A Monumental Gaming Accomplishment

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Way back in December 2001 (or January 2002), I received Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation 2 as a gift from my wonderful daddy, a game I’d been wanting ever since I heard about it. I remember when I first played it, and I remember the sense of awe I had with the game — the sweet PS2 graphics, the gorgeous opening theme of “To Zanarkand”, and the amazing gameplay that came with it. As a turn-based JRPG fan, this game rocked my socks. Unfortunately, though, Final Fantasy X suffered the “Unbeatable-itis” syndrome that has met with every single other FF games I’ve played. Meaning, I’ll play an FF game, but I never get around beating the game. Until today, my FF gaming status looked like this:

  • Final Fantasy III: 20% complete
  • Final Fantasy IV: 3% complete
  • Final Fantasy VI: 30% complete
  • Final Fantasy VII: 30% complete
  • Final Fantasy VIII: 45% complete
  • Final Fantasy IX: 75% complete
  • Final Fantasy X: 80% complete
  • Final Fantasy XIII: 60% complete

I admit, my attempts are pathetic, but now I can proudly say I’ve beaten an FF game! December 7, 2014 marks my beating of Final Fantasy X HD Remaster on the PS Vita. I started the game in March, and I’ve been playing it on and off since then. With the news of Suikoden II coming out for PSN, that encouraged me to finally tackle the last dungeon to fight the final boss. I’m glad I took that plunge because I’m thrilled that I’ve finally beaten an FF game! Took me long enough — practically almost 14 years! To end this entry, here’s a mini-review of my thoughts on the HD remaster version of the game!

  • I’m not a great judge of graphics, but I thought the game looked quite breathtaking on my Vita!
  • The soundtrack . . . adsfkjld;asfkjdfkljsad. BEAUTIFUL EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.
  • Tidus and Yuna’s voices still annoy me after all these years.
  • I enjoyed the battles, so I didn’t mind the grinding . . .
  • . . . HOWEVER, Yunalesca and Braska’s Final Aeon boss battles just about nearly made me want to throw my Vita across the room.
  • Thank gods for Aeons. Especially Anima, who demolished Seymour’s arse in his final incarnation. Speaking of which, he proved to be an annoying little prick!
  • Bottom line — I’m glad I played and beat this. Having it on the Vita was much more convenient for me than playing it on the PS3. Playing this allowed me to fondly remember my high school gaming days.


  1. Congrats on finishing a FF game! I’ve only played a few, but I haven’t beaten any of them. I think FF8 was the only one I got close to the end on. I also bought the Remastered version of FFX, though on PS3. I owned the PS2 version too, but I never got around to playing it, haha. Hopefully I’ll get around to the PS3 version!

  2. Girl, you need to finish FF6 pronto! It’s my favorite out of all of them. It does take a massive change of pace in the second half though. It becomes a lot more open-world. I also enjoyed FF9 a lot. That’s my second favorite.

  3. ugh, talking about FF reminds me of how dedicated i was with FF games. square enix was the trigger for me as a gamer; they’re the company who turned me into such a gaming kid i am now (playing 12 hours of call of duty, playing 12 hours of rpg, so on so forth blablabla). i remember how everyone used to talk about ffx being the best final fantasy installment ever. i understand why though. my cousin used to flail about ffx like all the time because she loved tidus and yuna so so much and she was such a huge fan of the romance in ffx. on the other hand, my favorite is all the ff vii games, even the crisis core on psp. i think it’s the coolest ff haha kind of an unpopular opinion, i think.

    to zanarkand is such a good song. i used to play it like everyday on piano…before i quit that instrument and turn into sorta kinda hating it now. TAT

    guuurl, you need to finish ff vii, both the ffvii and the crisis core version.

    i just hate how square enix never really released any ff for pc gamers. i used to be on console a lot but now that consoles get so expensive (and die kind of fast, i suppose. what’s with all the upgrades every year and stuff), i built my pc for gaming. square enix does have ff 14 for pc but it’s online aka i have to BUY (and not torrent lol i’m a cheapskate) and this applies to kingdom hearts too, sigh.

    i really want a ps vita for the sake of ff remake and probably persona 4 but on the other hand i also want a 3ds just for the sake of pokemon. ONLY pokemon which would be kind of a waste, tbh. (i generally don’t really like ds games except for, again, pokemon haha). still, if i have the money, i’d probably buy ps3 or 4 instead because bigger screen, more HD graphics and more games i’d invest in: stuff like the last of us and infamous.

    since it’s a remaster, i won’t be surprise if the ffx on ps vita have massive graphics. then again square enix is really good with their cgi :) the downside of me playing handheld console is that when battles get too hard, i tend to hurt my consoles LOL which is why i think pc works better for me because then i won’t throw my cpu or monitor off the table haha

    p.s: who doesn’t hate blitzball. it’s annoying :P

  4. Now that’s a pretty long list of FF series to catch up on if I were to understand any of what’s going on. xD That being said, I can understand feeling of completing a long game as a pert of the series. And based on your reviews, I can relate to having mixed feelings where good moments can offset the bad moments of the plot. But isn’t that the beauty of RPG’s? To evoke multiple emotions as the plot and your character develops? ;)

  5. I remembered playing Final Fantasy on my PSP and it was addicting!!! I like how mind-boggling it is except I never got to finish any of the games because I was game-hopping too much when I discovered downloadable games *o*.

    Congratulations on beating a FF game!! The storyline sounds like something huge to commit to! Power to the developers for making an everlasting storyline :P.

    I can imagine the graphics finally being 120% on HD and the Vita! And I’m glad you finally finished the game! One down, 8 more to go?

  6. Yay! You should check out TPR a pianist on Loudr/Itunes/Google Play, because his albums are amazing and mostly are from games like Final Fantasy. I recently bought his The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack. Pure beauty.

    Yeah, I finished a lot of the games in Final Fantasy starting from VI and onward. I love VI and IX. They are my favorite, but X makes my husband cry, even hearing the music makes him cry. He loves that game so.

    Still that’s awesome! ^^

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