My Favourite Things: February 2015

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It’s a new month, so that means it’s another round of “My Favourite Things” hosted by the lovely Raisa and Eirene. This month’s theme will not be about The Hobbit (I am still obsessed with them, by the way XD). In fact, I don’t think this month will really have a theme. It will be more random, haha!

Font Awesome

Raisa introduced me to Font Awesome, and it is really awesome. I love how this is easy to use, and the icons you choose to use are re-sizeable to whatever sizes you need, unlike image icons that require you to re-size them in PhotoShop or something. Granted, they don’t have all the brand icons I need, but I was able to work around it :D

The Coastal Coasters

I’ve become fond of coasters in the last few months. I started off with these cheap-o-coasters before I upgraded to this one (the one pictured above) from The Coastal. I really like its minimalistic design, but I find them to not be heavy enough. These still come off the table when I pick up my mugs or cups, so I decided that I needed to get some new ones . . .

The Painted Lily Coasters

I chose to get these from the Painted Lily shop. I’d previously ordered from them to get a couple people gifts, so I got to see just how heavy they were, and they are heavy. These will be perfect for what I need a coaster to do, and they are so pretty! I do recommend this shop for handmade coasters. The designs are just gorgeous!

Thirty-One Gifts

My last “favourite” is Thirty-One Gifts. They are a direct-seller company that focuses on bags and other household goods. One of my bosses is a consultant, and through her, I get to see some of these awesome products. I have a couple of things from them already, but I will have more things from them soon since I just did a big order with them. Their stuff is pricey, but I take advantage of their specials. In December, for example, they had a flash sale that had a weekender bag marked down from $60 to $20. Another way to get discount is to spend $35 and you can get the specials for a discounted price. My next month “Favourite Things” will most likely be about Thirty-One and what I ordered, so keep an eye out for that! I can’t wait to show you my stash :D


  1. Nice favourites :) I know how it is with coasters.. I hunted for hours to get the ones I wanted and it took ages to decide. I really like the ones from The Coastal, too bad they weren’t heavy enough.

  2. Those Painted Lily coasters are so cute! That shop has really pretty designs. :D The artwork is very inspiring for me personally.

    Thirty One has some great stuff too. I’m so happy that our linkup is letting us all discover these cool things from each other. XD I really appreciate you joining!

  3. Towards the end of last year I just got really obsessed with Middle Earth. I was reading everything on Wiki and watching all the behind the scenes on Youtube. It’s really an amazing story to the point where it sounds like history. Also all the work that goes to creating a vision like The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit is amazing.

  4. My favorite would be font awesome. Will be very handy for me! Thanks for sharing these.

  5. I like the design of the coasters you got! I don’t like light coasters either. They end up being more troublesome than helpful. I have Portal coasters that are surprisingly heavy, so those are the ones I use :)

    I hadn’t heard of Thirty-One Gifts, but those sales sound nice. Looking forward to seeing the things you ordered!

  6. Oooh that grey coaster looks so nice. Sadly I grew up in a household that never used coasters and so it’s such a habit for me to set cup/glass down straight onto the table. When I do it in other people’s homes, they always look at me like I’ve committed the biggest crime in history and I always feel terrible after. @__@ Must start using coasters!

  7. Wow those coasters are so pretty! Too bad we don’t ever use it haha but those patterns and colours are so beautiful *_*!

  8. The coasters look super adorable! I wanna get one too :)

  9. Hurray for more favorite things :D.

    Font Awesome is so cool! It saves you so much time with having to play around with the code left and right and it’s so effective!

    The coasters have some neat shattered design! I wouldn’t mind having one of these ;D. And for the edges to look vintage, it’s a bonus~

    There’s nothing better than buying expensive things for a great bargain :D. Thanks for sharing~

  10. Font Awesome is very cool. Although I don’t make website designs like I used too, I can see how it is a great tool, and use it for some things. :D Being able to scale the images and recolor them is, like the name, awesome!

    Those coasters are really pretty. :D

    When brands/shops you love have sales, that is the best thing. xD

  11. Oooooo these are very relatable favorite things, at least to me, hah! I love font awesome as well! I’ve used a bunch of their symbols all over my website, so I’m quite thankful for them.

    I love the minimalistic coaster design. The geo one is really cool!

    As for the bags, woohoo flash sales are the best! I can’t get into another one of these online retailers. I already have enough bags as is, but I do have my eye on one that is both a camera + laptop purse. I need that one…in my life, right meow.

  12. Thanks for sharing Font Awesome! I never heard of it, but just read up on and found it pretty cool.

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