A Belated Back-to-Work Post

After my wonderful staycation, I returned to work where my to-do list exploded in my face, and since then I’ve been busy with so many work-related tasks. So much to the point that I’ve been quite drained during the week. That’s what happens when one has to report to work at 5:30am and do a split shift. However, I usually work straight through until 5:00pm, so that makes for a super long day . . . anyway, I still had time to meet friends for dinner and brunch, and here are a couple photos I took of that.

Lambchop and Bobotie from Twiga Amarula Cheesecake from Twiga

My friend D and I visited Twiga, a South African restaurant that sells the best cheesecake in the world. I’ve been wanting to try their food-dishes, so D and I went there together. D opted to get the lambchop, and I opted to get the bobotie which is a minced meat casserole with an egg-based topping. We both shared this mushroom rice, and then we both had the Amarula cheesecake. The cheesecake was the best part of our meal. The other dishes were just not really to our liking. Plus, it was pretty pricey. We ended up paying $63 USD together. I will go back there for the cheesecake, and maybe for their quiches, but that’s all.

Parfait Pancake from Greenstreet

D and I met again for brunch at Greenstreet in the Dragon Hill Lodge. I got the parfait pancake — pancakes that’s topped with a yoghurt and whipped cream mixture with berries, bananas, and granolas. This was my first time trying the dish, and I actually liked it. I think I much prefer the yoghurt and whipped cream over the usual syrup.

I got some lamb stew from Silence of the Lamb the other day, but I didn’t picture it. It was delicious, very flavourful and spicy! And that’s about it for my food adventure.

Oh, on a side note — I’ve been watching Downton Abbey and been enjoying the show. I’m not big on TV series, but I decided to give Downton a try, and I do not regret it! So good. So much British accents. *swoons*


  1. I kind of went MIA since school started and thought I would lose track in keeping up with your posts ;~;. But thankfully I’m still up to date :D :D .

    I feel you when it comes to having to-do lists exploding at our face. That always happen to me at work because I work twice a week but I suppose it’s part of the process. Hopefully you’re back to that habit of going to work and everything. And it’s great that you still made time despite of being busy and drained from that work grind. Those food looks amazingngngngng. You’re not kidding about the meal being expensive! That reminds me of the Cheesecake Factory.

    Lamb sounds pretty good for a type of meat that’s not eaten as often (compared to beef, chicken, and pork). BBQ lamb is deliciousss :3.

  2. Did someone say cheesecake?! :D I love cheesecake!

    Oof, it’s hard to come back from vacation with a lot of work! Are you feeling any post-vacation blues? I tend to feel really sad when I have to go back to work. T_T

  3. Yum! That cheesecake looks delicious.

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried South African food before..let alone seen a restaurant for it. How very interesting.

    I’m hoping to give Downton Abbey a try this winter. I feel like it’ll be perfect for a good night knitting at home.

  4. Wow, that sounds like a long day. Plus, 5:30am is super early to go to work! I’m glad you still had time for other things. The cheesecake and pancakes look good :) I like whipped cream on my pancakes, but I’m still a fan of syrup. Hopefully things will calm down a bit at work!

  5. This food looks sooooo delicious!!! Okay, I’m gonna take a break and go ahead and find a nice place to eat here soon. Haha.

  6. ugh drained. I’ve been feeling that too lately (i mean, which university student doesn’t? lol( and sometimes i instantly fell asleep the moment i lied down on bed. -__- and the impact is that, i haven’t been blog hopping as much either… TvT it’s nice that you can still have some spaces there to meet up with friends. i try to give myself free space too; not for socializing, but for gaming :P

    south african restaurant sounds interesting! there’s no such thing here (everywhere around me are – like 80% of the time – japanese, french, italian, western fusion cuisine blah ….it’s boring)

    ANYWAY, the bobotie reminds me of lasagna from afar. >w< looks really delicious~ also because i'm an egg lover. the cheesecake looks filled and full and thick enough to be satisfying. i've seen cheesecake that is flaky and wobbly, like it's gonna fall apart any minute and i was really disappointed about that, considering how cheesecake is one of the best cakes out there. it's not easy to find the best cheesecake in where i live. everywhere is just average. cheesecakes usually sold in bakery, those with almonds and strawberries on top are the best cheesecake!!

    wow, that's one big waterfall of yoghurt and whipped cream collision right there. i love the usual style of pancake, the one with butter and maple syrup but trying it out with yoghurt is interesting. i've never seen any that serves pancake with yoghurt here; most use ice cream, maple syrup and other flavored drizzles like raspberry syrup, etc.

    LOL you mentioned silence of the lamb and all i can think of is that 1990 movie about hannibal lecter which i just rewatched yesterday xD

  7. Wow, I really feel for you there. That happens to me after every vacation and was especially bad after my hospital stay when I was out for almost a month.

    I hope you can get all caught up and your work flow slows down so you can get some much needed rest again!

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