The Bag Story

Because I’ve seen multiple bloggers do a post on their bag and its contents, and because I got a new bag that’s picture worthy, I decided to join the bandwagon and do the meme, too :)

I got the new messenger bag from Monet Handbags. I chose the Bar Harbor Messenger Bag with the Bonjour Paris print. Here’s an up close photo of the bag:

Bar Harbor Messenger Bag with Bonjour Paris Print

I really like the print, and the bag is very well made. I only wish there was a front pocket for me to put all my small stuff . . . but I can get a friend to help add that in the future. Moving on, here are the contents of my bag.

TC's Bag

1. This is my planner. It’s a monthly planner that runs from July 2014 to July 2017. This is the only planner I will use since the blocks are big enough for me to write in, and it’s super convenient to use!

2. Nancy and my friend Michelle introduced me to Ardium, a Korean company that makes stationeries and other products. I went to their store today to buy this pouch. I dub this my “pad pouch”. I had a pouch before, but I am not sure where it went — therefore, I decided to get a new one.

3. This is my notebook I carry to jot down ideas and other stuff that comes into my mind. It’s a Korean notebook brand called Oxford, and I bought it at Alpha in Namdaemun.

4. My pencil case from my uni days that has everything from mechanical pencil to lead refill to pens to white out to glue and scissors.

5. This is Hikaru — my first generation Kindle Paperwhite. This is my steadfast companion when I chill out at coffee shops. I have on there all sorts of books and fanfics. Portable fanfic reading device FTW!

6. This is a Moleskine letterbook. My friend Michelle and I exchange them. We started off writing individual letters to each other, but then she started a letterbook where we write multiple letters in one notebook and send it when filled up. She and I did exchanged several of them. This is another thing I do when I’m at a coffee shop or when I have time to kill.

7. My favourite mints! I love Icebreaker Sours.

8. My eelskin wallet that’s falling apart on the outside. It got wet one day, and the skin started to peel off. I need to replace that wallet one of these days . . .

9. This is my nail kit consisting of a nail clipper, nail file, and cuticle clipper.

10. Lastly, this is my trusty umbrella. There have been many times when I got caught in an unexpected downpour in Seoul. This comes in handy then.

That’s my bag, mates. Sometimes my cellphone goes in there, sometimes not. I have other things I carry in my pockets, like my keys. There are also times when I carry my handheld gaming devices, but that rarely happens since I prefer to game in the comfort of my bed. When I go to work, I also carry an extra bag that has my shoes, but I didn’t photograph it. I feel like I carry a lot of stuff . . . granted, they are necessary stuff. Honestly, if I could, I’d rather stuff everything from my bag into my pockets, but that’s not going to happen unless I gain magical powers and shrink them all. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my bag post! XD;


  1. I like the print on your new bag! That’s a lot of stuff, but they all seem very practical :) It seems like a good idea to carry around things like a pencil bag, nail kit, and umbrella. This is always a fun meme to look at XD

  2. Oooh I like how compact your bag looks! Especially with being able to fit all of those things in there :D! You’re the first I know of who uses a planner that runs for more than a year! Your new pouch looks cute! I love the blueness of it :3. You’re so lucky to have a store near you! I’m still going strong with my Ardium planner :P.

    You’re really organized with all of your goodies! Each notebook has their own specific functions. +1 points

    I’m barely getting used to the whole “carrying a bag around” life. It’s useful when you have a lot of stuff to carry around :3

  3. i’m actually really happy because the contents of your bag do not carry the, you know, usual stuff i see girls bring; like make up and stuff. honestly, my bag’s sort of like that too. and i always, always carry backpacks (not giant ones, if that’s what you expect; i try to find adorable backpacks like um the ones you’d see people in harajuku wear….yeah, those kind of weird, cartoon backpacks) instead of lady handbags because they fit my things a lot more. and i usually carry with me tech stuff; portable charger, ipad, phone, wallet… yea i carry cables instead of “necessary” stuff like tissue or make up products haha

    like you, i carry a pouch too and i fill it with my flash disks and some other stuff like my student id card, for example. since i have 2 flash disks, i’d rather have them packed together to avoid loss. i don’t usually bring notebooks and pens though. even when i go to college, i don’t always bring my sketchbook and pencils with me haha since my design stream is mostly digital based, sometimes i’m lazy to carry them. besides the geeky stuff, i like to bring my current read, a novel with me.

  4. The print is so charming. It’s amazing you can fit so much into your bag too.

    And I can’t believe you have a 3-year planner! That seems so long! And is it normal in Korea to have planners span that long? The most I’ve seen are 16-months for academic planners.

  5. I checked out the Ardium site and wooow so much cute things! I want them all, expecially the phone cases. Too bad they don’t carry my model. :’D

  6. That letterbook idea is cute, I might steal it! When I used to live in a colder place, I could put almost everything I need in my winter coat pockets and man being bagless was fun!

    Your new bag is adorable though and hopefully it lasts you a long time! :)

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