AC’s Birthday & Korea’s Liberation Day Weekend Trek

Every year, August 15th signifies two things: 1) it’s’s birthday and 2) it’s Korea’s Liberation Day from Japan. So on Friday, celebrated its 12th birthday, and Korea celebrated its 69th liberation. I celebrated by getting off work early on Friday (I left at 9:20am!), ran and did some errands, and then made impromptu plans to meet Bunny-unnie to go to Daehakro area. My main reason for going there was to check out one particular store there, but that turned into a huge trek!

Curries from India Taste

I met up Bunny-unnie at her place, and we both needed lunch, so we looked online to see what was good in Daehakro area. We found an Indian restaurant called India Taste, and it had received good reviews, so we checked it out. We ordered the dal makhani, chicken makhani, and naan. The dishes here were cheaper than the other Indian restaurants in Itaewon, and the quality was about the same. Bunny-unnie’s dal makhani tasted a lot better than my chicken makhani — mine was extra sweet X__X. We concluded that this was not a place we’d come unless we were already in the area and craved Indian food,.

Earl Grey jam and lemon-ginger jam from Purie

After our late lunch, we started to head over to 10×10, the store I wanted to go to, but we got sidetracked quite easily. One of the things that sidetracked was this little vendor that sold jewelries and another vendor that sold soy candles, perfumes, and jams. Bunny-unnie and I looked at the jewelries; I bought a bracelet for my mum, and she bought a bracelet for herself. We then stopped by Purie, the vendor that sells soy candles, perfumes, and jams. The candles and perfumes didn’t interest me, but the jams did. The sellers offered free samples of their jams, and I discovered the most delicious thing ever: Earl Grey jam. I liked it so much that I bought a jar, and I bought a lemon-ginger jam for my mum. Just, wow. I cannot believe these kind of jams were possible! These little jars cost about 8,000 won ($8 USD) each. They are a bit pricey, but they are organic and hand-made, so it’s worth the price!

10x10 in Daehakro

(photo credit: Bunny-unnie)

After the vendors, we went to this one fashion store, and there Bunny-unnie bought this neat clutch with a Paris theme designed on it. Then we finally headed to my main destination: 10×10. This is one of those stores that sells all sorts of doodads ranging from clothes to stationeries to bags to accessories to household goods. This was the place Bunny-unnie recommended for me to come to find Ardium notebooks, but like at Kyobo, their selections were small. So my own adventure to find the Ardium store in Hongdae was a worthwhile trip.

Bag from 10x10

This is the bag I bought at 10×10 for 26,000 won ($26 USD), and while it’s pretty pricey, it fulfilled what I needed in a bag: it’s dark in colour, it’s flexible, it’s big enough for me to carry my shoes, the straps are long enough, and I like the design. XD; Oh, and I also bought a Paris-themed notebook for Bunny-unnie, to match with her new bag ^^

Injeolmi Bingsoo at Sulbing

Afterwards, we ate a bunch of snack. Our first snack was the injelomi bingsoo from Sulbing.

Street Tteokbokki

Then we had some street food! This tteokbokki was made with fruit, or so claimed the dude, but it just tasted like a regular tteokbokki to me!

Peanut butter fried squid

Then we got some MyZingo — peanut butter fried squid. This is one of my favourite snacks, but this vendor didn’t cook them well, so it didn’t taste very good :(


(photo credit: Bunny-unnie)

Lastly, we kept seeing bbopgi vendors, and I finally succumbed to getting one of these sweets. I love the burnt caramelised flavour and its crunchy texture of these sweets, and these are something I never had as a child. I was introduced to this in my late high school years!

Yoghurt smoothie and latte at Cafe Hooamdong

Finally, we ended our adventure at Cafe Hooamdong, and we unwinded with some yoghurt smoothie and latte. That was a super crazy long day. And Saturday was just as long! I met up with the Cheongju Crew, and we went to Dongdaemun to get some yarn and fabric. Then I bought them back to Daehakro to show them around, and we went to this cafe that had a horrible yoghurt smoothie. Next we went to Yongsan Electronic Market, where I found a fast smartphone charger. In the same area, we ate at Chicken Baengi, and we ended our night at E-Mart. I didn’t get any photos of my Saturday adventure. Oops!

Photos or not, the last two days have been crazy for me! I’m glad to be doing nothing. Sunday is so my bum day!


  1. Happy 12th birthday to Aigoo-Chamna! It’s amazing how this blog has been around for over a decade and still running strong! And a bit of a 2-in-1 bonus where it’s also Korea’s Liberation Day :).

    That must’ve been a lot of food from the Indian restaurant! It’s a bummer that yours was extra sweet. Sometimes, too much sweetness ruins the whole taste. At least the restaurant was decent enough that you both can return at some point (at the best convenience :P).

    If I was walking in the same path, I’d probably get distracted by those vendors too! I normally think “as long as it’s grown, any jam is possible”. Hopefully your mom would like the jam :).

    All of these snacks look delicious! Sounds like you had a busy Saturday. Hope you enjoyed the adventures and have a great week~

  2. Happy birthday to Aigoo-Chamna! I think my Shattered-Wings domain is 13 years old now. Kind of crazy how long we’ve owned our domains, haha.

    Ooh, yummy food photos. I love finding jams like that. I got several the last time I was at Hawaii, like mango jam and passion fruit ginger jam. So tasty :)

    That’s a cute bag too! I like the simple design on it. Sounds like you had a couple long but fun days :) I would have been exhausted!

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