My Favourite Things: April 2015

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Happy April, everyone! A new month means, another “My Favourite Things” post. This is a blog link-up hosted by the lovely Raisa and Eirene, and you can write about what you’ve been loving the past month :D Here are my favourites for this month!


Years ago, I was in several message boards/forums, and I remember really enjoying my time on there. When I saw that Kya relaunched a new message board called CupMB, I decided to join, and I’m super glad I did! I’ve been meeting fellow bloggers online, and it’s real fun discussing things with them :D

Blog Matter

Along with CupMB, Blog Matter is back, thanks to Kya :D Blog Matter is a community for bloggers to connect with other bloggers and to discover new blogs. I love it! It’s well-organised, and it’s great concept. What amazes me is that this whole website was built with WordPress. Now, I know WordPress is a good CMS, but to build a community/directory like Blog Matter? WOW. Anyway, I hope to see some of you join Cup and Blog Matter!


This suckerfish is from my workplace. I am not a big fish fan, but I enjoy watching this fish. Lately, whenever I get a chance to breathe, I’ll sit in front of the fish tank and watch the fishes. The suckerfish has been more active, so I’ve got to see this bad boy in action, and it’s amusing how it eats. The first time I saw it do this, I was a bit freaked out, but now I enjoy watching it eat XD

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liner

As much as I love my slow cooker, I do not like cleaning the thing because it’s way too darn bulky and heavy. Luckily, though, I discovered a wonderful thing called the slow cooker liner. This liner is a life-saver and makes cleaning so much easier! I adore this thing, and I do not mind paying extra for a bit of comfort and ease.


I’m not too much into fashion or make-up, but I do like getting manicures. Earlier in March, I had gel manicure done, and then I had a regular one a couple of weeks later. For the regular mani, I went to a nail place near my flat, and I got to see how they compared to the usual place I get it done on-post. I chose the pastel green colour.

Manicure at DHL Clippers

I decided that I like the place on-post better since the atmosphere, seating, and service is better, and the price is about the same. I went to the place on-post and got my nails done in white and blue :D

Mini Diamond District Purse from Thirty-One Gifts

This is my new favourite bag. This is the Mini Diamond District from Thirty-One Gifts. Unfortunately, this bag was being sold for a limited time only :( I hope Thirty-One brings it back in the future! Anyway, I’m a huge messenger bag person, but nowadays, I find it to be extremely bulky for when I want to just carry something on the smaller side. When I need to carry documents that are 8.5″ x 11″, then a messenger bag or my backpack will work. But if I just want to carry my wallet, Kindle, nail kit, smartphone, and A5-sized notebooks? Yeah, too bulky. I have a smaller bag, but that one’s way too small to where I can’t even fit my A5 notebook! Then I discovered the Mini Diamond District. It’s a perfect size to carry all the stuff I want or need on a daily basis, and I love that it’s a cross-body like a messenger bags! Funny thing is that my mum also decided to own one, so I got her a matching one in pink :D


  1. Signing on CupMB too since I missed doing forums!!! OMG this is like heaven sent. See you there (wooohoo!)

  2. Silver on

    Cupmb and blogmatter are some of my favourite things as well. I love how it connects us with new people (especially for those of us who have been out of touch) and meeting new friends as awesome as you Tara! Whenever I am down and need some pampering, mani/pedis always cheer me up. I love gelish nails but I do it only once every few months cause my nails become so brittle! Absolutely love the bag you have, the colour is lovely and the design so elegant and functional. :D

  3. Crystal on

    What a great post idea! Your nails look great! I think that’s about as into fashion as I get too, accept I love shoes! Sucker fish are fun to watch! When I had my turtle, I thought about getting one. :P

    I’m glad Kya has set up Blog Matter as well! It’s great finding all these new blogs! :D

  4. OH HAHA you can see me in the screenshot. /o I’ve been majorly lurking Cup and Blog matter, but I will make a bigger effort to be more active. :D

    I love your nails!! Both manicures look really good. I haven’t done mine in months. T_T I’ve just been keeping mine short and neat.

    Thanks again for joining our linkup! Our entries will be published soon, so you can add it by then. Eirene is hosting so I will forward you the link when it’s ready. :D

  5. Wild Hearts + Green Tea on

    Very nice post, love these :) I feel so out of the loop regarding communities where bloggers can connect so it was cool learning about that. And totally loving your manicure, it’s been so long since I even painted my nails as they chip so quickly when I work but I’ll definitely have to go and get gel nails done!

  6. I am glad that you are a member of both sites, thanks for being so active and helping the communities grow. <3

    That fish. For some reason it looks like it has a lot of character. xD

    Your nails look so pretty! That is good that you found somewhere you were comfortable with. :D

    That bag is really pretty!

  7. I heard of CupMB before but I never thought about joining. I think I’ll do that now! BM has had such a great start so far, which is fantastic. And I know, right? I have a hard time believing it’s built with WordPress.

    That fish looks so amusing! I used to love sitting in front of fish tanks and watching them do their stuff. Actually, I still do, heh. Fish are so strange.

    Your manicures are so cute! I love the colors you chose. How is it like getting a gel manicure? I’ve never gotten one, but I hear since they last an extremely long time, they wouldn’t be good for me. :P I like to change my nails every week at the least.

    Glad you found a bag that’s perfect for you! :) I’m a messenger bag-type person too. I only like bags that I can sling on my shoulder and across my body so I’m specific about purses as well. ^-^

    • I’ve decided that gel manicures isn’t worth the price simply because as they start to chip, it’s thick to where things get snagged between the chipped and the non-chipped areas :( And because of that, I start picking at them. I don’t do that with non-gel mani, so no more gel for me! They do look nice, though, but nope!

  8. I haven’t been active in forums in a while. I joined Blogmatter recently, but I’m already kind of inactive XD;; I guess I’m still not used to checking up on new topics and such.

    haha, the suckerfish looks funny!

    I like the colors of your new mani and of the bag too :) The size of the bag looks handy!

  9. Oh man that suckerfish is mesmerizing, I stared at it for a few seconds before reading haha.

    And oooh forums. Raisa told me about Cup MB, I thought about joining, but I’ve been pretty forgetful about forums but maybe I will try hmmm.

    That nude colour looks good on your nails, btw! Do you remember what the nail polish is/is called? :D

    • It . . . wasn’t nude? It’s like pearly white, and it was an OPI brand. That’s all I know. SORRY! T_T

  10. Bhairavee on

    I like BlogMatter though I am not so active on it and I am joining CupMB right now! Forums really are great!
    All your favourite things are awesome!

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