Keurig, Wolfhound, and Cheongju

I survived doing the super early morning split shifts this week! 5:30am is hard on the soul — 4:30am on the other hand . . . I think I visited Hades’ purgatory and back X_X; The only thing that kept me sane was this glorious thing called “three-day weekend”. THANK YOU, LABOUR DAY. During my days of being a zombie, though, I ended up doing a lot of shopping for various things, and I still made time to meet up with a friend, and I even travelled to a new city in Korea!

Keurig and Yakisoba

Daddy’s birthday was coming up, so I went to the PX with a co-worker. We ended up going to the PX twice this week. The first was to buy this Keurig K-Cup brewer. I really had no idea what else to get my dad, so I went for this because A) he doesn’t have one and B) if he didn’t like it, I could still use it. I don’t think my parents are too crazy about it, but I’m loving it! Oh, and I also ordered these Myojo Ippeichan Yakisoba from Amazon. Best instant yakisobas ever. :D

Skechers GoWalk

The second time I went to the PX, I saw these shoes. These are great! I love how they are so comfortable and are meant for long walks! I do not love the price, though. $45 is a bit steep, but I was super shocked to see them being $62 on the Skechers websites. Eek!

Wolfhound Almond Choco & Hot Butter Nut Choco

On Friday, after work, I met up with Piokon, and we decided to go eat at Wolfhound Pub in Itaewon. We got the Wolfhound Almond Choco and the Hot Butter Nut Choco. I didn’t care for the latter, but the former is so flipping good! Amaretto with hazelnut syrup, cocoa, and whipped cream is a thing made in heaven.

Corn Soup and Fish and Chips

For food, Piokon and I both ordered the Fish and Chips set that came with the corn soup. I ended up liking the soup more than the fish and chips. I’d so get this soup again! The fish and chips wasn’t bad, but the soup ended up being that yummy for me!

Tandoori Chicken Butter Chicken and Naan

On Saturday, I went down to Cheongju to visit Chibi Toaster. I’m glad I did. I got to see a part of Korea I’ve never been to, and city there isn’t as crowded as Seoul, so the change of pace was nice. On my way there, I saw four wrecked buses on the expressway, and that made me a bit uneasy since I was on a bus, too. Thankfully nothing happened, and I made it to Cheongju safely. There, Chibi Toaster and I walked or rode a cab to various parts of the city. We were hungry, so we decided to go to an Indian restaurant called Taj Mahal in the Cheongdae area. We got the Agra set that comes with tandoori chicken, butter chicken, salad, naan, and rice. Yum!

Pedal Organ

After our late lunch, we headed over to downtown area of Cheongju, and I saw this pedal organ being used as a decoration. I was thoroughly amused by it :D We shopped around and bought little knick-knacks here and there, and then we chilled out at two coffee shops. One of the coffee shops we went to was a knock-off of Standing Coffee, which amused me greatly, and the other one was very comfortable and cosy. I noticed that Cheongju’s coffee shops are so much cheaper than Seoul’s, and they don’t charge extra for ice. *raises fists* Darn you, Seoul?! Why must ice be charged extra?! That must be a sign telling me to move down to Cheongju or something, haha!

As for Sunday and Monday . . . I’ve got no plans to go anywhere. I have to do a couple of work-related tasks, but otherwise I’ve got nothing else planned. I look forward to the two days of rest! Whoo hoo!


  1. Props to you for surviving split shifts! I’d quit by now, or at least come home everyday crying. I’m sure you’re doing well though. :D And yay for the long weekend!

  2. mmm that amaretto drink sounds delicious! I love Amaretto Sours, but Amaretto (by Disaronno) on the rocks or with some soda is also great.

    Had no idea that Korea also celebrates labor day! It does make sense now though, now that I think of it. Also, any shoes by Sketchers under $60 is kind of a steal. I haven’t purchased any shoes by them since I was in middle school though! Used to be obsessed with them. After some time, I just realized that their shoes were so bulky & chunky. My dad has a pair (actually, i don’t know if it’s sketchers) that are supposed to help with balance, your back, & they’re really comfortable (he says). Good thing you like them! Most of the shoes I buy are $60-80 (because I buy fancy smancy heels, but I curbed that realllll quick) sooooooo yeah, $45 is pretty good!

    The gift you got your dad was nice. I’m sure if your parents got used to drinking out of it, they’d really enjoy the present. My mom just bought one of those for her new office & she loves it! She drinks coffee everyday though, so I guess your parents have to appreciate coffee to really enjoy the machine.

    Too bad the fish & chips weren’t too great, but the soup looks good!

  3. Major props to you for being able to handle all of these early shifts! I felt like a zombie by 1PM when I had a 6AM shift earlier this month D’:. Hopefully you’ll spend your Labor day nicely ;).

    Ooooh! That brewer looks sweet! Hopefully those little cups aren’t too expensive to buy either. I’ve seen them around before but never given them a try before ;o. Your new shoes looks comfy~ If you think $45 is expensive, some people enjoy buying $300 shoes as a hobby D:. The max I’d go is $45.

    All of the food and drinks looks awesome. I wonder how the chicken taste like. Is it spicy? (Because it’s red :p). It sounds like you had an awesome adventure to a new part of Korea :D :D. Enjoy your day off~~

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