive sucking up, but you’re definitely on my top favourite and oldest-following bloggers list. :) *goes back to lurking*

  7. I visit all of these blogs, too! I think Nancy is the blog I’ve followed the longest, though :)

    I’m glad that you’ve been able to get on with your blogging adventures. The project sounded super stressful!

  8. The top 4 blogs in your list is also my favourite blog to visit (including yours) but I haven’t been visiting a lot last year XD It’s good to be back on track and be inspired by all the blogs, and I shall visit the other blogs that you listed too ^^

  9. Thank you for including me, Tara! You’re too sweet. I love your blog for the food posts and recently the symphonic posts. :D

    I think I started taking blogging more seriously around September as well. I’m glad it showed. XD

  10. I regularly read all of these blogs too. I love them!

    I just followed you on BlogLovin’. I though I already was, so sorry about that!

  11. Aw Tara, this was a really nice post!! :) I apologize I haven’t been incredibly active around these parts lately. Been so busy with school & work that I started to ignore the interwebz unless I wanted to watch Lost on Netflix or something, hah. Anyway, thanks for the shout out!!!!! Ahh so nice. Kind of embarrassing that my last post was on April 19th & it’s…May 5th right now. YIKES.

    I love Bloglovin’! Definitely wish more people were on it, but I also follow pretty much everyone you mentioned. :) Closely knit circle we have in these partz hehe. :D

    I’ve noticed you use British English rather than American English when you blog even though you’re American. What’s your reasoning behind this? Is there a special story I’m missing out on?? :D Spill!

    • Tiffany, I started using British English in my senior year of high school because that was around when I started writing Harry Potter fanfics, and I learned to differentiate American and British English, and it stuck since. Sure, when I was in post-secondary school, I switched between the two since some professor preferred American English, but primarily, I prefer British English :)

      Anyway, I totally understand about school and work being a soul sucking thing, so I hope when you get the chance to blog, you’ll blog. IF not, we’ll wait! ^^

  12. Thank you so much for including my blog in your favourites, Tara! It has been a while since we have been blog-friends and to be honest I never guessed you would be interested in my fashion posts. I am glad I have been able to “educate” you in that field somewhat, and of course hope you enjoy my other posts as well. xD

    If you have any suggestions or anything you want to see from my fashion posts please let me know. :) Recently I thought of an idea where someone might give me a song lyric or a name for a potential Fashion Friday, and I might style it to how I imagine it in my head. I think that could be fun, and if you want to suggest something, just reach out!

    I also love the other blogs you have featured here, I read some of them quite regularly myself! :D :D <3

  13. Crystal on

    I have followed my bestie Melissa from for years. I love her blogs, and she’s grown a lot as a blogger. I really need to join Bloglovin’!

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