Orion the PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

I got a new PlayStation 3 to replace the one I borked a few weeks ago! I named this new baby “Orion”. I figured that sounded way cooler than “Midnight”. I like it, and I’m glad I have a console again, but I will always miss Snarky, the previous PS3, because I prefer that model over this one. I really do not like how Orion’s model disc tray slides open and close. :( I much prefer Snarky’s method of the disc automatically ejecting.

Long story short — I’ve disabled automatic updates for Orion. That’s what pretty much started the whole process that made me do a stupid error that wonkified Snarky. 4:00am + automatic updates = Tara wondering WTF is going on with her PS3, to where she tries to turn it off, which thus pissed off the hard drive. None of the service centres in Korea wanted to fix it because it was an American model, and the one bloke I was going to take to totally dissed me, so I decided to not use his service. I could have opened up Snarky to try and fix it myself, but I did not trust my capabilities. Therefore, I forked over $269 to order the Lego Hobbits bundle on Amazon, of which I’m donating the game to my workplace because I will never play a Lego game. I was worried that it wasn’t going to work right since the package came to me rather . . . banged up. But so far everything is working fine.

Now, I just hope Orion lasts me a long time since I’ve still no desire to get a PS4!


  1. I like the name Orion since … well, you saw from my star photos, I’m a fan of the galaxies! The Orion Constellation is pretty darn beautiful too!! Dang you spent a lot of money on a Lego bundle that you’re donating! That’s nice of you. I forgot how huge the PS3 is…sheesh, you’d think they would’ve gotten smaller over time.

    Well, glad to hear you’re happy with your purchase overall!

  2. That totally sucks that your PS3 died on you. I’ve never heard of that happening to anyone before. And I’m totally with you, I have no desire for a PS4 even my work buddies are always urging me to buy one. It’s just…I barely had the time to touch my PS3 and finish any games yet. In my mind, the PS3 is still the “latest playstation”.

  3. Agent Q on

    Looks like a worthwhile investment. Sorry that your old one died out on you. I hope it lasts for as long as you want it! I personally don’t use PS consoles, just NDS/3DS ones, and they seem to last okay thus far. I do wish these systems become smaller, but this is only because I don’t like moving big things if I can help it.

  4. I’m digging the new name of your PS3! The name sounds fitting for a PS3. Aside from the disc ejecting method, hopefully everything else is working to your liking!

    When it comes to updates, I always try to leave the device alone and let it update however long it takes. It’s so weird that the service centers doesn’t want to take a look at the PS3 because it’s an American model ~__~. They probably wouldn’t want to fix iPhones too, haha.

    Enjoy the new PS3~

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