Countdown to Kansai


Two months ago, my boss and I decided on a trip to Osaka and Kyoto. Two months ago, I was thinking January would never come. Now? With just mere days left, I now believe that this trip is happening. Eeee!

My boss left all the planning to me, so after much researching and pulling hair at how complicated Japanese subway systems are compared to Seoul’s, this is the itinerary I came up with:

  • Universal City Station area
  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Animate Tennoji
  • Minami aka Namba Station area
  • Nishi Hongwang-ji Temple
  • Shosei-en Gardens
  • Nishiki Market
  • Pontocho

Animate Tennoji and Nishi Hongwang-ji are the two things I told my boss we had to do. No ifs and buts! The first is to do my obligatory otaku shopping spree, and the second is to satisfy the Hakuouki fangirl in me! :D I wish I could go to more places featured in Hakuouki, but we’re on a major time-crunch. But really, an amusement park, an anime store, a temple, a garden, a market, and several shopping/entertainment district to wander around in? That’s not too bad, I think.

Oh, I can’t wait! And now I need to pack! /o Would be a nightmare to go without anything!


  1. omggg!! super lucky!! it’s not tokyo but osaka and kyoto are amazing for tourists ;) i’ve never been to japan so i’m extremely jealous of youuuu ;w; my first and foremost destination would definitely be tokyo since the places i really wanna go to are all in tokyo; harajuku, akiba, ikebukuro… etc etc

    universal studios!! *o* amazing!! i’d love to go to disneysea first though because all the extreme rides are located there. are you going to the fushimi inari shrine in kyoto? i really wanna go there just to see the setting of memoirs of geisha movie haha
    i mean, kyoto is definitely the place to visit shrines!! *o*

    ugh, have fun on your trippp!!

    • I’ve actually been to Japan three times — first I lived there when I was two, second was to visit Tokyo in 2008, and third was to visit Tokyo again in 2010. So I’m excited to visit another part of Japan :) Though I wanted to visit Tokyo again, LOL.

  2. It sounds like you will have a great time going to Kansai! Especially with all of the hardworking planning you did! It looks like you will have some awesome memories to make! Especially with Universal Studios. Make sure you take your camera and take lots of pictures :)!

  3. Wahh I’m jealous; I already want to go back to Japan XD A tip on Nishiki market! It seems to be the most lively around 11am-2pm. We went too late one day and most of the vendors were closed already, so we had to try again the next day. Have fun on your trip!

  4. Oh gosh–between Cat and you I am so so jealous! I’ve wanted to visit Japan for years, but it’s so expensive DX I hope you have a fun trip! :3

  5. Ooh, have fun! Although the public transport is pretty difficult to navigate at first, the extensive network of lines would mean that the trains travel pretty far and cover a wide range.

  6. I’m going to Japan too! :D

    I’m excited for the trip! :) But it is hard to do research, Japan is pretty big, and there are so many things to do. I think I should start learning the geography first before attempting to plan.

    Maybe you could post up your itinerary once the trip is over? That would help a lot of people /cough/me/cough/.

    I hope you have lots and lots fun in Japan. :D
    PS/ Have you considered going to the Robot restaurant? Seems pretty cool.

  7. I have absolutely no idea what any of those things you mentioned in your blog are, okay maybe some idea related to anime, but I hope you got to visit it all! Hope you also got some delicious food in you!! Very jealous of your trip. I’m anxiously waiting for photos from your trip in your next posts. :)

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