Cranberry Chicken Sandwich with Almonds and Poppyseed Dressing

Cranberry Chicken Sandwich with Almonds and Poppyseed Dressing

I meant to blog about this like almost two weeks ago, but I completely forgot! I made this when my mum went to the country. Dad and I were on our own for foodage. A few days before, I’d eaten this cranberry chicken sandwich at Paris Baguette, and it gave me this idea to try making my own. I bought the brown bread from Paris Baguette, and then I mixed up fillings. It turned out great! Dad and I both liked it. The best part? It only took me five minutes to do! I opted to use the chicken chunks in a can, but I assume it’d taste even better with real chicken. A lot of the ingredients below are guesstimate (I eyeballed the amount while I made it), but this recipe is something that can be experimented upon.

Cranberry Chicken Sandwich with Almonds and Poppyseed Dressing
12.5 ounce can of chicken chunks
1 ounce of cranberries
3-5 tablespoon of poppyseed dressing
1-2 tablespoon of sliced almonds
a dash of ground black pepper

1. Drain the chicken chunks.
2. Mix all the ingredients together.
3. Serve with your choice of bread.


  1. I haven’t heard of a chicken sandwich like this before; at the most, the places around here uses the whole slice of chicken instead of putting it into chunks. This looks delicious and healthy because of the cranberry and almonds XD. It is similar to putting a ‘chicken salad’ between bread? I’m glad that you and your dad liked it :D. Experimenting with the ingredients is the best part; you can add and remove ingredients to make it taste better :D

  2. I love poppyseed dressing! This is a good spin off normal chicken salad sandwich. I need to pack my sandwiches for work more often instead of going out. @__@

  3. This recipe is interesting! My mum loves to cook, so I might tell her to try this out. :0

    Take Care! :)

  4. I wished I liked that kind of food. Of course I’m never someone to not at least try it once. I shall put this on my list of things to try. XD

  5. George on

    This sounds really good. I think I’ll have to give it a try.

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