Photo Potpourri: Spring Staycation Ending

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Photo Potpourri

Annnnd here’s the other entry that summarises the rest of my short spring staycation. Next time I take time off, I really should do two weeks at least. Ten days flew by fast and felt way too short! Still, though, I had a nice time off from work, and it was great to unwind and think about other things. It was a nicely balanced staycation where I met people, but I also had time for myself. I read a lot, had yummy food, met awesome people, and enjoyed the great spring weather in Seoul — it really was a great staycation!

Blue Skies

Monday actually was a bit of a pain in the beginning. It was wet and dreary in the morning and the early afternoon. I was on base to do some work errands, and it took me the whole day to accomplish most of it. Eventually the weather finally cleared up by late afternoon, and that’s when I took the photo of the sky. It was just gorgeous and so clean and blue.

Chicken Pesto Sandwich and Tangy Coleslaw at Fat Cat

Tuesday, I went and had brunch at Fat Cat in Haebangchon. I had the chicken pesto sandwich with some tangy coleslaw. It was super yummy, and it cost me 12,000 won or $10 USD. Afterwards, I walked around and went to Chansbros, my favourite coffee shop and played with my smartphone. Then I went home and just did bum stuff. Wednesday was when I attended the Beethoven concert, and Thursday was spent all day at home. I just slept a lot and read old RP logs on my Kindle, haha!

Taro Bubble Tea from Bubbly Tea

Friday, I went out to meet Chantelle, but prior to meeting her, I got me some taro bubble tea. AnneMarie posted about getting some bubble tea a few weeks ago, and someone else posted getting the taro-flavoured one. They made me crave some, and I saw that Bubbly Tea opened up in Itaewon, so I decided try it. I’m glad I did — it was delicious! I need to go back and try the other flavours :D It was so cheap, too. Only 3,300 won, about $3!

Curried Chicken Sandwich at London Tea

Chantelle and I decided to do lunch at London Tea, an upscale brunch place with a lot of tea options. I decided to get the curried chicken sandwich and chocolate hazlenut tea. The curried chicken sandwich was yummy, but the tea . . . X___X; No more chocolate-flavoured tea for me! My whole meal cost 19,500 won, which is about $18. Afterwards, Chantelle and I chilled at Hell Cafe with some coffee.

White Nail Salon

When Chantelle and I separated, I decided to go get another manicure :D I went to White Nail in my neighbourhood, a place I’ve been once, so I decided to give them a try again. I’m glad I did. They are so much better than Nail Bar and more relaxing, but not as good as Dragon Hill Lodge. Still, they are a good alternative for me to get my nails done when I can’t make it to Dragon :D This cost me 15,000 won, about $13.50.

Grey Manicure

My finished nails! I chose a grey shade by Orly. I really love grey nails. It’s a great neutral colour that’s not as dramatic as black, but more eye-catching than nude/pink :)

Domain Giveaway Winner

I also have a winner for the domain giveaway that I’ve partnered up with Kya to do :D Congratulations to Chynna for winning the giveaway!

Knitting Project

Finally, the rest of my staycation had me staying home to finish up some work tasks, and I started on a new knitting project! I ordered the yarn online, and it’d finally arrived. What am I knitting? Try and guess! Oh, I re-discovered TED Talks, and they are great to listen to as I knit! Too bad I didn’t discover that combination earlier. But now my staycation is ending, and it’s time for me to return to the real world. :( Farewell, staycation . . . until next time!


  1. Sounds like a busy 10 days! Grey nails are great, they look very nice on you too – so shiny! I’ve never tried bubble tea, but I know a bubble tea shop has opened in Liverpool, so I would like to try it. The food at London Tea looks yummy, it’s made me hungry! I have no idea what you’re knitting, but good luck with it!

  2. I am glad that you have had a good time and I really like viewing all the photos! There are so many nail polish colours and I really like the one you have.

    It was fun to do the domain giveaway. :D

  3. I was thinking “ooh chocolate hazelnut tea” but I’m guessing it’s not as good as it sounds. Granted, I’m not even a tea drinker so it might even be worse than you thought it was for me :P

    I have no idea what your knitting project could be but it includes lots of green! :P A shawl maybe?

  4. Nice shots. What camera are you using?

    I actually miss drinking bubble tea. Unfortunately, there is a recent incident here in my country related to this drinks and the tension about this is growing. I’ll give it a few more weeks and I’ll start drinking it again.

    I’m glad you also discovered Ted Talks. It is literally life changing. I listen to it wherever I go. They are so inspiring and so educational.

  5. Michelle on

    Great pictures and man, the sky is really beautiful that day, and you certainly got a great manicure. I’ve never had gray nails before, but i might after seeing your picture. Congrats to Chynna for winning ^^

  6. Sounds like the last part of your staycation was laid back and relaxing :) The two chicken sandwiches you got look tasty! I also like the color of your nails. I agree that gray is a nice neutral color that stands out a bit more than a nude color.

    Congrats to Chynna on winning the giveaway!

  7. I love how chill your last few days of ~staycation~ :) I’m spending too much time at home lately, I think I need to get out of my own staycation soon. Hehe!

  8. Bhairavee on

    Your pictures are awesome… i am now hungry looking at the pictures of the those sandwiches!

    I recently painted my nails bright red and they look disgusting in my opinion :(

    That gray shade suits you!

    Congrats to Chynna for winning the giveaway :D :D

  9. Congrats to Chynna for winning the giveaway! :D

    I love all your staycation photos. What a relaxing yet fun way to spend your time off! I read above that you just used your Galaxy S3 for these pics. That’s an impressive phone camera!

  10. Crystal on

    Yummy food, and pretty nails! Perfect! :D

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