Photo Potpourri: Between Bronchitis

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Photo Potpourri

If you’re on Blog Matter or Flickr, you will have seen these photos, but I feel like I can expand on them here through my new column known as Photo Potpourri, otherwise known as my photo dump posts. These photos were taken between my two bouts of bronchitis. I had it a couple of weeks ago, and got somewhat better, but this week’s field trip to an outdoor park brought it back for me when it started to rain and get chilly :( So I’m stuck home coughing up both of my lungs up instead of out doing fun stuff . . . hence this photo dump post. I hope everyone else is well and not sick like me. I definitely hope that the rest I get this weekend will heal me. That way I can enjoy my upcoming “spring break” from April 16 to 26! Can’t wait for that. Anyway, back to the photos . . .

Microsoft Windows for Workgroups Installation Floppy Disk

My dad randomly brought this home saying, “Look what I found.” I had a kick seeing this, especially when he told me that this was disk 6 out of 13. I used one of these bad boys briefly in high school to save homework assignments and fanfics, but I don’t miss them at all. Not when thumbdrives, external hard drives, and CDs/DVDs are much better options! Still, I’m glad Dad brought this home. I can save this and show it to the kids I work with! Nothing like saying, “These things only held 1.44mb of information . . . ”

Home-made Curry

Mum made this delicious home-made curry :D This is what I call the “Korean style curry” of which may or may not be Japanese curry. Korean or Japanese or not, this curry was super fantastic. The curry seasoning was perfect, the addition of corn and broccoli was super, and it was just so good that there were no leftovers for me to eat the next day :(

Home-made Kimchi

A few days later, Mum made some fresh kimchi using napa cabbage and 양배추 (yangbaechu), another form of cabbage. I’m a big fan of fresh napa cabbage kimchi, so I chowed those down for dinner that night. So. Freaking. Good. I’m really lucky to have my mum! Her cooking skills are terrific! :D

Cherry Blossom

Amidst all this, it’s cherry blossom blooming time! I’ve been enjoying this annual event, and it’s been a joy walking around all these cherry blossoms. It really saddens me that they don’t bloom so long, but I guess that shortness is why I appreciate them even more! This shot was taken on the day I went to Yongsan Electronics Market with my co-worker/friend, DB (see below). I was in a hurry, so I didn’t get a great shot . . .

Cherry Blossom Lane

. . . So that’s why I took this photo. I love how this shot came out! One of my best shots, I think :D This was taken on a day when I got off work early. I had the extra time to go browse the PX, so on my way there, I stopped to take a photo of the “Cherry Blossom Lane”. Every year, I try to come through here at least once. This street is lined with cherry blossom trees for about two of three blocks. This street is quiet and not crowded, so this place is ideal for cherry blossom viewing. I’ll choose this place over Yeouido!

Pucca Isolation Keyboard

Now to talk about my trip to Yongsan Electronics Market with DB. DB wanted to get a gaming computer, so I accompanied him to the building I frequent, and we looked around for his options. He ended up getting a used gaming computer and a 22 inch monitor for $300, which isn’t bad at all. While looking around, I saw this PK300 Pucca Isolation Keyboard for 9,000 KRW or $8.00 USD. I admit, I’m not a fan of Pucca, but I ended up getting this for three reasons:

1. It’s a wired keyboard. I used to use wireless ones, but I went back to a wired one to save on battery and to not deal with connection problem.
2. It comes with a plastic covering that will help prevent keys from fading and to keep the dust off of the keys.
3. It has a clean “Apple” look to it with flatter keys. I’m anti-Apple, but I do like their keyboard design, haha!

All in all, it’s a good keyboard, but because it’s smaller, the keys are placed differently, so I’m having to get used to that.

Hirekatsu at Mika Japanese Grill

To conclude this photo dump, here’s a delicious photo of a hirekatsu set I had at Mika Japanese Grill in my neighbourhood. I am pleased that I finally have a place to get Japanese-style tonkatsu and other dishes in my area. Until this place opened, my area was severely lacking in a tonkatsu place. So yay for me!

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  1. What makes a keyboard an isolation keyboard?

    I also love the feel of apple keyboards.. I was made redundant from a job a few years ago and I considered taking the mac keyboard with me :P

  2. OMG the food is looking so good ! :D and loving the cherry blossoms too, we’ve got a few of those trees around here and I just love them! They’re not blooming just yet here, but I hope soon :o

    xo Grace

  3. I remember floppy disks! I wished I used them more often in the past. I keep losing my thumb drives and hard drives, so now I’m a big fan of cloud storage. I got all from Dropbox to MegaUpload.

    Mom is always the best cook. :D I think its from years of knowing what their kids wants, and they just tweak the recipe along. Sometimes, my mom cooks dishes that isn’t sold outside. I love days when she cooks her specials. :D

    The cherry blossom looks really pretty in the pictures. There are so many pictures of cherry blossom floating around the internet, but I think one can never really appreciates it until they see it in real life. Seeing the cherry blossom bloom is one of my travel list.

  4. Aww, get well soon!

    I love the random Pucca illustrations on the keyboard. :D That’s really cute! I have clunky gaming keyboard with a lot of extra buttons, but they’re actually quite useful. I have a button mapped for opening the calculator. XD

  5. Oh gosh, I’m sorry that you’re not doing so well. I hope you feel better!!

    Gah, that kimchi looks soo good, even though spicy foods don’t agree with me. So does the tonkatsu!! *q*

    Oh man, I wish I had that keyboard. It’d make typing in Korean so much easier and it has a really cute design.

    The cherry blossoms are sooo pretty omg. I’m sad I didn’t get to see them earlier but these photos make up for it. You took some nice shots!

  6. The funny thing about floppy disks is that common “save” icons still use it, and I bet most kids these days don’t know what it is XD

    Yum, the curry and tonkatsu look good! I love katsu so much, especially in katsudon.

    Aahh, I wish there were cherry blossoms here. That must be so nice to see while walking around. They look really pretty in the Cherry Blossom Lane photo!

    I love flat keys too, though I find the spacing of the Apple keys kind of weird, even though I use a MacBookPro for work, haha. I have a flat keyboard for my home PC, except they don’t have the bit of spacing between the keys.

    I hope you’re feeling better!

  7. Oh no, I hope that you are feeling a lot better soon! That would be horrible. :(

    I really like the idea of this column! :D

    It is pretty hilarious to see a ‘floppy’ now and a lot of kids wouldn’t know what it is. I can remember saving files, that might have included some artworks from Paint. I think I actually saved some early websites on them for some random reason haha.

    That food looks so delicious and made me hungry. :B

    The blossoms are so beautiful. One day I would love to see them in Japan!

    The keyboard looks really cool! :D Sometimes the wired keyboards are the best options because they can chew up a lot of batteries. I guess it’s alright if you have recharge batteries. It would be great if they made them with a charge option.

    Oh yum. *drool*

  8. Michelle on

    Beautiful photos, plus Bronchitis sucks. I’ve had it like 3 times. I hope you get better =)

  9. Crystal on

    That’s a neat name for a photo dump! I always use my blog to explain my photography. It’s fun talking about what’s going on. It can be difficult not to do anything creative, even when you feel under the weather.

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