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Sweet Fuse

I’ve managed to play and beat one game off my massive backlog. Hurray for me! I beat Sweet Fuse: At Your Side on the PSP, an otome game that’s more like a visual novel. The premise is that Inafune Saki (the only female character of the game) is off to the grand opening of her uncle’s amusement park. The park is awesome because its theme is based off of video games. Unfortunately for her and her uncle, a crazy bloke named Count Hogstein takes over the park and many hostages. Saki and six guys are thrown into a game they have to beat in seven days. If they don’t beat the game, their lives and the hostages’ lives are on the line. So Saki and the guys play the game, and Saki can fall in love with any of the guys if the right answers are chosen. Here are my spoiler-free nitty gritties!

The Goods
– THE PARK. I’d so go to a park like this. One of the exhibition is like Mario Kart meets Alice in Wonderland; another is a fighting game ala King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table. Seriously, considering that Saki’s uncle is INAFUNE KEIJI, the game-themed park is just brilliant.
– Of all the characters, Shidou Subaru was the only one I really liked. He was like the jack-of-all-trades!
– The character interactions and portrayals were decent (as a good visual novel should do!).
– Again, THE VIDEO GAME THEMED PARK. Seriously, this is video game nerdgasm.

The Bads
– The premise of the plot was interesting, but in order to understand everything, you have to play through all seven endings. Which, I didn’t mind, but . . .
– The wackiness of the plot required a lot of suspension of disbelief on my part, and even then I wasn’t too keen on the plot.
– Saki’s Anger/Restraint bursts didn’t quite matter . . .
– Most of the character designs did not appeal to me. In fact, I was sorely wanting my Hakuouki boys over these guys.

The Uglies
– The Big Bad of Doom PISSED ME OFF. His backstory just didn’t cut it for me. Nuff said.
– The romance didn’t work for me either. Seven days and they are declaring eternal love for each other? NO.

The Conclusion
It was a fun romp, but it was sort of a painful romp when I went through all seven endings. Blegh. If I liked the characters more, I’d probably have enjoyed it. And really, the backstory of Big Bad just made me feel let down. However, I am glad Aksys is bringing more otome game/visual novels to the west. I just wished they’d bring something other than this and the 329048923904 incarnation of the same Hakuouki game. I love Hakuouki, but I’m ready for like Hakuouki Reimeiroku or something!


  1. Hurray for getting a game out of your backlog! Congratulations on beating the game too ;). The game sounds interesting because it’s a game based off of video games. Even more so by throwing a romantic interest in there, haha.

    The game-themed park reminds me of the Scooby Doo game for the GBA for some reason. It sounds like you really like the video game themed park idea! There should be one irl, XD. Even with the bads like having to invest suspension of disbelief or even the ‘useless’ character stories, it sounds like you enjoyed the game (to an extent) either way. Hopefully you’ll get more games out of your backlog :D

  2. I was looking at this game the other week! I haven’t decided if I’m gonna give it a go or not. How long did it take you to go through one route? I find it tiring if a visual novel drags on too long. I start craving actual gameplay. I don’t mind wacky suspension of disbelief though!

    I was thinking of buying a PS3 just to get the Hakuouki limited edition! But even that sounds crazy to me (buying a console just for one game herp). I haven’t done all of the routes yet actually so I think I’ll play Sano next! I need something happier than Souji and Heisuke, even though the latter is my favorite. This game gives me so many emotional problems but I cannot stop. 8D

    • I don’t remember how long it took me to do one route, but it’s taken me 21 hours total to complete the game. But that’s only because I used a walkthrough. I don’t have the time to fiddle around guessing for the endings LOL. :)

  3. Agent Q on

    Nice, more otome games! And they’re slowly [but surely!] making their way to the west…in English too! Yea, I had trouble believing that at first, I had to google search for the game to make sure. Good for Sony. Now only if Nintendo game systems would begin taking in more otome games. I know Hakuouki has recently been adopted by 3DS as well, so it’s a good start!

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