Walking Here, Walking There, Walking Everywhere!

Yesterday, I took the day off to do a special outing with this one kid who’s leaving soon, so this would be a combination of a farewell/birthday present. I’ve known the kid for a couple of years now, and the kid is like a mini-me. I invited my boss’ daughter to join us. The outing consisted of a bowling trip, dinner at Navy Club, and shopping at Daiso at I’Park Mall. I told the kids that we’d be walking everywhere since I’ve no car. Turned out, we didn’t have to walk much, thanks to my boss and her car and the shuttle bus! Nonetheless, we all had a blast.

Today, however, was a day full of walking. I met up with my boss and her daughter, and we walked around Dongbu Ichon-dong and Han River Park for about a good three hours. I enjoyed our walk there. That’s an area I used to go frequently to hang out, but I haven’t been back there in a while since I’ve nobody to hang with it there.

Afterwards, I met up with two of my friends on post, and they wanted to walk to Itaewon to eat dinner at Chili King. We had fun catching up together, and then I walked home, which was about another hour of walking. Now my feet are killing me — in a good way, though!

There are times when I wished I had a car, since it makes getting around so much easier. However, on days like today? I’m lucky I can walk around this much, and I’m lucky Seoul’s public transportation system is cheap and efficient.


  1. It’s so cute how you called the kid your “mini-me” XD. Hopefully you enjoyed spending time before the kid leaves. With all of the things planned out, I’m glad to hear that things worked out! Especially with the transportation part :). Walking is great for your health but too much of it can be a drag *o*. You definitely made your times worth spending with all sorts of friends!

    A car is definitely useful if you’re travelling miles to your destination. How are the cars in South Korea? Are they the 3 cylinder engines or are typical 4/6/8 like the ones we have here? I heard cars are built with 3 cylinders because it’s not “necessary” for a bigger engine since you’re travelling lightly. And it’s also better for the environment to have smaller engines than bigger ones XD.

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