Weekly Photo Journal

What a week! I thought after last weekend, I’d have a more relaxing week and weekend. That didn’t turn out to be the case, but I am not upset by it. It was a fun-filled week, and I’d rather have that than be bored off my butt. Like last week, I had a lot of yummy food, and unlike last week, I explored a new part of Seoul, and bought some random stuff!

Indian food at Agra in Itaewon

My first adventure took me to Agra in Itaewon. I’ve been craving Indian food, and Bunny-unnie who likes Indian food as much as I do recommended Agra because you get unlimited plain naan or rice after 5:00pm. We headed over there, and she ordered spicy chicken makhani, and I ordered the butter chicken makhani. That spicy one was SPICY. Bunny-unnie couldn’t even finish it all! I enjoyed my butter chicken one, but it wasn’t anything special in my opinion. It was not the same as Tiger Masala’s makhani :( But otherwise, I did enjoy the unlimited naan :D I had three before I called it quits!

Cakes from By92

After Agra, Bunny-unnie and I walked to By 92 cafe in my neighbourhood because we both were craving their delicious cake. We got the banana mousse cake and the chocolate mint cake with coffee. So yummy! Their cakes are really delicious — super pricey, but so worth it.

Wall at Anguk Station.

On Saturday, Chibi Toaster came up to Seoul again, and this time we started off by going to Insa-dong. We took the subway, and when we got to Anguk Station, we saw paintings hung around like in a gallery, and then we saw this wall. I love all the tiles were all individually designed! Some are two-dimensional paintings, some added textures to the tile like with a newspaper plate (so cool!), and others made it into a three-dimensional artwork. I just love the concept of the tiles showing diversity through art!

Awesome coasters from Insa-dong

Walking around Insa-dong, Chibi Toaster found a pipe, and I found some coasters in one of the kitschy Korean souvenir shops. The lady sold me a pack of six for 10,000 won. I really like the design, and the bottom is cork, so I figured these were worth the buck. At least these will not warp on me like the cheap ones I’ve already got!

Hirekatsu at Katsuya in Insa-dong

We decided to get some lunch. We went to 까스야 (Katsuya or Ggaseuya), this tonkatsu restaurant I’ve been to years ago, and I ordered the hirekatsu set for 10,500 won. Very delicious and filling.

Yongsuyeom snacks from Insa-dong

After lunch, we headed towards Samcheong-dong, but we stopped by the Tong-in shop to watch these blokes make these honey thread Korean sweets called “yongsuyeom”. I bought the chocolate cookie flavour. Ten pieces for 7,000. I first discovered these years ago, but I’m still fascinated by how you can get honey to become these thin treads.

Cute, cheap notebooks from Alpha

We enjoyed our exploration in Samcheong-dong, and then we headed over to Alpha in Namdaemun. Chibi Toaster picked up more things she wanted, and I picked up these cute, cheap notebooks :) I love these because they are the right size with paper that’s not flimsy. In fact, I picked up another notebook to replace the Moleskine ones I got. It’s not pictured here, but it’s much better quality and so much cheaper than Moleskine. After Alpha, we headed to my neighbourhood to relax at Chansbros. I watched Chibi Toaster draw, and I broke in my new non-Moleskine notebook. We had dinner at Son’s Kitchen, where we shared this brisket dish (forgot to get a picture!), and then she went back home.

Breakfast consisting of buckwheat pancakes, eggs, and bananas

And for Sunday, I decided to finally try making buckwheat pancakes. With eggs. And bananas. Mum helped me make the pancakes and the eggs. Turns out I am not good at flipping the pancakes X_X; Regardless, I love buckwheat pancakes, now! Even my parents like them, so I think we’ll be having these instead of the regular pancakes from now on. YUM!


  1. I prefer crepes to pancakes, but ingredient-wise, they are not much different. I looooove crepes and hate pancakes, though. :P James has been helping me make them, since I am an awful cook, but I also suck at flipping them.

    • I think crepes would drive me crazy in terms of making them XD; Pancakes are already difficult for me in terms of flipping, so to flip something so thin and hope they do not break . . . IMPOSSIBLE. Speaking of crepes, there’s this new crepe place that opened up in my neighbourhood. Crazy Crepes or something is the name (I could be wrong). I should check it out! ^^

  2. Even though the week wasn’t as relaxing as you’d like, at least it was adventure-filled :D. It’s always nice to adventure to parts of the city/area where you haven’t been to before (unless it’s a dangerous place). Unlimited naan sounds great! The restaurant made a right choice with that ;). It sounds like the both of you enjoyed savoring all of those foods!

    Those tiles look really neat. I like that idea because it brings the community together and everything. The coasters look pretty cool. What does GangNam mean? I heard of it from that one song.. I’m assuming something related to “high class”?

    The yongsuyeom look interesting. If you can get honey from the thin threads, I want some XD. The notebooks look really cute with the kitties :3. Hopefully the new notebook will top off the Moleskine.

    Hope you’ll have a great week~

    • Gangnam is actually the name of a district in Seoul. It’s one of the newer district south of the Han River, and Gangnam-gu (gu means district in Korean), Seocho-gu, and Songpa-gu makes up the Greater Gangnam area. In fact, here’s the Wikipedia entry about it :)


      And yes, Gangnam area is “high class”. Things are so much more expensive there than north of the Han River (where I live and venture about most of the time), so I usually stay away from there and stick to my turf XD

  3. Yum, I love naan. Unlimited naan sounds nice except I’d probably get full on that instead of the curry, haha.

    I think that’s cool that the tiles are individually decorated. I wonder if each one was by a different person! I like projects like that where a bunch of works from many people come together.

    The rest of the food looks good too! I think the honey thread thing is interesting. I’ve never seen honey used like that. Cute notebooks too. Love the covers :)

  4. Ultimate naan? What is this heaven??? I love Indian food! I haven’t had it in a while, and you just made me miss it so much. :D

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