Bunny, Boss, and Penguin

Since my last blog post, I’ve found myself in a whirlwind of gaiety. I actually had no plans for Saturday, so I was thinking I’d have an “empty” weekend, but that turned out not to be the case! Since Wednesday, I’ve been hopping around with Bunny-unnie, my boss and her daughter, and an unexpected penguin :D

Kala Miso Ramen

On Wednesday, Bunny-unnie and I decided to go back to Mesiya. Our new goal is to go there whenever they serve dishes we’ve yet to try. They were serving kara-miso ramen set that day, so we headed over to try it. The ramen was pretty good. However, it wasn’t that spicy, and we didn’t really taste the miso. Despite these flaws, we enjoyed the set, and we’re both glad to have tried it.

Notebooks from Kyobo Book Store

On Thursday, Bunny-unnie and I’d made arrangement to go to Kyobo Book Store in Gwanghwamun. My goal was to see and buy these Ardium notebooks my friend wanted. Kyobo Book Store mostly sells book, but they also sell other products, and they did have a small section that sells Ardium merchandises, but no notebooks. Aside from that failed attempt, we looked at bracelets and other stationery goods. I bought these cheap notebooks to add to my growing notebook collection.

Kim Cho Bap and Bokkeum Mandoo at Gooksoojib Moo Mallaengi Tteokbokki at Gooksoojib

After Kyobo, we tried to go to Mesiya to their their miso tonkatsu set, but they’d sold out by the time we got there at 7:00pm! Boo! We decided to go to Gooksoojib, which literally means “Noodle House” in Korean, couple of doors down, a place we’d passed by before and added to our mental to-do list. Bunny-unnie got the bibim gooskoo (noodles mixed in Korean spicy sauce — not pictured), and we both shared the kim cho bap, bibim mandoo, and moo mallaengi tteokbokki. The only thing that was decent was the noodle dish. The kim cho bap, which is like kimbap with tuna and daikon, was so not worth the price. The bibim mandoo (mixed dumplings) was just shredded cabbage in a spicy sauce with fried dumplings wrap. The tteokbokki with dried radishes was BLEH and only had three big pieces of rice cake and some tempura thing. Just, blarghhhh. This is not a place we’re returning. Nope!

Ardium large space journals and strawberry yoghurt Schneecino in Hongdae

On Friday, I went to Hongdae by myself. I discovered that there is an actual Ardium store there, so I headed there after work to check it out. I managed to find the notebooks my friend wanted, and they were on sale! These notebooks are the Ardium large space journal. They are normally about 16,800 won, but they were marked down to 10,000 won, so yay for the discount! After Ardium, I stopped by Cafe Schneeballen for their strawberry yoghurt Schneecino, and then I headed home to crash for 11.5 hours.

Mung bean pancakes and bulgogi lunch at Chinjulhan Hyunja-ssi in Insa-dong

Saturday was a busy day for me. I first met up with my boss and her daughter, and I took them on an outing to Kyobo Book Store, Insa-dong, and Nagwon Music Store. We first went to Kyobo Book Store, where like my previous visit, we looked at non-bookish things. After, we walked around Insa-dong. We had late lunch at this Korean restaurant called Chinjulhan Hyunja-ssi. We ordered the mung bean pancakes and the bulgogi meal. It was decent, though I thought it was a bit pricey. Regardless, we had a nice lunch. I was satisfied unlike that Noodle House place!

Nagwon Music Store

After lunch, since it was nearby, we stopped by Nagwon Music Store briefly. This place is musician’s heaven. This is like a three or four-story building that sells nothing but musical instruments and equipments. I took a picture of just one of the bazillion stores in that building.

New Hat

By 5:30pm, my boss and her daughter and I split, and I met up with Bunny-unnie in Itaewon. We stopped by a hat vendor, and I tried on this newspaper boy hat, and I looked pretty darn good in it, along with the colour fitting my complexion! We managed to haggle 2,000 won off on our hats, so I paid only 11,000 won for this cute thing! I’m usually not a hat person, but this hat is just perfect! I look forward to wearing it more in autumn and winter!

Grilled cheese lobster sandwich at the Lobster Bar in Itaewon

Bunny-unnie wanted to try the Lobster Bar, a new place that sells . . . well lobster sandwiches and regular lobsters. I’m not big on lobsters, and I was on a semi-tight budget, so I didn’t get anything of my own. I did try a bit of Bunny-unnie’s food, and the grilled cheese lobster sandwich and the fries were excellent! Granted, it was a 40-minute wait, but the food was worth the wait! At 17,000 won, it’s slightly pricey, but considering that lobsters are a delicacy here . . . it’s not too bad.

Shoyu ramen and croquette at Danbakoo Ramen

Bunny-unnie had a great meal, but my own meal ended up being quite . . . disappointing. We were on our way to hunt down a cafe, but we saw this new ramen place in Itaewon/Hannam-dong area called Danbakoo Ramen, and it was pretty cheap compared to the other places nearby. I decided to get the shoyu ramen and the croquette set. The croquette was yummy. The ramen — not so much. In fact, I only ate about half before I gave up. The soup was not flavourful, and I felt like there were too much bean sprout! The noodles itself wasn’t bad, but the soup just made it bad. I’m certainly not coming back to this place!

Kafe Nordic Penguin Iced latte at Kafe Nordic

After that horrible ramen experience, we walked around looking for Kafe Nordic. After doing a loop around the block, we found the place, and I was greeted by this awesome penguin! EEEEEEEE! I’d seen its twin at Glamorous Penguin, so it was good seeing it here, too. Aside from the fabulous penguin, I enjoyed their coffee. It’s not as good as my favourite Chansbros coffee, but it’s better than some other places I’ve tried. Plus, the interior design of this place is well done, and it gives off a cosy vibe. I’d like to come here again in the future!

Whew! And thus comes to the end of my four-day adventure! I’m pooped!


  1. You said there was a penguin involved in your Saturday adventure? :oooo! It’s neat to try out something different every time you’re in the same restaurant. It gives you a taste of what other dishes are like. I should consider doing that with sushi XD.

    I have an Ardium planner and it works really well :). Their products look cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

    Some parts of these dish’s name sounds familiar! I remember bibim and bap (thanks to you XD). Kim sounds familiar too….. Does it happen to mean spicy? Or cabbage (I’m trying to connect it to Kimchi). Despite of the restaurant not being up to par, at least you know how it is like now *_*.

    The music store does look like a musician’s heaven from the outside display. Eeeee saxophones~

    Lobster sandwiches sounds interesting :o. I’ve never had it before because lobster is expensive :(. I bet it’s delicious!

    With all of the adventures in the books whether they’re good or bad (those bad food though..), I hope you’ll enjoy your Sunday ^_^

  2. Ooh, I love ramen. My coworkers and I have a similar place where we go every time they introduce something new. It’s a taco place though, haha. That’s too bad Gooksoojib wasn’t good, but I’m glad you were able to find the notebooks for your friend at least!

    Cute hat! We have lobster rolls here with butter or mayo, but I haven’t see a grilled cheese lobster sandwich before. I’d want to try that!

    Sounds like you had some busy days, but it sounded fun at least!

  3. Wow! Sounds like you were SUPER busy! I like when I don’t have weekend plans but like you I always end up doing something.. running around mostly. You can never have too many notebooks! I always find myself needing one and not having any, lol.

  4. i’ve never been to korea but i’ve always wondered how the food differs to korean food in australia. i’m always interested in what the food should “really” taste like. haha.

    mmm i love lobster but i preferred it at chinese restaurants with the noodles and yummy sauce.

  5. Waaii those notebooks are so cute!! I want them all. XD I used to collect them and never write in them, so I’d have a bookshelf full of empty notebooks. Trying not to start it up again but I still feel the urge to buy cute notebooks. T_T

  6. It’s too bad the food you had at the restaurant you tried wasn’t as good as you thought it’d be. It looked pretty good! Looks like the only good food experience was a bite off your friend’s sandwich. I know this person is our boss, but since you’re hanging out with them so often, she’s probably your friend haha. Anyway, cute penguin!

  7. Wooow that’s a lot of food, and they look delicious. Sounds like a great time!

    I’ve never heard of Ardium notebooks before, but from the quick search, they look super cute. I too have a growing notebook collection that I can never finish off. I’ll use like 20% of it at most, and then I stop…

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