Symphonic Selections: Symphony No. 7 ~ 1st Mvt

Symphonic Selections

I don’t know about you all, but I’m stoked! Starting tomorrow I’m on leave until April 26! Ten days of freedom, woot! This is my belated spring break, and I’m ready to go! My schedule so far is looking like this:

April 16: Medical craparoni at Sinchon Severance Hospital
April 17: Hitting Paju Premium Outlets with Boss
April 18: Lunch date with Piokun
April 19: Go down to Cheongju to visit Chibi Toaster
April 22: Beethoven Symphony No. 6 and 7 Concert at Seoul Arts Centre
April 23 or 24: Lunch date with Chantelle

So my schedule is set on some days, but flexible on others, and I am especially looking forward to April 22. I’ve been waiting since February for this concert, of which I paid practically an arm and a kidney for, and I figure it’s really appropriate to select the first movement of “Symphony No. 7” for this round of Symphonic Selections :D

I absolutely adore this symphony, and the first movement is my favourite. Most people are familiar with its more popular second movement, but the first movement is my go-to symphonic tune, all thanks to the influences of Nodame Cantabile. I admit that this song has a pretty long “opening”, but once you hit 4:16, it will play the section that was predominantly played in Nodame Cantabile, and that’s when the piece becomes more interesting and more vibrant. Honestly, this song just makes me happy — it’s just so cheerful, and I will freely admit to this being my favourite symphony by Beethoven. I look forward to hearing this performed live on April 22!

Anyway, what do you think of this song? Will you listen to the other movements? If you’re familiar with this entire work, which movement is your favourite? In fact, which Beethoven symphony do you like? I hope you all like this selection!


  1. 10 days is a nice amount of time! Looks like you have some fun things planned :) (Well, other than the medical stuff, haha.)

    The first movement of Symphony No. 7 is lovely! I’m not sure if I’ve heard this one before. That’s great that you’ll be hearing it performed live. Have fun!

  2. That is wonderful that you get a break, I hope you can relax a little.

    That is so fantastic you get to go to the concert, I hope that you really really enjoy it! :D

    It sounds so beautiful.

  3. I love Symphony 7! My favourite is Symphony no.5, but it got a bit boring when mobile phones first came out! I love Moonlight Sonata too.

    It looks like you have a good break planned, enjoy it!

  4. I hope you’re having a lot of fun on your break!

    I enjoyed Symphony No. 7 very much! I used ti play classical music when I was younger to concentrate, although I never got well-versed in it sadly.

  5. It’s always great to take a nice break!

    Btw, first Beethoven Symphony I ever listened to all the way through was the Symphony No. 7. Even before the 5th or the 9th.

    I was rummaging through my Dad’s old records and was suprised to find that he was into Classical Music for a while. Out of curiosity I played his Symphony No. 7 on vinyl. And for some reason it clicked.

    • Same, Carlos! I’d heard bits and pieces of the 5th and the 9th symphonies, but it’s the 7th I heard all the way through and love it!

  6. Crystal on

    It seems like most people I know went on some kind of break recently. :P What a fun experience, to hear classical music! I know nothing about music really. I play guitar, but I’m more into pop music.

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