2014 Review

Whew! 2014 feels like a jam-packed year for me. The first quarter was spent finishing up my evil crapstone project of doom for my master’s degree, and the last three were spent with work, my hobbies, and meeting friends. In many ways, it was kind of a monotonous year, but I think it was monotonous in a good way. I can at least say that I’ve enjoyed 2014 more than 2013! In fact, 2014 is my last year in my 20s! Eeeek! With 2015 around the corner, I’ll now be in the 30s club . . . which will be a blast, I hope! Anyway, here are my monthly recaps!

* I finished The Book Thief, my first book of the year!
* I celebrated my 29th birthday with a lot of good food, cakes, and a wonderful speaker for my PC!
* I read The Fault in Our Stars, Fan Art, Eleanor & Park, Divergent trilogy, and the Legend trilogy.
* I got a new Kindle Paperwhite that I ended up returning due to dead pixels.
* I started on my crapstone project, which put my life in a torturous hell until March . . .

* I made balsamic garlic chicken nomminess!
* I discovered that life is very short after seeing a co-worker suffer from a heart attack. Luckily, they survived!
* I encountered a close-encounter of a floor kind when I crash landed on my head at work. I suffered from no concussion, thank goodness. Just a big painful knot on my head!
* I organised and hosted my first BGCA ImageMakers event (a photography competition) at my workplace.
* I continued to work on my crapstone project. I fell behind on it due to the aforementioned photography thing.
* I fell in love with Hanyu Yuzuru and other figure skating stuff in the Winter Olympics.

* I took leave from work to finish my crapstone project.
* I made an epic discovery when I found out that one of the Teahouse creators was someone I grew up with!
* Crapstone project transformed me into a raging, homicidal grad school student. X_X;
* My grandmother’s health condition began to deteriorate.
* Bunny-Unnie and I began to explore new restaurants. We started with Itaewon.
* I defended my crapstone project and passed it! All my coursework were done!

* I began to make plans to do some serious gaming now that I had a life again. Final Fantasy X HD Remaster took over my life.
* I dyed the tips of my hair purple/blue, the wildest thing I’ve ever done!
* I chaperoned a field trip everyday for a week, which proved to be very crazy and exhausting!
* My crapstone project was featured on OTW! I became “famous” XD;
* I re-visited Leeum Samsung Museum of Art with a new friend.
* I met Momipie and Amanda!
* I also met Bunny-Unnie up for more adventure in Huam-dong area.
* I tried Polish food for the first time with Piokun!

* I officially graduated from Michigan State University!
* I re-visited Alpha in Namdaemun.
* I began to apply for new jobs and did interviews starting in May.
* I showed my boss and her daughter Hongdae area.
* I made cranberry chicken sandwich with almonds and poppyseed dressing.
* I walked around a lot this month.
* I tried reading WWI books . . .
* I beat Sweet Fuse: At Your Side on my PSP.

* I had two interviews in one-day with a 3.25-hour notice. That was not fun, haha!
* I applied for jobs outside of Korea. Yay for stepping out of my comfort zone!
* My workplace hosted a field day, and I was the Jill-of-all-Trades that day.
* I made an amazing breakfast for my dad for Father’s Day, and I treated him and Mum to a dinner buffet at the Grand Hyatt Seoul. The buffet was meh. Not worth the price.
* I also made sweet ginger and garlic chicken and macaroni turkeynese.
* Bunny-Unnie and I checked out Al Matto for yummy pasta and pizza.
* I got new glasses and new prescription.
* My diploma from MSU arrived!
* My maternal grandmother, my last living grandparent, passed away. :(

* Fourth of July weekend was spent as a foodie. With Bunny-Unnie, C., and K-Unnie, I had a lot of delicious food.
* My baking and cooking activities consisted of me making: Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles, banana avocado chocolate pudding, almond snowball cookies, avocado chicken salad, and buckwheat pancakes.
* My first meeting with the amazing Chibi Toaster happened this month! We explored many places including Myeong-dong, Itaewon, Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, Insa-dong, and Samcheon-dong.
* I met up with Chantelle and had a blast!
* I got Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus edition mangas.
* I killed my PlayStation 3. ‘Nuff said.

* Bunny-Unnie and I were Gyeongnidan foodies!
* I visited the Ardium store in Hongdae.
* I took my boss and her daughter to Insa-dong and Nagwon Music Arcade.
* Bunny-Unnie and I also became foodies in Itaewon again.
* My new PlayStation 3, which I named “Orion”, became a new fixture in my room.
* Bunny-Unnie and I explored Hyehwa aka Daehakro area.
* I made bean salad, and I failed and experimented on making almond flour Mexican hot chocolate cookies.
* Bunny-Unnie and I also explored some new places in Itaewon, like Lobster Bar.
* I got my dad a Keurig for his birthday.
* Piokun and I went to Wolfhound for dinner.
* I visited Chibi Toaster in Cheongju, my first time visiting there!

* After ten+ years, I finished all of The Chronicles of Narnia.
* I had an embarrassing fall at a gelato shop.
* I spent two glorious weeks staycationing. I explored so many new places in downtown Seoul, Bogwang-dong, Hongdae, and Ansan.
* My staycation was also spent eating a lot of wonderful food like at Il Gattino.
* The highlight of my staycation was when I went on an overnight trip to Haesindang to see a peculiar park . . .

* TVTropes sucked me into reading super long The Hobbit fanfics, thus I became interested in Thorin/Bilbo.
* My dad got me a wonderful crockpot! Whoo hoo!
* One of my professors and I checked out Twiga, where I love their cheesecake!
* My new Monet Handbag, the Bar Harbor messenger bag, came!
* I met up with the Ahn brothers, fellow high school alumni!
* One of my bosses and I made plans to go to Kansai (Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, and Kyoto) for my birthday in January! We booked our flight and hotel!

* I tried out Ello.
* I had four-day weekend for Veterans Day where I visited Chibi Toaster in Cheongju again to visit the wonderful Sangdangsan Fortress.
* I also travelled down to Ansan to visit Piokun again (which I did during my staycation), and we tried out a Nepalese/Indian/Pakistani restaurant that was much better than the Indonesian restaurant in September!
* I used the crockpot for the first time by making beef stew.
* I sent out all my holiday cards.
* I went to an interview in Camp Humphreys. That was a hectic day since I had to travel there in the morning and come back up to Seoul to go to work!

* I made beef stew again in the crockpot. Yum!
* I finally beat a Final Fantasy game! I beat Final Fantasy X on the PS Vita.
* I met up with another high school alumni, Essence!
* Work drama occurred. YAY.
* I attended my first organisation-wide workplace holiday party, of which I was part of the committee that prepared for it.
* Chibi Toaster and I attended the Eighth Army Band holiday concert at Seoul Art Centre, and we had the best seats ever, and the songs were all fabulous!
* I attended my workplace holiday party and played the “Dirty Santa” aka “White Elephant” game for the first time.
* I got wonderful gifts from my kids at work!
* President Obama gave me a four-day weekend for Christmas. Thanks so much, Mr President!
* I finally watched The Hobbit films, with the third one being a 4D experience!
* Chibi Toaster came up here, so we hung around the town.


  1. Sounds like you had a jam-packed filled year. No traveling outside of Korea I noticed! Any travel plans for the future? I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your grandmother. It’s good to see that you still managed to lift your spirits by keeping yourself occupied with other activities & friends! Congratulations on graduating this year. Did you end up walking at MSU or were you doing some online program in korea? I’m honestly confused about this, so please explain if you care to! haha.

  2. Congrats on getting your masters degree! Sorry to hear about your grandmother though :( Looks like you had a lot of fun experiences this year! I remember most of the entries for the things you mentioned!

  3. Happy new year, Tara! Wishing you all the best in 2015. :D

    Definitely sounds like you had a big year! I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. :( What’s your Ello account? I’ll add you! I don’t use it but it doesn’t hurt to have friends over there. XD

  4. Agent Q on

    That is quite a list of happenings for this year. Congrats on your degree. And that’s pretty neat how you and one of your bosses will visit Kansai, come January. I hope you have a wonderful time there.

    Happy new year! May 2015 afford you with more interesting life experiences. :)

  5. Congrats on your masters! :) Happy new year dear!!!

  6. Happy New Year, Tara! Hope you will a year full of success and happiness :)!

    Congratulations on finishing your mater’s degree! Despite of being in your 30’s club, you’re still young!!!! Really young!!! And I’m glad that you enjoyed 2014 more :). Hopefully 2015 will top off 2014!!

    I remembered about getting the new Kindle Paperwhite and having to return it X__X. hate these kind of defects! I’m glad to hear that you had no concussion from that nasty fall at work D:. That capstone project sounded really big! But despite of it taking so many months, big congratulations to you for sticking to it! :).

    And it was during May when you showed your boss and her daughter the area????! I remember commenting on that post too!! Wow, time passes fast! Big hurray for hanging out at different places in Korea too :). I still need to give Ello a try like I promised! That 8-5 work schedule was seriously killing me though ;~;. I admire your ability to be detailed with what you did during the months too! I was completely lost when I was doing anything before April!

    Hope 2015 will give you a bigger list of good things to write about at the end ;)

  7. the book thief is a good read indeed :) i love markus zusak’s way of delivering the story through the eyes of Death. have you watched the movie adaptation? it’s a beautiful movie imo.

    all i remember about 2013 was how it sucked though i can’t really put a list as to what made it suck. 2014 wasn’t any different though. i don’t really have expectations for this year, i suppose. just go with the follow, y’know :))

    omg bless your head x__x in 2014 i also knocked my head against the wall above me (because it’s a staircase above where i knelt down,if that made sense) and it left me dizzy for few minutes -__- ugh i felt like i turned dumb a little.

    narnia book series is something i never got to finish ugh i never collected it either, unlike with harry potter. i do love the pevensies though, especially edmund. i miss the movie :( despite people calling the adaptation major failure hence they refuse to make the sequel. all i wanted was to see the pevensies fight during the last battle :((

    sounds like 2014 was a major fun for you :) congrats on graduating too! happy new year and have a nice day :D

  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope my card arrived in time for Christmas, but I highly doubt it did. ^^; I love that you mail out your cards in November. 2015 WILL BE THE YEAR THAT I’LL DO THE SAME!!!!

    I don’t think I’ve ever read The Chronicles of Narnia as a kid. Or I don’t remember finishing it. For some childhood books, I think I’ll have to wait until I have my children and read it with them since I don’t have the right mindset to read them currently. My current reading materials are pretty boring: nonfiction, autobio, memoirs, self-help.

    Are you still active on Ello? My boyfriend invited me, but I don’t really use it..

    Have fun on your trip in January!

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