Getting Ready for the New School Year

After ten weeks, my workplace has survived our summer schedule. Next week, school starts back up for the kids, so we’re transitioning everything with that. I spent this whole week doing things here and there to get ready, and then we all came in on Saturday to put in extra hours to get more things done. After that bit, I met up with Bunny-unnie, and we went on another crazy adventure of ours!


But before I write about our adventures, have a pretty puzzle photo. I bought this for my mum, but we ended up putting it together, with me putting 95% of it together. Apparently, when I work on a puzzle, I get absorbed into it. Funny that I did most of it since I got this for my mum to do. She’s worried about getting Alzheimer’s, and with her disliking reading and writing, I figured puzzles would be something she could do. However, she doesn’t like them much. Oh, Mum, then what can you do for cognitive exercise?!

Typewriter in a Coffee Shop

Time to write about my after-work adventures! Bunny-unnie and I decided to return to the Lobster Bar, but we had about an hour wait again, but this time we went to a nearby coffee shop. It was a cute little place, with some neat interior design, and this typewriter really caught my eye. I’m a sucker for antique things, and this typewriter is no exception.

Dog in a Coffee Shop

We also saw this adorable, huge, fluffy dog in the cafe. It was one of those dogs that’d greet the customers and then ignored you :( Still, though, it was so cute!

Grilled Cheese Lobster Sandwich at the Lobster Bar

After about an hour, we got a call from the Lobster Bar blokes, and we went back. I reunited with the grilled cheese lobster sandwich. So good. The seasoning and sauce they use for the sandwich were tres delicious. The fries and salad were great. I only wished my digestive system liked it as much as my tastebuds did!

Alex the Coffee Lab

Feeling content and full, we stopped by the Foreign Food Mart to pick up a couple of things, and we bought some bread at Bread and Jam. We then decided to try this coffee shop called Alex the Coffee Lab. I read some good reviews about the place, so I was curious to try it. Unfortunately, I was not pleased to see that an iced latte was 2000 won more than the hot latte, and their coffee had a fruity flavour to it — in fact, I told Bunny-unnie that it reminded me of blueberry. It wasn’t bad, per se, but I’m certainly not going back there if they are going to charge that much for ice!


Bunny-unnie found this jewellery store yesterday, so I wanted to check it out. That place had some decent jewelleries, and the owner there was so nice. I got these two bracelets for 20,000 won. Originally, the silver bracelet was 15,000 won, but I asked her to remove this ugly triangle charm and change the clasp, and she lowered the price to 10,000 won. Then she gave me another 3,000 won discount on the other one, bringing the price from 13,000 to 10,000 won. She also gave Bunny-unnie a 5,000 won discount on her purchase, so thumbs up to this lady!

Pho at Le Saigon

Finally, Bunny-unnie and I had a very late dinner at Le Saigon. We both got the beef pho. Oh, nom, nom. Then we ended the night by walking around my neighbourhood. Now I’m home feeling quite exhausted. It’d been a long, but fun day. However, my bed’s calling me. No, make that yelling. My bed’s yelling for me!


  1. My mom was worried about getting Alzheimer’s too. I ended up getting her a DS Lite several years ago, and she loves it :) Her favorites are Brain Age 2 and Crosswords DS. After that success, we got one for my mother-in-law too, except she likes the Zelda and Layton games, haha.

    I like how the coffee shop decorated with an old typewriter! The flowers on top are a nice touch. The grilled cheese lobster sandwich also looks really good. I’d want to try something like that :) Cute bracelets too!

  2. When I saw the title, I thought you were going for your PhD! But it sounds like a lot of work needs to be done behind the scenes before the school year starts :o. Are there alternatives to puzzles, reading, and writing to avoid Alzheimer’s? I was going to suggest video games… XD.

    It’s cool when vintage things are displayed around! Typewriters are cool but I never got a chance to actually use one before :(. There’s a few at work but they ran out of tape.

    The sandwiches look soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazingggggggg. Especially with the bread looking yummy and the lobster being there *o*. It’s a bummer that your digestive system didn’t like it :(. Hopefully it wasn’t due to the sandwich itself though!

    The bracelet looks cute! For 10,000 won, that’s a pretty good deal (around $10, right?). The owner is definitely nice :D :D.

    Pho is delicious! I always get a food coma from it every time. Hope you’ll have a great week~~~ Good luck with the kids!

  3. The grilled cheese lobster sandwich looks amazing! My mouth is watering right now. It sounds like you had a really good day. :)

    I love doing jigsaw puzzles. I use to have loads with maps printed on when I was younger and I guess this is how I improved my geography knowledge.

  4. Mmm that lobster sandwich looks delicious! I love certain antique things too, like .. well retro clothes & what not haha & oh also cameras! I do love that typewriter though. I tend to type so fast that my I have about a 10% rate of error, so I’d be afraid of getting a typewriter for the funesies, although they make really nice decor in the living room if you’re going for a rustic look. :)

    Latte art looks great! Looks all good too. Adorable dog! It might be kind of an older dog so it gets really tired after it greets you & then passes out haha.

    Mmm pho! The noodles of my people! Well, technically, one of the many noodle soups of my people, but regardless, this looks great! Sounds like an eventful day!

  5. I’m seriously drooling over that lobster sandwich right now. I don’t think I have any lobster places near me.

    Does your mom look crossword puzzles or sudoku? Or maybe that one game Brain Age? I’m not sure how much it’ll work though but it might be better than nothing. Unless she’s like my mom, then the only thing she’s interested in are asian dramas and candy crush.

  6. Not gonna lie, this post’s title got me thinking that you’re starting a new school year at a new program. Guess not…:P

    Getting Alzheimer’s is a legitimate concern of my parents as well. They try to counteract that by working and reading – to keep their minds running. Sometimes I debate them about little things just to make them think from different perspective. Guess that makes me a good, caring daughter right? xD

    That’s a pretty sweet deal you got for that jewelry! Though to be honest, I had to look up the exchange rates to see it in USD. I should check some place out to see if I could find some neat jewelry.

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