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True Colours

I recently had a work training that was all about True Colours. This was covered a few years back for me, but it wasn’t as indepth as the recent training. To summarise True Colours, it’s a system that categorises people into four types of personality, and rather than having a “name”, the personality types are known as colours. The four colours are blue, gold, green, and orange, and we’re to have a predominant colour and a supporting colour. The following descriptions are from the personality assessment packet pictured above.

Blue aka Peacemaker ~ This temperament expresses itself and finds fulfillment through helping others, searching for truth, and the purpose of life. Blue individual . . .

  • likes to avoid conflict
  • may have fewer but close relationships
  • is cause oriented
  • is emotional, sensitive, and spiritual
  • has high integrity
  • needs reassurance and acceptance
  • may daydream
  • uses feelings in making decisions

Gold aka Organiser ~ This temperament demonstrates itself by being prepared, maintaining structure, displaying responsibility, and valuing loyalty. Gold individual . . .

  • likes awards and recognition
  • is hard working
  • is careful with money
  • follows rules
  • appreciates service and dedication
  • is responsible provider
  • is religious
  • is cautious in making decisions

Green aka Analyser ~ This temperament reveals itself with quiet independence, intellectual discoveries, and complex inventive manner. Green individual . . .

  • sees the big picture
  • is an abstract and analytical thinker
  • strives for competence
  • dislikes complex relationships
  • loves learning
  • has an investigative nature
  • has many interests
  • wants to be correct
  • explores possibilities before making decisions

Orange aka Activator ~ This temperament displays itself with immediate action, variety, adventure, joy, and competitiveness. Orange individual . . .

  • is adaptable and flexible
  • is charming and witty
  • has an easy-going nature
  • is good in crisis
  • loves the spotlight
  • stretches the boundaries
  • doesn’t like waiting
  • needs choices
  • is quick to make decisions

These are just the basics of the True Colours personality. Download this PDF (from for a more indepth look at True Colours.

My predominant colour is Green and my supporting is Gold, and I do see many of those traits in me. I’m definitely someone who sees the big picture, and I am an analytical thinker who loves to learn. Plus, I do have a huge variety of interests, and I do take things literally, so I like to be correct. I’m also organised to an extent and a hard worker who strives to do the right thing by following the rules. The trainer also mentioned that Greens really dislike people micromanaging them, and that is definitely me. I had a boss in the past who was very micromanaging, and I couldn’t stand that at all.

The packet also includes this about Green:

My head rules my heart. I often feel as though I am on the outside looking in. I do not see a need to conform. I value my independence. Give me a project, and I will get it done on my own. I don’t need or even like a great amount of direction or “this is how to do it” information. I find satisfaction in crossword puzzles, analysing language and words, creating models, problem solving, and private time. I need to know “why”. I may withhold my respect for authority until it is earned. Everything needs to make sense. Fairness and justice are important to me. I see myself as intellectual, calm, and creative, while others may see me as uncaring, aloof, and indecisive.

All of this is pretty much me. I’m definitely the person who will ask and want to know the “why”, and the “why” also needs to make sense. I definitely like to work on my own and at my own pace. However, I am not entirely “logical” either. The trainer kept saying that Green are great financial workers. Uh, nope. Maths and numbers are my worst enemies, so I stay far away from that side of logic!

Anyway, what are your predominant and supporting colours? I know we all have little bits of all the colours, but it’s still interesting to know what your two main colours are :)


  1. I think I tried a different test online because I got brown :P I like doing personality tests, it’s interesting to see what you think says about your personality.

  2. Personality quizzes can be very interesting and this one sounds like it is. I have not heard of it before (or that I can remember).

    ((LOL that text on the title of the PDF, brings back memories))

  3. Ah, I love tests like this one. I’ll have to download the pdf and give it a try :)

  4. I think I took a similar personality test to this, but with other outputs instead of color. I somehow thing I’m between orange and gold.. Then again, their colors are pretty close to each other ;P. I definitely agree with your results being green and gold. There might be a couple of traits that may be off but as long as the general traits represent you, it’s almost accurate :D.

    I can see myself being orange because I hate waiting, I always need the choices to choose from from any decisions that needs to be made, I’m pretty flexible with things and can learn fast, and I can make quick decisions for the most part..! I’m slow to make decisions if the thing will directly impact me and would cost a good amount of my money (like my watch and bag). :D. Though, there are some traits in gold that can apply to me too, but not as direct as orange.

  5. Wild Hearts + Green Tea on

    This is so interesting! I’ve heard about this before and will definitely have to look more into it. Just reading this I had a really hard time placing myself!

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