Monotonous Life

My life these days is monotonous. I wake up, go to work, come home, and do my hobbies. Dun, dun, dun! Throw in hanging out here and there, and that’s my life.

Last Saturday, I took my boss and her daughter to Hongdae area. I’m trying to expose them to more of Seoul while they are here. It’s good for me as well since it gets me out of the house and out of my own neighbourhood. But otherwise, if I’m not out and about, I’m at my favourite coffee shop or am taking takeaway from one of my neighbourhood’s restaurants. Or I’m home wasting time on the Internet, reading on my Kindle, or playing video games.

Gaming-wise, I’m near the end of Final Fantasy X HD, and I’ve started on Sweet Fuse: At Your Side yesterday. Book-wise, I’m reading a lot of non-fiction history books, with mangas on the side.

Really, I’m a boring person. And I’m a creature of habit who likes to escape with her books and games. I think part of the reason why I lead a very monotonous lifestyle is because my job is demanding. Most days I enjoy what I do . . . but I’m an introvert who has to act like an extrovert at work, so that takes up a lot of my mental and physical energy. One of my job requirement is to talk. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I have my days where I do not want to talk, but I’ve got to talk at my job. Well, I do grunt, too, but talking is more preferred in my occupation.

Anyway, that’s my monotonous life, everyone.


  1. Jenn~ on

    I pretty much do the same day in and day out as well. I do go out a lot but mostly shopping (ie: groceries, necessities). The weekend is when I go out the most. During the week it’s usually just work.

  2. That’s almost the same thing I do except replace work with school. It probably sounds monotonous because it’s almost a routine thing XD. At least it doesn’t sound stressful!

    It’s so sweet of you to take your boss and her daughter out for an adventure. Hopefully they enjoyed sight-seeing. I’d like to be able to do that except I don’t have too much extra money to spend *_*. So I gotta cut back on that and eat at home more. With you playing games, you getting some titles off the queue list, right? XD. I think you’re fine the way you are. Just try to make the best out of everything. :-)

  3. My life is pretty monotonous too. I don’t really see it as a bad thing because it’s kind of nice when your life feels stable :) I feel like I eventually got that way as I got older, haha. I just like to play video games after work too. I need to get around to playing FFX HD some day!

  4. I try so hard to not let it be monotonous, but it’s pretty much the same during the weekday. Work just takes up so much time and energy. It’s only on the weekend where you can try and do something, on top of chores and laundry. Gosh….adulthood sucks. :P

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