Gyeongnidan Foodie

Bunny-unnie and I hung around in my neighbourhood last Thursday, and today, we met up on a whim. My neighbourhood is called “Gyeongnidan”, hence the entry’s title :) The places we went to our repeat because they are just that good.

Korean food at Son's Kitchen.

Last Thursday, we wanted to go to Mesiya, but they were closed, and another restaurant we wanted to try wasn’t opened either, so we headed to Son’s Kitchen, a Korean restaurant we both adore. Bunny-unnie got the dotori mook set, and I got the marinated brisket set. Both are delicious, and I just love how we get all these side dishes. All together, our meal cost less than 30,000 won ($30 USD). Afterwards, we went to Chansbros to have some coffee, and I gave her some extra notebooks I had, a couple of being Moleskine.

Agedashi Tofu set at Mesiya.

Today, which is Tuesday, Bunny-unnie contacted me an hour before I got off work to see if I could join her for dinner. I did have time, so we met up. We thought about going to Mesiya, but we hesitated because we had no idea what “agedashi tofu” was, their meal of the day. So we tried to go to two other places, but we found them to be closed. We took that as a sign to go to Mesiya and try that unknown tofu dish. We’re both glad we did. It was delicious! Fried tofu in a broth, with their usual salad, dried sweetfish, cucumber with garlic, rice, and fruit. Yum!

Cake and Coffee from by 92 and Chansbros.

After Mesiya, we headed over to by 92 to get some banana cream cakes to go. See, we like their cakes, but we dislike their coffees. So we took their cake and headed to Chansbros where we both like the coffee. Chansbros doesn’t sell cakes or other pastries, so they allow people to bring outside pastries to eat with their coffee. We did that, and oooooh, it was a match in heaven. By 92 cakes + Chansbros coffee = foodie orgasm. NOM.

And that was my Gyeongnidan adventure. On a side note, yesterday, I met a friend who’s moving back to the states, and we had the Italian buffet at Greenstreet, this restaurant in Dragon Hill Lodge. It was pretty good. What I liked was how you could choose your own pasta ingredients, and the chef would cook it for you. It was yummy!

Let’s see what my next foodie adventure will be. We’ll find out soon!


  1. Even though you didn’t go to the restaurant you wanted to go to, at least you both went to somewhere delicious! I remember your Chansbros checkins :P.

    The agedashi tofu sounds interesting :o. I’m sure it’s way better than “stinky tofu”, haha. The cream cakes look nommy! It’s great that Chansbros let you bring outside food over :D. Hope your friend enjoyed their farewell party :).

    Looks like you had a lot of nice food adventures! Any theme in specific next? :P

  2. Ah, korean food! *o* I remember eating those uh… korean soup (i forgot the namee aaaa…i’m more of a japanese food consumer like most of the time so i can’t really remember korean ones x__x) and they taste good :) and now I feel like eating korean grill T>T and bibimbap and japchae… I recently tried toppoki after being forced by a k-addict cousin and it’s good :) she tried forcing me to love kimchi though but it never worked lol

    agedashi tofu is good, i’m glad you got to try it :D

    i find myself drooling over the coffee more than on the cakes haha i guess it’s because i don’t like banana cake :P what’s that drink beside the hot coffee? some kind of latte? :o

    have more fun foodie adventure in the future! :) it’s always fun to drool over things.

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