30 Random Things About Me

30 Random Things About Me

Cat and Jhanz inspired me to do another random things about me post. I’d done this previously in 2009 with 25 random things about me, so this time I picked 30 because I turned 30 this year. XD I hope you guys all enjoy my random things!

1. I haven’t been back in the United States since the summer of 1995.

2. I have yet to visit Busan, making it the only major South Korean city I’ve yet to see.

Nail Shapes

3. My preferred nail shape is squoval. Photo from Lauren Beauty Blog.

4. I refuse to get a pedicure because I don’t want to break someone’s nose due to being highly ticklish.

5. I did my master’s degree capstone project on fanworks :D :D :D So basically I brought my long-time hobby into my degree!

6. I want to one day visit Nepal and Mongolia, thanks to TED Talks.

7. My very first domain was an embarrassment known as TCKingdoms.com. *hides*

Animate in Otome Road, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan

8. This store in Otome Road, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan owns my bank account. Seriously. If I lived in Tokyo, I’d go completely broke.

9. My very first RPG was Phantasy Star IV on Sega Genesis in 1994, back when I’d no idea what RPGs were!

10. I’d had the biggest crush on Rune and Wren in the aforementioned game.

11. I like fresh kimchi better than ripe kimchi.

12. But ripe kimchi are better in jjigae, bokkeumbap, and jeon!

13. Love Mode was the yaoi manga that really got me into yaoi mangas.

14. I want to visit Samarkand, Uzbekistan just because Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X was modelled after it.

Barbie Comics

15. I read these Barbie comics as a kid, and I still have them. They were actually pretty good, I thought. Photo from Newkadia.

16. I used to watch The Wonder Years, and I wish I could again.

17. I spoke Korean since I was at least four, but I didn’t learn how to read and write Korean until in fifth grade.

18. I took one year of German, and I learned nothing because I started my class late because of schedule changes. I just never caught up.

19. I took two years of Cisco Networking as a junior and senior in high school, and I really didn’t learn much. I just couldn’t grasp the concept of networking.

20. I never used or figured out IIRC.

21. I much prefered instant messengers, and I used ICQ, AIM, MSN, and Yahoo in my teens.

22. I visited the Mall of America with Camp Snoopy. I’m deeply saddened that Camp Snoopy is no longer there :(


23. My very first online fandom was in Slayers as a Lina/Zelgadiss shipper, and this anime also brought me back into the anime!

24. My second fandom was Gundam Wing, my gateway to shounen ai and yaoi.

25. My third and longest fandom was Harry Potter, which I’d been in since 2001 until the present (sort of).

26. My fashion sense has not changed since I was in seventh grade. My usual outfit consists of jeans, slip-on shoes or Crocs, socks, t-shirt, long-sleeved plaid shirt, and a hoodie during the winter.

27. I wanted to be an oncologist in ninth grade because I read far too many Lurlene McDaniel books.

28. The Diary of Anne Frank is what influenced me to be interested in the Holocaust.

29. I’m a secular humanist and an Atheist.

Baby TC

30. My love for music started quite young! :D


  1. This was really cool to learn more facts about you. :)

    I miss the days of MSN. :(

  2. Haha most of these are things I’d never even thought about before. xD Except for nepal and harry potter, those lie close to my heart too. :) Your favourite outfit sounds amazing, by the way.

  3. Interesting facts. I’ve only had a professional pedicure once and even then I almost kicked the poor girl in the face because my feet won’t stay still. So I can completely relate to that!

  4. Crystal on

    I might do one too now, lol. It’s fun getting to know someone who’s blog you read. :) Cute baby yous!!

  5. haha, glad you were able to come up with 30 :) I think I would have gotten stuck after 10!

    Animate looks familiar. I might have gone to the Akihabara branch? There were so many Anime stores though, so I don’t remember!

    Yay Love Mode! That was one of my first yaois :) I still love that series. I also loved Gundam Wing so much. I’ve been wanting to re-watch that series for a while now.

    I only used AIM back when I was young. Actually, I’m still using it, haha. And that’s an adorable baby photo of you!

  6. I think Fake was my first major Yaoi manga series. But Gundam Wing got me into yaoi in general haha. Growing up, the fandom I read the most fanfics to was Harry Potter though.

  7. Cool idea for a list :) Might make myself one sometime. haha…

    I miss the States. D: The last time I was there was the summer of ’98 (but it was only for a month-long vacation)- just a couple of years since you were there last.

    I too miss those IM days. :) I was a frequent user of Yahoo Messenger.

  8. I used IRC but I like messengers better. Although there was something about connecting to a room that I liked, I don’t know why.. maybe because without the name/address you wouldn’t know it existed.

  9. For whatever reason, I find #20 the most surprising. I didn’t use IRC a lot, but it has symbolic importance to me. Thinking about ICQ and AIM brings back good memories, though. I miss them.

    Your list is great. I even learned about nail shapes.

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