The Letterbook Project


Since 2012, one of my best friends and I’ve exchanged several letterbooks. My friend is the one who started this project. See, we both exchanged letters — the old-fashioned way with a paper, pen, and snail mail — but then one day my friend came up with the idea to compile her letters in a notebook, hence the name, letterbook. This idea is actually great, and it saves me stamp fees and the time to constantly go to the post office to mail a letter. Not to mention, doing this is definitely more personal than just emailing. On average, it takes about 3-8 months to complete a letterbook; it all depends on how often we write in the notebook. A lot of my writing is done at a coffee shop. That’s one way I like to chill out whenever I get the time.

What do we write in our letterbooks? All sorts of things. We write to each other about our daily life, or we ask each other questions and answer them, or we just write whatever comes to our mind. My friend sends me postcards and other doodads inside the letterbook, too. Sometimes she draws in them, as well. Me? I just stick to writing since I can’t draw worth a hoot, and while I could send postcards, I don’t since she’s lived here before, so it seems a bit silly to send her Korean touristy postcards. My friend writes in both printing and cursive, while I stick to printing because my cursive is quite illegible.

Anyway, I just received another one from her today, hence this blog entry :) After a long day of work, coming home to a letterbook has made my day! Seeing this letterbook also reminds me to get moving with the new one I started last month. I’m quite behind on it . . . !!! Must get on it!

Dear, readers — what are some projects have you done with your friends? Would you ever do a letterbook with someone? Have you ever done something similar?


  1. Oh that sounds really fun. I kind of did something similar when I was in high school. I think I’d do this if I had the time, and someone to exchange with.

  2. That sounds like a really fun way to stay in touch! I’ve never heard of letterbooks before. I think that’s something my friends would like. :D

    My best friend and I frequently send packages to each other. She sends me a lot of stuff from Japan, and I send her things from my side of the world too. :D

    For projects, I think I would count the blog linkup with my really good online friend, Eirene. XD She was making a faves post, told me to make one too, I said this would make a fun linkup, and we rolled with it. I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I’m really happy that it’s successful! I got to discover a lot of cool things from it.

  3. So it’s sort of like a journal? You fill the entire thing and then send it?
    Initially I thought it was going to be a thing where you write something, send it to her, she writes something and sends it back. But you’re right that could get pricey.

  4. Connie on

    I’ve done penpals before! My first one was in fourth grade and I wrote to someone in the military and he responded! It was pretty cool haha These days, I haven’t done much of penpals, but I would love to hop back onto that because I have so much stationary!

    This letterbook project sounds pretty cool. I might want to try this one out :)

  5. A letterbook sounds like a great idea! It must be a nice treat to get every few months or so :D

    I’ve never done a letterbook before, but in the past, I’ve had penpals, and at school, my friends and I would pass around a notebook to write in. Though I kind of miss snail mail, I’m probably too lazy for it now, haha.

  6. Michelle on

    I used to send out letters(penpals) and even gifts through the mail. It’s pretty special to receive something in the letterbox, you know? I was granted that surprise by a great friend. I wasn’t expecting it, but it touched my heart and lifted up my spirits.

  7. I always find it cute when people share letterbooks! I had friends who shared one. I tried sharing one but ended up forgetting about it. Don’t fall into the same path as me and keep it up with your streak!! Everyone has different ways to express their creativity and you do it by writing :).

    I haven’t gotten really close to anyone in the recent years enough to have a similar project. Though, I’m trying to see if I can do something similar with my boyfriend when he moves to the east coast during summer. But we’ll see!

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