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After all that cooking and baking I did last week, I stepped away from the hot stove and oven to do other things instead . . . which wasn’t much, haha! During the week, I’m exhausted from work, but the weekend brings me a time to unwind and meet people. Along with work and trying to have a social life, I did a couple of hobby-related things, too.

Letter Book

My friend M. and I exchange letter books. We used to write actual letters to each other, but M. started a thing where she’d write multiple letters in one notebook and then send it to me, and I’d reciprocate. We’ve been doing it the last couple of years, but she wrote more to me. I wasn’t able to write as much as I wanted because grad school sucked my life and time. But now that I’m done with grad school, I started on a new letter book to her. I started writing it in May, and I finished it last week. Most of my writing occurred at my favourite coffee shop, as you can see in the photo, and I’ve sent that away to her!

Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus Mangas

One of my LJ friends wrote about getting this. I had no idea these mangas were out. I never read or bought the TokyoPop version, and when I saw that these were the omnibus version of the series, I decided to go ahead and get them. I’ve only watched a bit of the anime, so I’m looking forward to reading the manga version. I’m not looking forward to their heaviness, though. Looks like I’m going to have to prop these door-stoppers against the wall and read them!

Twiga's Amarula Cheesecake

Work-wise, we had to work on Saturday. Upon realising that, I decided to order what’s seriously the best effing cheesecake in the whole world to bring to my workplace and share with my co-workers. This is the Amarula cheesecake from Twiga in Itaewon, and it’s seriously delicious. If I can make love to a dessert, this would be it. Everyone at my workplace loved it. Just, om, nom, nom, NOOOOOM. Twiga is having a July special on this cheesecake — a large Amarula cheesecake will get a 5,000 won discount, so I got this baby for 30,000 won! Seriously, if you’re ever in Seoul, stop by Twiga and try this cheesecake. Pure food orgasm right there!

Potato pizza, Siciliana pizza, and salad at Trevia Pizza di Roma

After work, I returned to Trevia Pizza di Roma once again. This time, I met the amazing Chantelle, and we had a late dinner that consisted of potato pizza, Siciliana pizza, and green salad. Thanks to Amanda, I discovered a blogger in our circle living in South Korea, so we arranged to meet up. I’m glad I met her! Next time, I’ll mosey on over to Bundang and see her neck of the woods. Really, though, it’s always great fun meeting fellow bloggers AND . . .

Fandom people! I met the fantastic Chibi Toaster and her friends who came up here from the “South”. In the seven hours we hung out, we did the following:

* Meet at Gangnam Express Bus Terminal
* Take the bus to my neighbourhood (Itaewon 2-dong) to eat and get coffee
* Take the bus to Namdaemun to visit the Alpha store
* Walk to Myeong-dong and stop by Sulbin to get some bingsoo (see photo below!)
* Take the subway to Dongdaemun
* Take the subway back to Gangnam Express Bus Terminal

That was a lot of sightseeing in a short amount of time, but the travellers were all troopers! This is their first visit to Seoul, so I tried to show them what I could today.

Injeolmi Bingsoo at Sulbing in Myeong-dong

And now everyone — drool over this brilliant thing known as the “injeolmi bingsoo”. Bingsoo is a Korean shaved ice treat. This one has shaved ice with some ice cream, rice cake, and this powder that’s commonly found on rice cake. This was heaven. Bunny-unnie kept posting a photo of this dessert, and I finally had the chance to try it. NOM, NOM, NOM. I never really cared for bingsoo much, but I think my preferences are changing. Then again, eating this really does cool me off in this miserable Korean hotness and humidity, so that’s probably why I am liking it a lot more now!


  1. It’s so cool how you’re exchanging notebooks with each other to write to each other :D. I had some friends do that in high school. Hopefully you both will keep up with the notebook and can look back to it later on :).

    I hope you’ll enjoy reading those mangas! I want to give that cheesecake a try :ooo. Cheesecake is one of the only ‘cakes’ I like XD.

    It’s great that you get to meet bloggers in person! I’ve never met any bloggers I knew in irl yet :((.

    The shaved ice looks interesting! Especially with the rice cake and powder as toppings :o! Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Agent Q on

    I’ve heard of penpals/letter exchange, but never writing in each other’s notebooks. It’s a pretty cute idea. It’s like texting but more sincere and involved. <3

    I know about that series…through anime, not manga. I would assume Manga contains more plot that the show omitted. I hope you find it an enjoyable read! :O

    Yay on meeting bloggers! I had the privilege of meeting two bloggers in Texas and loved interacting with them! Perhaps we could meet if I get stationed in South Korea? It's one of my choices. *Hint*Hint*

  3. That’s such a cool idea to write letter books to each other :) I kind of miss writing letters. The only time I do something like that is Christmas cards each year, haha.

    Ooh, I’ve been interested in reading the manga version of Cardcaptor Sakura. I heard it was better than the Anime, but I haven’t seen the Anime either. I should probably look into it since I need some more manga to read.

    Yum, the food looks good, especially the cheesecake! That’s awesome that you got to meet another blogger and other fandom people!

  4. That’s so cool that you got to meet other bloggers. It’s something I want to do, but am also very nervous about.

    I totally get what you mean about work sucking the energy out. After work, all I want to do is sit on the couch and browse the internet. Then I think of all the chores that I need to do and think “Oh I’ll just wake up early and do it.” Nope!

    That cheesecake is almost reason in and of itself for me to visit you! Hahaha!

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