Christmas Break Time!

Present Present

It’s Christmas Eve in Seoul, and I’m thrilled that I was given some great presents. The presents in the photos above were little gifts given to me by two of my kids from my workplace. As you can see, I love the handwritten notes more than the other stuff! But really, though? The best present is from President Obama. He issued out an executive order that gave us federal employees the 26th off, so WHOO HOO! A four-day weekend? YES! Plus, we had shortened hours for Christmas Eve, so technically it’s a four-and-a-half-day weekend! WHOO HOO!

My plans for this wonderful Christmas break includes:

  • Running away or hiding from my relatives on Christmas. I’ll run away to my favourite coffee shop, or I’ll hide in my room watching the second Hobbit film. Or I may end up doing both.
  • Watching the said Hobbit film at home before the 26h since I’ll be . . .
  • Going to see the last Hobbit film in 4D at 8:00am, which cost only 12,000 won ($12 USD) as opposed to paying 19,000 won for “regular” times.
  • Meeting Chibi Toaster on Saturday to do another one of our Seoul adventures.

Honestly, I wasn’t going to go see the last Hobbit film, but now that I am on the Hobbit movies kick, I figured I’ll take the chance to go see it in 4D. I barely ever go to the theatre; my last visit to one was in 2012 when I went to see Titanic in 4D, so I figure I’m overdue for a theatre excursion. Might as well watch the final film of the trilogy in a grandiose manner.

Well, these are my Christmas plans! I wish you fellow bloggers/readers a wonderful, fun holidays!


  1. aw what a cute little note! Merry Christmas!!!

    Are your relatives really that terrible that you have to run away from them? Yikes! Let me know how you like the new Hobbit movie!! I’m excited to see it. I love them all. I mean some are obviously better than others, but I enjoy them nevertheless. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the new one too!

  2. It’s so cute of your kids to give you some handwritten notes! And even more sweet that Obama made the 26th a day off :). Hope you’re enjoying the extra hours of loafing around!! And hope you’re enjoying watching the Hobbit movie as well :). I didn’t know there’s 4D already!??!??!? I’m so out of the loop @___@. Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Aww, that’s sweet of the kids to get you gifts and hand write the notes too :) Other than having to hide from your relatives, it sounds like you have fun plans for your break! I’ve kept up with the Hobbit films, which were beautiful and fun to watch. Though, I’m not sure if it was really necessary to drag them out into 3 movies, haha. I hope you had a good Christmas, and have a happy new year!

  4. Woot! That’s awesome. That handwritten note is just so so sweet, plus, it’s cool that Obama signed that executive order for the 26th.

    I hope you had a good Christmas!

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