2014 Staycation Itinerary

Itaewon Bugundang Shrine

Because I was unable to take leave during the summer, I waited until September or October to take some time off, and I ultimately decided that I didn’t want to wait. I requested September 15 to 26 off, and with the weekends, I’m technically off from September 13 to 28, so I have about sixteen glorious days where I don’t have to think about work. Even better is that I no longer have school to bog my hols down either. WHOO HOO! Unfortunately, I’m low on funds, so I am unable to travel outside of Korea. Instead, I’ve decided to focus on staycationing . . . though I will go out of town to another province with a friend on an overnight trip! But a majority of my plans consist of exploring more of Seoul amidst all my other errands and tasks I need to do. Here is my list of things to do:

Plans with Specific Dates
* September 13 ~ Meet Chibi Toaster and go to the doll event and then go on Base for manicure and Oktoberfest.
* September 14 ~ Meet T. for lunch.
* September 15 ~ Meet Piokon in Ansan for dinner.
* September 20 ~ Foodie Crawl with C.
* September 24 ~ Mummy’s birthday.
* September 26-27 ~ Haesindang Park AKA Penis Park trip with Chibi Toaster.

Plans with No Specific Dates
* Try and meet Chantelle in her area.
* Walk from Dongmyo to Gwanghwamun and back along Cheonggyecheon Stream.
* Go to Seoul Metropolitan Library in City Hall area,
* Go to first branch of Cafe Comma near Sangsu Station, exit 1.
* Go to second branch of Cafe Comma outside Hongdae Station, exit 3.
* Go to Mokpo Immigration Office with Daddy and teach him how to ride the subway.
* Go to KT office to cancel WiBro service.
* Go to Shinsaegae Department Store in Myeong-dong area.
* Go to Hell Cafe in Bogwang-dong.
* Clean out Kazama the computer.
* Finish “The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt”.
* Read “Crimson Spell” volume 5.
* Read “Ze” volume 9.
* Read “Blue Morning” mangas.
* Read “Card Captor Sakura” mangas.
* Read “Death Note” mangas.
* Beat “Final Fantasy X HD”.
* Play “Danganronpa”.
* Watch ”The Winds of War”.
* Watch “The American Tail”.
* Work on Mini Fest fic.

. . . And so on. This list is not complete X_X; I know there are more stuff for me to do, so I’ll do them as I go along. I know I will not accomplish all of the ones on my second list, but I will still try to do a good chunk of them! But really, I look forward to my first real vacation since the one I took in February 2013, which didn’t quite feel like a vacation since I still had school to worry about and since my two-week vacation was split up to where I was off week one, and then worked week two, and was off again on week three.

Well, just two more days of work, and then I’ll be free! Friday at 5:00pm is when I can activate my vacation-mode. Whoo hoo!


  1. Wow, 16 days is a nice break! Staycationing seems nice and relaxing :) It’s much easier than traveling, haha. It looks like you have a lot planned! I hope you’ll be able to accomplish a bunch on your list!

  2. I had five days leave from work last week to accomplish the stuff I needed for passport application. But apart from that I also went back to fixing and updating my website and do all the other stuff I had been wanting to do that isn’t work-related but I still consider productive. Five days was not enough to do all the stuff I wanted to do so I am envious of your sixteen-day break! Staycationing can still be fun if you have a lot of activities planned and it looks like you do. I hope you enjoy your break and tell us about the stuff you’ve accomplished.

    PS: Me and my friends are planning a trip to Seoul next fall. XD

  3. This sounds great! I hope you get to accomplish what you want to accomplish, or at least have a good time without getting too bogged down in the details. I remember reading one of your posts a while back about staycationing, I like the idea but now I feel like I’ve explored a lot of my hometown and surrounds. James and I spend weekends going to places a couple of hours out, and just exploring. :3

  4. Looks like your vacation is coming up soon! Hope you’ll enjoy all 16 of those days off :D. And hurray for being free of school! Even though you can’t go out of the country, at least you’re finding other things to do!

    I’ve heard of the penis park for years! I thought it was some kind of wife’s tale/myth, haha. But wow, I didn’t know there was an actual meaning behind it (because a fisherman left a woman while she’s in love with him?). It’s interesting how they can fish all of a sudden after building a bunch of those “statues”.

    Everything else in your list sounds like fun! Hopefully Hell Cafe will be fun too, haha. It looks like you won’t be bored for any of those days ;).

    Oh! And remember to make a post about these adventures too :D :D

  5. I love staycations! I find myself staying in even when traveling to other countries. Mostly because all I want to do on my off-time is play games. :P

    Your non-specific plans sound awesome! +1 for Final Fantasy. :D

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