Happy 30s Club to Me!

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As one door closes, another one opens. Today, I said farewell to my 20s and greeted my 30s rather . . . grudgingly for two reasons: 1) My Kansai trip ended and 2) I am not ready to be a 30-something adult. However, I cannot stop time, so I’m doing my best to accept the fact that I’m OLD.

Old or not, I still woke up at 3:30am to catch my flight back to Seoul. Waking up was super rough since I’ve already not been getting enough sleep, but I persevered and got ready. I had no problems with my travels, other than losing my boarding pass under my seat, which was a lovely little thing . . .

Boarding Pass Birthday Greeting

I never expected to get a birthday greeting from a boarding pass. I’m deeply saddened by its loss.

Eventually, I made it home without any other issues (well, I discovered that my broken suitcase became even more broken X___X), and I unpacked and went to my ENT appointment. After the horrendously pricey visit and medication, I decided to treat myself to getting a sterling silver bracelet with my leftover trip money to replace my old bracelet from years ago. I bought my new bracelet at Lloyd.

Lloyd Sterling Silver Bracelet

After all that fun stuff, I made it home in one piece, despite having an icy fall somewhere. By the time I got home, my mum had made me my birthday dinner — budaejjigae aka base stew or camp stew. This is one of my favourite Korean dishes that I have to beg my mum to make. My aunt made it for my birthday last year, so this year my mum took on the cooking. It was NOM, superbly delicious to where my palate sang in happiness.

Birthday Budaejjigae

Then it was time for cake. This year, my uncle’s birthday fell on the same day as me (he celebrates by the lunar calendar), so that was why there are two cakes. One was like a whipped cream cake designed in different styles, and the other was a sweet potato cake. I much prefer the latter.

Birthday Cake from Paris Baguette and Tous le Jours

And that’s my birthday. I’m bloody knackered from my trip, but I’m also happy and content with all the wonderful love people have shown me. So many people have wished me a happy birthday on Facebook, Twitter, KakaoTalk, and email. I got a $50 gift card from my best friend in Guam, Tales of Xillia and Legal Drug Omnibus from Knownickname, and money from my mum, dad, and aunt. I know I’m super lucky to be surrounded by so many great people. And now, let me end this with a photo of one of my other gifts — a Snoopy pen from Universal Studios Japan, given to me by my travel companion! ^^

Snoopy Pen from Universal Studios Japan

Anyway, I’ve got one more tasks to conquer before I post about my Kansai trip. Stay tuned!


  1. Happy birthday! I turn 30 later this year too, but I just try to think of age as something relative :) No matter what my age is, I will always feel old compared to my younger coworkers, and I’m sure I make someone else feel old too, haha.

    I think that’s cute that the boarding pass had a birthday greeting on it! That’s too bad you lost it though. And yummm, both the stew and the cakes look delicious.

    I’m glad you got so many gifts! Money is always nice since you can get exactly what you want ;) Can’t wait to hear about your Kansai trip!

  2. Happy birthday, Tara! Even though you’re entering the 30’s, you’re still young at heart! Even with having to go back home, at least the boarding pass still greeted you with a happy birthday ;). Hopefully you didn’t lose anything from your broken suitcase!!

    I totally love your new bracelet! Silver is so beautiful *o*. And it is sweet of your mom to make the stew! It looks so delicious :D :D. And interesting enough, there’s also a Paris Baguette shop a couple of miles from school!!

    It sounds like you had a great celebration! :D

  3. Happy birthday, Tara! 30 is still young. :D You’ve got your whole life ahead of you!

    That stew look sooo good, oh my gosh! I’m craving for noodles now. XD

  4. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 30-dom. Your trip to Kansai ended already? It felt like yesterday since I wished you an enjoyable time there. I can imagine how that had been fun and tiring at the same time. That’s what trips do to you. It’s good to treat yourself every once in awhile, especially during your birthday. It’s so nice of your family to prepare you that delicious stew.

    I hope you have a strong start of your third decade around the sun. Once again, Happy Birthday! :)

  5. Michelle on

    Happy birthday!~ 30 is the new 20 as they say. Blah, you still have the rest of your life ahead of you. :)

  6. Happy birthday, Tara!! I had no idea you were 30. You certainly don’t look it, so embrace that! It’s not so bad, you’re an adult, you’ve got a job, & you’ve got goals! Hope your trip to Japan was fun. I’ve never been, but I desperately want to gooooo.

    Ahhh I love that ramen dish. :) It’s so good & totally underrated. I think it’s pretty easy to make, you should try making it for yourself so you don’t have to pester your mom to make it for you. It can’t be that bad & I’m sure Maangchi (seriously, the goddess of Korean recipes) has an easy to follow recipe for it (& video to boot!). She’s totally eccentric, but I love it. All the Korean food I know how to cook is because of her, hah!

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday filled with family, good eats, & good friends. It’s best to be turning a year older than to never live at all. :D

    • I could try and make it myself, but it just tastes better when it has my mum’s touch XD Besides, I try not to pester her too much to make me food, but that’s one dish I ask her to make because it’s not a dish that’s rarely made.

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