Fourth of July Food Adventures

With this week being a three-day weekend (huzzah for 4th of July!), I worked when I worked, and I met friends when I was off, which was full of food adventures, of which most of it was spent in this one alley near my house.

Eclairs at Eclair by Garuharu

Technically, my adventures started on Saturday, June 28th. This one alley has been slowly opening up new restaurants and drink establishments, but I still consider it 95% residential, so I hardly ever go down there. However, a new pastry shop opened up, and I read about this one Japanese restaurant that I wanted to try, so on last Saturday, I ventured out for a short walk to explore that alley. I found the Japanese restaurant, and I visited “Eclair by Garuharu”, where they sell mostly eclairs, macarons, and chocolate-based drinks. The eclairs were 5,500 won a piece ($5.50 USD), and they were pretty small. They tasted good, but I did not like the price or the size. After “Eclair by Garuharu”, I did a loop around the block to look for this curry place I also heard about, and I found it with every inclinations to visit it another day.

Penguin Popcorn Carrier from Everland

My workplace field trip this week took us to “Everland”, the so-called “Disney Land” of South Korea forty minutes outside of Seoul. It was an okay trip, where I saw an awesome polar bear (the park also has a small zoo) and an adorable baby fennec fox. Really, though, the penguin popcorn carrier was the highlight of this trip. It’s one of the cutest contraption I’ve ever seen, so I had to buy it. It was a bit pricey at 13,500 won ($13.50 USD), but carrier’s reusable, so that made up for the price. I gave that cute little guy to my mum, and she decided to turn into a money bank. XD;;

Tomato and Meatball Curry at Tonic Curry Pad Khee Mao at Taste of Thailand

After work on Thursday, which was pretty much the start of my three-day weekend, I met up with Bunny-unnie. We made plans to tackle the curry and the Japanese restaurant. We decided to have a late lunch at the curry restaurant, a late dinner at the Japanese restaurant, with a stay at a cafe in between. We chose the curry one first because the Japanese restaurant was on a break. We headed to the curry restaurant called “Tonic Curry”. I paid 8,000 won ($8.00 USD) for this tomato and meatball curry. It was really good. I could tell it was home-made, and not some pre-packaged gunk. Bunny-unnie got their chicken curry, which was too spicy for me, but it still tasted good with a kick.

Afterwards, we walked down that alley, I pointed out “Mesiya”, the Japanese restaurant, and we decided to go to this cafe called “by 92”. We stayed there, listening to their collection of opera songs and classical pieces. Our mood soured, though, when we went to “Mesiya”. We got there by 7:45, and we saw that they were closed, and they hadn’t mentioned anything of the sort on their Facebook page. In the end, we decided to get some Thai food at “Taste of Thailand”, where I got a chicken pad khee mao (aka drunken noodles) for 12,000 won ($12.00 USD).

Lunch Nommies at Trevia Pizza di Roma Meal Set at Mesiya

On 4th of July, I met up with my friend C. I recommended that we eat at “Trevia Pizza di Roma”, so we spent 31,000 won ($31.00 USD) for the siciliana and quattro formaggi pizzas, the bread and salami set, and a grapefruitade and orangeade. Everything was great! Then we headed up to Seoul Tower since C. never been there, and we visited Hannam Village since the place will close down this December.

For dinner, C. listened to three of my recommendations, and he picked “Mesiya”. They were opened (thank goodness!). Here, they only sell one set meal for 12,000 won ($12.00 USD). That day’s set was rice with furikake, this fish dish that was candied up with some sweet sauce and came with peanuts and sunflower seeds, daikon, miso soup, fruits, and three different croquettes — potato, curry, and cheesy potato. I really liked this meal — so healthy and filling! Before we left, I told the owner to please update their Facebook page if they are going to be closed.

Green Curry Chicken Set at Eunmilhan Babsang Carrot Cake and Red Velvet Cake at Glamorous Penguin

On Saturday, I met K-unnie. I originally was going to go up to Uijeongbu to visit her, but she told me that the area was too country, so she’d rather come down to Seoul because there are more things to do and see here. I obliged, and we went on base since she hadn’t seen it in a while. We did a pit stop at Starbucks, and then she suggested we go to “Eunmilhan Bapsang”, a Korean-fusion restaurant. There, I got the green curry chicken set for 13,000 won ($13.00). It was delicious! I actually am not fond of green curry, but this green curry tasted super amazing, not as bland as the other green curries I’ve had at the Thai restaurants here.

Afterwards, we walked around Itaewon, went into a couple of accessory stores, and then I took her to “Glamorous Penguin”, this awesome cake shop that I’ve been to once last December. Each slice of cake was 7,000 won a piece ($7.00 USD). By the time we got there, they only had the carrot cake and the red velvet cake left in their display. I chose to get both slices. Both cake tasted great, but the carrot cake was better than the red velvet one. Not long after, we parted, and I bought some beef curry at “Tonic Curry” for my mum to try.

Thus comes to the end of my crazy food adventures amongst all my socialising. Whew! I’m knackered. Time to be a bum on Sunday!


  1. It sounds like you had an adventureful week :P. Those eclairs look delicious! But I can’t believe how expensive they are &_&. I’m still puzzled at how a macaroon can be $3 each… But then again, I totally understand when a cupcake is almost $4, haha. Hopefully the kids had fun at Everland! I would’ve probably turned the carrier into a money bank too if I could XD. Anything homemade is a lot better because there are normally no chemicals included to preserve the item.

    It looks like you really enjoyed yourself with a lot of food! I have never heard of green curry before. Are there any differences between that and the curry we all know?

    Hope you enjoyed your outing! :D

  2. Ooh, those eclairs look good, but they seem pretty pricey for $5.50 each. The popcorn carrier is also really cute!

    Yum, I love curry. Pad Khee Mao used to be my go-to at Thai restaurants, but lately I’ve been addicted to Thai curries. I don’t have green curry often. I tend to order panang or yellow :) All of the food looks good! When it comes to carrot or red velvet, I’m more of a carrot cake fan anyway, haha.

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I had an extra day off (4-day weekend), and I’ve been super lazy the entire time XD;;

  3. Agent Q on

    Haha, what an adventure! Looks like a weekend more well spent than mine. xD I just bummed around and did some homework during the July 4th weekend, since that’s what TRUE, HARD-WORKIN’ AMURICANS DO! :P I suppose I should wait until after summer school ends for my socializing period to begin…IT WILL HAPPEN!

    For the 4-cheese pizza you got, do you remember what kind of cheese they were? That looks delicious and I’m feeling the sudden urge to make some for myself…and others, of course. :P

    • The cheese that I remember are: brie, fresh mozzarella, and . . . maybe gouda. But I am not 100% sure X_X; Sorry!

  4. YUUMMM! I love food adventures! Pastries are so expensive, but I just love them so much. Creampuffs are my weakness. And eclairs too. That’s about the same price as in San Francisco. I’m lucky that I don’t live nearby a pastry shop that sells them or else I’d be so broke…

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