Timeless Thoughts: Rikugi-en

Timeless Thoughts

In 2010, I re-visited Tokyo because I wasn’t satisfied with my 2008 visit due to its short length! I travelled by myself, and I explored the city for almost a week at my own pace. One of the things I saw was the Rikugi-en. This place was beautiful. The layout, the atmosphere, the plant life . . . just gorgeous. Even my guide, who never came to this garden before, was amazed by this place. I even liked this place better than Shinjuku Gyoen! Below are some of the photos I took of the place.

Rikugi-en Rikugi-en Rikugi-en Rikugi-en

Seriously, I love this place. I am not into nature and outdoors, but this garden proved to be an exception. If I ever go back to Tokyo, this place and Otome Road will be my repeats!


  1. Oh my gosh…I wish I had the funds and the balls to go so far away from home by myself to explore. To be honest, with this post of yours, I felt like I was breathing in Japan! It was a refreshing feeling for me and I’m so glad you posted this and I was able to read it!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I’m planning on visiting Japan sometime (mostly Tokyo because I have friends there), and these pictures are getting me excited! It won’t be for a while though. I still need to save. D:

  3. I admire the fact that you can go out to travel by yourself :D. I can’t ever go travelling by myself *o*. Tokyo is so beautiful! I love how there’s greenery and the scene is amazing :D. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to go back to revisit this place :)!

  4. Rikugi-en looks beautiful! I love a lot of the parks that Japan has :D The nature-y things are my favorite to visit. I really want to go back!

  5. Michelle on

    You aren’t kidding, the Rikugi-En is beautiful! ^^ I’ve never really traveled too far except to visit family in a different country, and even then, I don’t remember much of the trip…

  6. I love the great outdoors & nature!!! What’s not to love about a beautiful majestic mountain, a large great blue lake, or a beautiful lush rainforest?! Anyway, haven’t been to Tokyo yet, but ahh very lucky you got to go again & see this beautiful park. :)

  7. Wild Hearts + Green Tea on

    Wow, so beautiful and peaceful :) I’d love to take a long walk here and just relax… so idyllic!

  8. What a neat little series! Nostalgic Notes/Things I Miss! Definitely going to have to steal from you.

    Rikugi-en looks so peaceful. I could just lie around there all day!

  9. oh my god this is pretty. japan is pretty there’s no doubt about that. i haven’t had the chance to go there yet so… :( everything is just so expensive. i’m not much of an outdoor person; in fact, i’m a super hermit but if there’s a place like this, i don’t mind going out frequently but only to a peaceful place like rikugi-en ;) imagine searching for inspiration and listening to music here, that’d be really cool

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