Foodgasm Time!

I had no idea what to get my dad for Father’s Day this year. In the past few years, I’d got him presents like the Kindle, wallet, keyboard . . . I got him things to the point where there was nothing else to get him. Well, he wants a Mercedes, but that’s something I’d have to sell several body parts and organs to gift him. So with nothing else coming to my mind, I decided to give him food-related gifts on Father’s Day.

Father's Day Brunch

My first gift to him (and mum) was a home-cooked Father’s Day brunch. My co-workers introduced me to Hawaiian-made Portuguese sausages, so I made some for my parents to try. Along with the sausages, I prepared scrambled eggs with onions and olives, and I toasted some omega grain bread from Paris Baguette. My parents enjoyed the breakfast! I’m glad the eggs turned out well because I wasn’t sure how the olives would taste with the eggs, but they turned out delicious!

Dessert from the Terrace at the Grand Hyatt Seoul

My other gift was to take my parents and me to the dinner buffet at the Terrace in Grand Hyatt Seoul. One of my former high school teachers recommended the buffet saying that there were seafood and a carving station — my mum’s a seafood fan, and my dad would enjoy the meat. It was about $80 a person, but it was all-you-can-eat. Honestly? I didn’t think the buffet was worth it. My dad didn’t eat much, and my mum only liked the crab. Me? I didn’t care for most of the food; I only liked the bread, one pasta dish, and the dessert table. I totally went crazy at the dessert table, as you can see in the photo above :D

Baked chicken tenderloins in sweet ginger and garlic sauce

Yesterday, I decided to cook dinner for my parents and aunt. I baked some chicken tenderloins in a sweet ginger and garlic sauce, and I paired them up with some steam-in-a-bag veggies with a box mix of chicken stuffing. The chicken turned out to be delicious! That sauce is really great for almost anything!

Macaroni Turkeynese

Today, I cooked again, and this time I made “macaroni turkeynese”. Ground turkey does not taste good compared to ground beef, but I went with the ground turkey because it’s healthier. This dish was a hit with my parents, but I’d much rather prefer ground beef.

Al Matto Pasta Al Matto Pizza

I forgot to mention this before, but a few weeks ago, I tried out this restaurant couple blocks away from my area. Called Al Matto, I’ve been wanting to try their pizzas and pastas, so I asked one of my friends to go there with me since she likes trying new places. There, we got the seafood pasta with olive oil, and the tomato-sauce pizza with roasted garlic on top. The pizza was terrific, but the pasta was too salty for me. I’d totally go back for the pizza. MMMMM.

New Glasses

On a totally non-food-related note, I got new glasses. After not updating my prescription in like 3+ years, I decided to finally haul butt to a glasses store. There the bloke examined my eyes, and I chose my glasses in the same place — all for $110. The examination was free, so I only had to pay for the glasses. Yay for new glasses, but boo for the fact that my eyes have deteriorated :(


Annnnd, I got my master’s degree diploma! WHOO HOO! I’m so happy it didn’t take six months for it to arrive like my undergraduate one did! I mean, I finished my coursework in March, and I officially graduated in May, but now it really feels final with my diploma! All my hard-work has paid off! ^^


  1. I can’t imagine how much a Mercedes is over there.. Unless it’s cheaper over there :o. All of the food you made for him looks really delicious! Does the sausages have any particular taste? There are so many types of sausages out there that I can’t tell the difference between them XD. Even though the buffet wasn’t worth it, at least you got a lot of food to choose from; and it’s for Father’s day :). I always prefer beef over other meats but the ‘unhealthiness’ is a tradeoff. The shimp pasta looks nommy :3.

    You look great with your new glasses! The frames match you :D.

    Congratulations on getting that masters diploma! Michigan State University, fancyyyy :D. Your hard work definitely paid off :D

  2. Agent Q on

    I’m not sure how much a Mercedes would cost in S.Korea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they turn out to cost more than those here. I suppose they have to settle for your food then. :P [Just kidding!] Your father is very lucky to have a daughter like you. I’d be impressed if I can make something that tastes HALF as good as what you made. I guess I have a looong way to go. xD

    Congrats on graduation! Wait, it took 6 months for you to get your actual diploma during undergrad? Seriously, what’s with big state schools sending delaying diplomas? I got mine immediately after walking across the stage.

  3. I have a hard time getting gifts for my dad too. Everything he wants is expensive! I always treat him to a nice dinner instead, haha. That was nice of you to cook them brunch and treat them to dinner! The eggs and sausage look good :)

    I definitely agree on the ground beef over ground turkey. I’ll have turkey in my sandwiches but when it comes to pasta, I prefer beef or Italian sausage!

    That’s too bad that the pasta was too salty at Al Matto. The dishes look tasty though! It’s always nice to find a good place to get pizza. I never get tired of pizza ;)

    Man, this reminds me that I’ve been meaning to get new glasses. I haven’t changed mine since college. Your new frames look good! I’m a fan of the thicker frames styles. I’m glad it didn’t take as long to get your diploma this time too!

  4. Michelle on

    I always struggle to get something for my father-in-law on father’s day, because he always has everything he needs or wants. We usually just take him out to dinner or get him a cake. I just get my real dad, some cologne or a shirt. I’m not too close to him.

    Yeah, even with vision insurance, I still had to pay something out of pocket, but doesn’t compare to my teeth honestly. But yeah, congrats on graduating! ^.^ You look good in your glasses!

  5. Bhairavee on

    It’s usually easy to just take your parents our for dinner and stuff, and well, gifting a Mercedes… in India, it’ll kill me! :D

    Though I eat meat, I haven’t tried half of the things like, beef and turkey! We eat more seafood, mutton and chicken!

    Congrats on Graduating!

    I got my eyes checked a few months back and i was really relieved to know that my number won’t increase (my eyesight won’t deteriorate) till the age of forty, so I don’t need to get my eyes checked! Yay!

    You look great i those new glasses!

  6. Most of that food looks delicious. It’s making me so hungry. It’s too bad the buffet wasn’t as good as you hoped. $80 per person is a lot. But it seems like Father’s Day was fun, regardless. I hope your dad is somehow able to get his Mercedes. heh.

    Your glasses look great. I like the color of those frames. Anyway, congrats on graduating and getting your diploma! :)

    Also, sorry – I only recently saw your Facebook messages. I only check Facebook when it sends me an email notification and somehow I missed one. ^^;

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